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deleting tik tok

7thApr 14, 2024 by Jengaged
imageevery hour spent on that app could be an hour dedicated to something better like studying or working out so i am moving on


I mean, all or nothing thinking isnt good - its not good to spend all of your time relaxing/doing mindless things on work/studying. With that being said, if you think it will help your productivity and well being, go for it!
Sent by LizzoBigGirl,Apr 14, 2024
Yeah do it, Lifes much better without social media I deleted everything but IG a month ago(I talk to a few friends on there and look at spiritual stuff for like 10 mins a day sometimes) Ive been able to get so much done with my days instead of getting stuck in a swiping loop
Sent by chillum,Apr 14, 2024
Yay that crap is addicting as hell. I haven't deleted it but I only watch it at night before I go to bed. Glad you moved away from the dark side lol
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Apr 14, 2024
I did that last year, now I'm learning how to produce my own music so definitely a good trade off
Sent by Cecilia581,Apr 14, 2024
deleting my mental health to focus on tiktok
Sent by MsKathryne,Apr 14, 2024
Proud of you
Sent by Winoozle,Apr 14, 2024
You're literally on here. Are you stupid?
Sent by BBChristian,Apr 14, 2024
Now it's time to delete tengaged
Sent by Santu,Apr 14, 2024
Well, yes! But i play games on here and interact with people i like while tik tok is just mindless scrolling for me BBChristian
Sent by Jengaged,Apr 15, 2024

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