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bored PYN

11thJul 24, 2021 by abstractjay
for an opinion from me, phonee, and xcharliex!


Jay - we definitely have our moments in frooks and i love that. every time i align with you, i get taken out early so whoops. but outside of frooks, i like you a lot as a person and i do hope to talk to you more!

Donny - you used to be the worst person to play games with but now i loveee playing with you and talking to you < 3 we work so well together and you make frooks way more fun than they usually are !!! king

Charlie - you are a legend and a good player, which also makes you a fake bitch sometimes. I lowkey love talking to you and I’m glad we are becoming better friends. Fuck you for never updating a PYN


Jay - what an absolute queen. i loved your comments so much, they resonate a very chill, nice, friendly vibe and i am totally here for it. thank you for a being such a nice person! would definitely hope to talk to you more in vivor, too bad we're separated now :(

Donny - queen, you’re like the nicest person on the site and i love you sm. you are so generous and always willing to help people, definitely one of the most genuine people on this site. you’re great to play w/ and i enjoyed that hunger with you! and that survivor even though we had to vote each other off at 11th :/

Charlie - I have never really met you, but kindred is one of my fav champs :) you are an icon of this site so one day I hope we can be friends!


Jay - my first amazing race host! once again, i'd like to thank you for the opportunity, it was a really fun game imo. outside of it, i've only recently played with you in a rookies and talked to you from time to time. you're an amazing guy and i wish you nothing but the best at your new job!

Donny - i don’t know you too much, but you seem pretty chill. and you were kinda funny in that hunger where you floated lmfao

Charlie - I’ve seen you a few times and actually really stan your avi. You seem like an OG of the site so I always think it’s cool to talk to you :)


Jay - An outspoken king! i haven't talked to you much despite being quite a few group games together. i'm honestly surprised that the mass quitting in NTC actually brought us together. i hope to talk to you more after this, i like how easy it is to talk to you!

Donny - hmm i don’t know you too well but you are cool. the only thing I really know about you is that you quit a group game i was in LMAOOO. but ur friends with kindred so u are definitely good person and id love to meet u !

Charlie - One of my kings! I actually love you so much and consider you a group game bestie :) you were very supportive of me in my first group game and I’ll never forget it! <3


Jay - i don't know you too well, but i've definitely seen you around. you seem to radiate a kind of problematic personality and that's pretty entertaining to me. other than that, i got nothing much to say haha, my apologies.

Donny - KING i miss playing with you in the roblox chat! we didn’t usually work together in games but you always manage to make each and every game entertaining + fun af. i love you, idk where you have been :/ but im glad ur back !!

Charlie - honestly the few times I’ve seen you you have given off weird energy… I don’t know if we like each other


Jay - my king! we've gone through so much together in a few group games and we always had each other's backs! outside of games, you're an amazing king with a colorful personality and i love every convo we had on or off call.

Donny - I think we’ve talked before but never outside of games. You are one of the people that I have seen a lot on the site but have never really talked to haha, from what ik you’re really chill

Charlie - an icon! Don’t know you super well but I’ve always thought you seemed pretty cool


Jay - i've seen you around and been in a few games with you i believe. somehow, i still don't know you super well but you have that friendly vibe to you and i'd love to get to know you better!

Donny - I love you so much king <3 we haven’t played together in a bit, imy! I’m so glad we are on good terms and I love talking to you + working w you. You are such a beast and honestly just so hilarious, one of the first people I met on this account, and I’m glad I did <3

Charlie - BABES I LOVE YOU! One of my first and best friends on this site. I will remember you forever and have your back always. I love you!


Jay - Caleb! the first time we played vivor together, you flipped on the original alliance, which did get us taken out one by one. the second time i played with you, i expected to be against you but i just forgot about all of it. i love talking to you so much and you are an incredibly friendly person! i hope to see you more in the future! glad we could move on from whatever that was.

Donny - my favorite stars ally by far.. like no one is as loyal as you are and I’m so glad we were able to talk more and also work together as f2 even though we didn’t know each other too well before that game. Love you so fucking much, you are sooo fucking good lol

Charlie - I don’t know you super well, but I had so much fun at Matt’s tv star party with you :) anytime I play codenames I’ll make sure to invite you!


Jay - oh Noelle queen! you are an honest, outspoken legend and i love you a lot. playing games with you and talking to you were such a blast. i'd love to see you more in the future, i don't have enough of your drama haha

Donny - queen < 3 you are honestly great and even though we don’t know each other too well, we slay games together and i absolutely love playing with you. You’ve helped me a lot in and outside of games so tysm !! < 3

Charlie - I love you! You are a legend :) I love seeing you in games and getting to talk to you, I know one day soon there will be a game we will slay!


Jay - dad, i love you so much omg. you did support me way before i knew what a Marwane was, but like you guys always appeared together so i really don't know how that works. :D but honestly, king, i'd love to talk to you more, you're such a legend!

Donny - we haven’t been in a game or talked to each other in a bit but I do like you, you’re always nice to everyone and are always so loyal to people who are loyal to you :) king

Charlie - A dad! You honestly have a good heart and have always been so nice to me. We are the top 2 of 3s a party and I’m looking forward to talking to you more!


Jay - i've only played with you in one vivor but i love you a lot already. you seem to be friendly and open enough! would love to talk to you more!

Donny - i don’t know much about you other than that you’ve betrayed me before lol, so i don’t really have anything positive to say ...

Charlie - I don’t really know you but I’ve seen you in frookies recently and it’s always pretty interesting! Sorry if you feel like I have ever betrayed you, but I am very open to starting to become good friends! We just need the right game xx


Jay - i actually hate you so much for disliking my donny x. but on another note, i love you a lot and definitely love our convos together! you are nice, relatable and just an all around great guy! would definitely love to improve our friendship here!

Donny - the worst person ive ever met. jk x KING you’re soooo good even though you troll me way too much.. bitch. i love you and i love our loyalty and friendship <3 king Tysm for being great

Charlie - An absolute king. You have been a true friend to me ever since I first met you. I love you I hope we can start getting closer


Jay - definitely one of my better friends here on the site. i met you pretty early on in my tengaged career when i was a noob and you've been a good friend ever since! i love being your ally with you in every group game we play and i hope we can keep it that way!

Donny - honestly like we almost never talk but... you’re one of the people that i will always like ! you’re so kind to everyone, especially me, and i value our friendship sm. always so loyal and i appreciate it :)

Charlie - a nice and humble king who does a lot of work on this website. I thought your poll game was pretty good and I want to hear more of you rapping


Jay - i don't know you well but i've definitely seen you around before! you seem to be very active in the blog page and i enjoy your presence a lot! hope to see you in a game soon!

Donny - idk you and idk much about you at all... hopefully we can meet each other lmaoo

Charlie - I’ve only seen you a few times but every time I have I think you have been pretty chill and funny :)


Jay - i've had the honor and misfortune of playing with you in a casting (when i was a noob). but the reason i love it so much was the bond that we created together, no matter how invisible that may be to you, i had a great time! i love our convos together, and although i got my ass kicked in casting, i'd still love to play with you again! good luck to you in life!

Donny - honestly such a king... you’re so nice and such a great mod. I love you so much and I love seeing you in chats <3 cast Charlie and i in duos xoxo

Charlie - I’m holding off on this until 6pm today. But I guess you are a decent mod


Jay - jamesy! i miss you so much actually, we didn't talk much after crash pad: all-stars and i'd love to talk to you more! you're an absolute comp beast and i am scared for my life every time i'm against you in anything. you are an amazing guy and i like you a lot!

Donny - DAD I LOVE YOU SM ?? we don’t talk much anymore but you are amazing and such a good friend. talking to you is so easy and fun and i just love u sm. we have so many inside jokes and you are one of the funniest ppl on this site for sure. WICKED GOODIES

Charlie - gamebot legend bestie. You are a nice and funny king I hope we get to know eachother more


Jay - i love you but i hate you, i don't know which one to choose honestly. jkjk i love you a lot, and even though we started talking not because we play a game together but because i was like bored as fuck at the time, the connection was established regardless. i hope we could talk more for sure. you're a great guy.

Donny - you are really nice, and I love u even though u don’t update ur pyns... fuck u kinda. but fr though you’re awesome and I enjoy talking to you and playing hungers with you even though you always beat me. ily

Charlie - I saw you in a game when I was very new on tengaged, and have always loved you. I’m glad we’re in similar friend groups and have had more conversations. I wish you well king


Jay - i don't actually remember what got us together. you don't seem to be very well-liked by the blogs page, but i'd like to think that we could be good friends! hopefully i get to talk to you more

Donny - you’re a king and so nice to me ! I really like you and I enjoy talking to you. I’m sorry stars didn’t go well for us at the end LMAOO but I’m glad u made f3 and everything worked out. Love you, hope you aren’t upset w me <3

Charlie - Hi bestie we don’t really talk but we have some of the same friends. I will be voting you to win stars


Jay - i've only seen you in rookies and we do always say we'd work together. it always ends up in me getting taken out right before final day. i hope we can talk more outside of games! hope you've recovered completely!

Donny - idk if you like me or not tbh but i don’t have a problem with you and I actually like you :slight_smile: you seem really sweet and I like playing games with you even though we are normally on opposite sides. I enjoy talking to you in chats and you are just really cool !

Charlie - I don’t know you very well but you seem pretty cool and sweet. Hopefully I can see you in a game soon


Jay - i love you a lot! you are a friendly, easy-going person and you're a joy to talk to! you're also not one to hold back an opinion. i've played with you in a few rookies but that's about it and i hope to see you more in the future!

Donny - QUEEN... you really are sooo good and hilarious. I’m so glad you came back to the site and we were able to meet each other!! I loved your sims vlogs and your roblox username is soo good. mom

Charlie - a legend who is not afraid to fight back. You have read some people to filth in this site and I lived for it


Jay - brian! what a king. i hate how you aren't usually rewarded for your hard work in every group game we played together. it's really a shame. i love playing with you and you are such a smart guy. you're not one to hold your opinions and are very confrontational. despite being not so confrontational, i love you for who you are and i hope we get to talk more outside of games.

Donny - I like you ! We don’t talk outside of games but you’re always pretty loyal to me and I enjoy playing with you.

Charlie - meh.


Jay - i've only played with you in that vivor where we 10-0'd the OT hard lol. i really liked you and i hope we can talk more in the future! you are super chill

Donny - don’t know much about you but you have always been nice to me when we have talked! you seem really chill

Charlie - don’t know you really but love your avi and you seem cool


Jay - i really don't know you, i have seen you around from time to time but not too much. i heard you were a legend though! would definitely like to see you one day.

Donny - KING. i love you sm and i miss playing roblox with you :/ you are one of my favorite people and i really wish we talked more. you’re always so fucking funny and so nice. i love trolling people w you, we really did slay in every eviction notice . ily always

Charlie - a legend… I miss you. My cling to relevancy was fighting with you on the challenge, so thank you for that. You are hilarious and actually very nice when you show it. I hope to play with you again soon :)


Jay - i only know you via that amazing race group game that we did. i was a demanding bitch to you that game and i'm so sorry :3 you are pretty chill and i would love to talk to you more!

Donny - umm idk if u like me ? but ur kinda good recently and i enjoy seeing you in games and talking to u. king of gamebotting in roblox

Charlie - you are a fake bitch. I still love you tho I guess. Lol I’m actually really glad we’re friends I hope we can talk more :)


Jay - my showmance a few group games back! you are one of the only people who i talk to a lot after our first encouters. so i guess you're one of my besties? idk. i love you a lot and know that i'll always be there for you whenever you need.

Charlie - you’re kinda cool but I’m genuinely sad you called me ovi. So that’s it.


Jay - you are a bitch that everyone hated which makes you legendary actually. even your cohost hates you. but you brought the paranoia to the next level in NTC and i loved you ever since.

Charlie - every single group game I’m in the whole cast hates you. And you are iconic for that


Jay - a super nice and amazing soul! i'm glad i got to know you and i really hope to see you more often, king!

Charlie - I don’t know you but you have a Finn avi and are purple level. So you are cool


Jay - i appeared in a few of your games and played in a few castings with you but i don't think i talked to you a lot! hopefully we get to in the future!

Charlie - I don’t really know you but you have one of the coolest names on the site


Jay - i adore you so much. you are one of my late night chat buddies and it's just so fun to do that with you. i've only played with you in a small amount of games but i'd love to do more with you in the future! definitely an amazing friend to have! i wish you good luck with everything!

Charlie - you’re actually pretty cool. I used to just think of you as second rate bamold but I have seen you are actually way better


Jay - i don't know you too well but we talked during the fast stars and i loved that game with ya. aside from that, i've loved your presence on the blogs page and i hope we can talk more!

Charlie - Kinda iconic, kinda weird. The perfect balance. Keep doing you king hope to see you again soon


Jay - what a chill guy! you were so iconic with every game you play and honestly i was jealous of how likeable you were! you've taught me things that i should know before going to college and i definitely saw you as a father figure. thank you so much!

Charlie - don’t know you that much but I love your brand


Jay - i don't know super well but you've been super nice to talk to on discord! hope we get to talk more personally or play a game together!

Charlie - I haven’t talked to you before I think you have a cool username a very cute background and you seem like such a sweet girl


Jay - i've seen you around so much now that i basically know what you're like. you seem like a chill dude too, hope to play with you some time in the future!


Jay - i've seen you around a lot but i've never had any interactions with you. really hope to get to know you more!


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