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[The Final Farewell Vlog] thank you Apr 24, 2022
the past 457 days i've spent on tengaged have been quite an experience for young me. i was able to play the games i loved to watch and met so many amazing people. i think despite the daily drama, the site has taught me many lessons coming into life itself. thank you to everyone who have been with me along the way, thank you for everything you've prepared me for. perhaps a visit from me in the future would be possible heh :3 no promises. my official log out will be at 11PM EST. goodbye tengaged and thank you.

to anyone interested in talking to me outside of the site, my discord is abstractjay#7175 (i'm pretty active and down for a convo any day i'm free)

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i'm bored Apr 20, 2022
anyone wanna talk
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[Farewell Vlog pt. 2] if i can turn back time Apr 19, 2022
would i have wanted to be on this website? yes and no.

yes: loved the games, enjoyed making friends here
no: bad political takes

anyway 2/10, may or may not try again

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[Requested] Farewell Vlog pt. 1 Apr 15, 2022
Requested by hayden9102: N.M.S.T. - Snowflakes (from Deemo)

As my time on this site comes to an end, I wanna leave one final imprint on the site before I leave forever, as something for y'all to remember me by. I hope you enjoy this chill thing before the final storm :3

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there's 104 days of summer vacation... Feb 27, 2022
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a nice cast this stars ngl Feb 19, 2022
some support for y'all, haven't done this in a while

danyyboy67: just because i sense good vibes from you

austino15fffan: loved your vibes when we played together

ohhayy: you know it ;)

somebodyawesome: literally somebody awesome

galaxies: liar bitch who refuses to talk to me for some reason

tryphena: that third eye peers into my soul, i can't not support you

cswaggerr: also loved your vibes when we played together, good luck in there

uzeda: had a blast playing with you in castings, good luck buddy

lacroix: i enjoyed our convos when we played together, good luck

mbarnish1: literally why not, a king for sure (dumb bitch according to bestie peace123)

good luck everybody!
will probably never do this again unless another great cast comes in
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