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fun day at the salon!

Apr 11, 2024 by Jengaged
i love damaging my scalp every 2ish months just to be a bombshell blondie


Ur scalp shouldnt be damaged if ur going to the salon
Sent by 2388,Apr 11, 2024
im just being dramatic haha i always go to my cousin’s salon and she’s the only one i’ll ever trust w my hair. that bleach does burn just a little tho ouch 2388
Sent by Jengaged,Apr 11, 2024
I'm dyeing my hair black soon
Sent by Cecilia581,Apr 11, 2024
Girl It's not worth it :( if you like changing your hair colour just invest in a wig because over time you'll permanently damage your hair and make it thinner permanently even on virgin hair Jengaged
Sent by Jasmina,Apr 12, 2024

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