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[MOD] Recent Events

1stApr 20, 2021 by brandonpinzu
Hi Tengaged!

The moderation team wanted to provide you all with an update on how we will be handling some recent events that have occurred on the blogs page.

                                           SurvivorFan37/Tengaged Advisory Council

On Monday night, a blog had been made by one of the Tengaged Advisory Council members ( SurvivorFan37) that sparked some controversy on the blogs page. After discussing this situation with several of the Advisory Council members, moderation has come to the conclusion that it would be best to remove this user from their position on the Advisory Council. We have done our best to choose an advisory body that we think is composed of a variety of different users that can bring different opinions to the table. However, the council only works if Tengaged has faith that the users, at the very least, are able to compose themselves in a way that allows them to be deserving of the position.

                                           PrincessaPeach/Borderline Hateful "Jokes"

Additionally, today, there were some blogs made by PrincessaPeach that moderation has deemed to have crossed a line. While these blogs did not cross into banworthy territory, as a team, we have discussed that we do not tolerate this type of behaviour or "jokes". For now, the user will be receiving a 7-day blacklist. We will continue to monitor the situation and will act further, if necessary.
                                                       Increasing Ban Lengths

As a housekeeping matter, we also will be increasing the length of bans for users who have repeated offences of the same type. For example, bans will increase to 7 days after repeated offences of homophobic/racial slurs being posted.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the moderation team.



Sent by ILoveSleep,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by PureEssence,Apr 20, 2021
also #FreeKinggeek
Sent by ILoveSleep,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 20, 2021
Love this
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by Willie_,Apr 20, 2021
you can do this but not tell us who the multi is? fuck u!
Sent by sosyomomma,Apr 20, 2021
yaxha gonna be banned for a month
Sent by Quas,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by Jessie_,Apr 20, 2021
3 -> 7 -> 14 -> Permanent

honestly if people cant control themselves after 3 times its time to lose the account
Sent by Aquamarine,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by Carfz,Apr 20, 2021
Does making of people's dead relatives fall under the "hateful jokes" category? if so, whats gonna be the criteria to vouch on that?
Sent by sihz,Apr 20, 2021
tea bestie
Sent by smi9127,Apr 20, 2021
Free KingGeek
Sent by etaco75,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by mathboy9,Apr 20, 2021
Should be perm ban 7 days is not enough
Sent by tswiftlover13,Apr 20, 2021
i thought the tengaged advisory council died or sumn
Sent by jakehou97,Apr 20, 2021
A 7 day blacklist for blatant racism...? Come on now.

What’s the point of TAC if issues like this aren’t handled so that future problems don’t arise?
Sent by BB5lover,Apr 20, 2021

There was an incident recently with a shop owner duplicating exclusive designs they did not create/design and selling multiple copies off it. When are you guys going to take action against design duplicators again? Seems like things are stable with moderation again and creatives and designers are feeling violated.
Sent by WillyEx,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by manopause,Apr 20, 2021
@willieex we have been discussing design rules in the TAC and i believe the mods are refining things!
Sent by PureEssence,Apr 20, 2021
oops willyex
Sent by PureEssence,Apr 20, 2021
Sent by hwest14,Apr 20, 2021
You guys are doing a great job. I appreciate how much work you are doing to make the site a nice place for us
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Apr 21, 2021
i like you all but we all know this is wrong. a 7 day blacklist for obvious racism is embarrassing and the fact that all youre willing to give for that is a slap on the wrist is crazy... super disappointing & quite frankly embarrassing for those that have backed you for the past weeks/months
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Apr 21, 2021
no but fr how did his comments not cross into banworthy territory...? i got it, slurs = bans, and while i think context matters, you all know it does, and you're protecting the website  owner at the end of the day, so that makes sense

do y'all think just because you delete a blog and give the literal bare minimum punishment, we aren't seeing through this??? i like all 3 of you, both as people and moderators, but i am dying to know how uplifting a racist murderer doesn't cross into banworthy territory. especially when said user has a history of making racist comments.

this all ties into an unfortunate flaw, in that the 3 of you were not ACTIVE members of the website for the past year. you all hopped on at the right time, and because of your past/your efforts, you were appointed moderators. i think all 3 of you have  been doing a solid point, but leading into bb5lover's point, you have an advisory committee comprised almost entirely (idr the entire list so i dont wanna say entirely if im wrong) of users that have been active in all aspects of the website over the past 12-18 months. any of them could have educated you on this user's history of racism, resulting in a legitimate punishment other than revoking them of posting blogs for a week. so if you're not using them, what's their purpose? and if you don't care enough to ask them, why are you moderators? illegitimizing this to an issue of blacklisting makes a stance that this is not a serious issue. and as a supporter of all 3 of you, it's sad to see you make that stance
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Apr 21, 2021
brandonpinzu cheapcheep koolness234, would love to hear a reply from one of you on this, as it's evident numerous tengagers disagree with your choice and want to hear your rationale.
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Apr 21, 2021
When will we get all new councils? I thought it was being rotated brandonpinzu
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Apr 21, 2021
i second jacksonjoseph99. This blog is good and all I'm glad u guys laid it all out, but we're still left in the dark as to why princesspeach hasn't been given at the very least a 3 day ban if not a permanent one. It could be literally the simplest reason but I'd like to know.
It's not 2012 anymore its 2021. We're also not talking about edgy 13 year olds anymore; this site is 16+. There is NO excuse for racism on this site, just because he didn't say a slur doesn't mean he wasn't being racist.

(c) You must not post messages that are vulgar, crude, sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive

Ripped right from the rules of conduct itself, you cannot tell me that praising a racist murderer isnt spreading a racist message. You just can't. So please explain! Ty <3
Sent by peace123,Apr 21, 2021
Girl it’s been like a month let us breathe a little bit kiara_xoxo
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 21, 2021
Peace123 JacksonJoseph99 BB5lover

I read your concerns and will reply to them later after I get off work. We agree on some aspects and disagree on other aspects. I just need the time to sit down and address them in a non rushed manner.
Sent by koolness234,Apr 21, 2021
Also agreed with jacksonjoseph99, if someone has a known pattern of behavior of spewing racist, predator-enabling, and homophobic beliefs, they should face a more severe consequence. His one blog is just one of many that he has made
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 21, 2021
Yet you keep people on the advisory council who throw out severe pedophile allegations without any sort of proof.
Sent by A_La_Fac,Apr 21, 2021
I stand with you brandonpinzu and koolness234 I think you’re doing a great job and being unbiased. I disagree with what Princessa said and I know you both do as well, but judges do not rule on their personal opinions they rule based on the law. I think it would be unfair to ban him for things that were not bannable. I think it will start becoming dangerous to ban anyone for having views we don’t agree with.

Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 21, 2021
+16 I keep forgetting
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 21, 2021
Thank God you moved that freaky thing. What even is it?
Sent by obey_me,Apr 21, 2021
Ps, I did warn you all .
Sent by obey_me,Apr 21, 2021
this is what you get for not casting me for tengaged counsel
Sent by RoboZoe,Apr 21, 2021
As peach is still no banned....
Sent by Coreya8,Apr 21, 2021
Good job, only i can add its please delete the new comp i read so many people dont understand or its impossible with phone
Sent by Penelope_,Apr 21, 2021
Thanks PureEssence.

Will something be done about the offenses made BEFORE the design rules were applied? Everyone feels like the designs should (at the very least) be removed, and the people who bought copies off them to be reimbursed.

It will be hard to track all the cases, but if somebody brings up up(like me) and provide you guys with everything you need, I would hope that you guys would try to help!

Sent by WillyEx,Apr 21, 2021
WillyEx if I had to guess, nothing will be punished / reimbursed for past actions related to design stuff. Easiest to just put something in place and enforce all future shops.

Not sure if mods have powers to remove designs that have already been gifted/purchased either, and tbh if the design isn’t porn I don’t see randomize getting involved
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 21, 2021
koolness234 thank u!! No rush here as long as one of u confirmed that u do want to talk about it. ❤️
Sent by peace123,Apr 21, 2021
Will is a giant asshole who in his game let others bully a user and tell them to kill themselves constantly.  Glad he's off the council.
Sent by noah_kondon,Apr 21, 2021
Sent by AlanDuncan,Apr 21, 2021
answer ur messages holy
Sent by Brigade3,Apr 21, 2021
peace123 jacksonjoseph99 BB5Lover

As Koolness mentioned, we definitely hear your concerns. It's true, based on the content in the TOS, there are a lot of things that would be deemed to be banworthy. It is vague/unclear at best. Koolness will be bringing forward our position at some point. I have been so busy today and still intend on responding as well, but I want to make sure I do that response justice and not rush it, like Koolness had mentioned.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 21, 2021

Essentially, what PureEssence and SmoothStalker12 said is how it will work out. I intend on blogging more about design rules in the coming days. :)
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 21, 2021

As Calvin had said, it has only been one month. I'd expect that it would be around the 6 month mark where we would consider rotating.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 21, 2021
Designs have been removed in the past, maybe Randomize can handle that? You have to keep in mind Trisha and I took over 5 hours of our time and hard work working on the design which now multiple people have?! That has to count for something.
Sent by WillyEx,Apr 22, 2021
Sent by WillyEx,Apr 22, 2021

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