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Jenius Life

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just found outvote Oct 1, 2022
imagethere is a picture of me running cross country that has been hanging in my high school ever since i graduated. and its not even the shot that does my legs the most justice :///
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i am wigless Sep 28, 2022
at the immunity bracelet advantage this twist is so funny. #DropThe4KeepThe3
Points: 12 2 comments
i cant lie Sep 28, 2022
noelle would be me on survivor
Points: 39 3 comments
hope all of my pals Sep 27, 2022
imageare having a lovely night tonight <3
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100% Win Rate Sep 26, 2022
imagein fortnite with zeptis and hamburgerbunzz
Points: 46 1 comments
so thrilled Sep 24, 2022
imageto be in the best season of the year yuppppp
Points: 15 1 comments