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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nominated for 7th (Thank you 51.4%!)

5thAug 26, 2021 by abstractjay
Post an idea for something you want to see me do!

Ever since I entered this game, my name has been out there countless times and it was pretty amazing that I only went up once at 13th. Strategically, I want to go at the people who came at me and wanted me out and it's what's best for me. I am fully aware I am not a flashy player but as long as I get far, that doesn't faze me. I'm no one's sheep and I've been voting to the best of my game. Since my first time up, I was able to get most of the people who nominated me out of the house. Any save now would be appreciated and I will make sure more will be coming your way!

No matter what happens, this has been an experience that I would not forget. I've made friends in this house and I've been having a good time. Thank you to the cast for an amazing first and only stars!


MY KING!!!!! not a sheep, not a pawn, you're a great player and a FRIEND.

love you <3
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Aug 26, 2021
Sent by xcharliex,Aug 26, 2021
Sing the alphabet backwards

Love ya tho. I’m sorry with how things went.
Sent by johnny5599,Aug 26, 2021
do a Q and A
Sent by salmaan,Aug 26, 2021
My winner!
Sent by boysofsummer2005,Aug 26, 2021
Sent by Hunty,Aug 26, 2021
Shower praise on me.
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Aug 26, 2021
gl king
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 26, 2021
Sent by Lauttyy,Aug 26, 2021
Sent by VanitySmurf,Aug 27, 2021

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