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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

(will update all) PYN and i’ll tell you

5thNov 6, 2021 by abstractjay
which running man mission you’ll most likely succeed at

kindred7: honestly, i think you’d be great at finding the required objects (early days mission team)

joey65409: nametag elimination, hands down. you have the height and strength for it in my opinion

itsalexia: i feel like you’d do great at water gun nametag eliminations, it fits you

yawnha: i think you’d do well at hang-wrestling missions, mostly because it’s done over water and you can swim

xcharliex: i think spy missions are your forté. your manipulation is something else and you make people mald at the end of the day

jengaged: you are probably the best at target nametag elimination. you’re too nice to get targeted

jessie_: probably any mission with the acupuncture mat because i think you can handle that well

nanonerd: i think you’d be great at riddle-solving races, i think they’re totally in your comfort zone

somebodyawesome: you’d excel at rollercoaster karaoke. i just know it.

righttocensor: i don’t know you well but from what i gathered from stalking you for 90 seconds, i think you’d be good at finding the culprit missions, just because of your personality

staymellow: normal nametag elimination based on how much you brag about hitting the gym

washed_ravioli: spy missions for sure. you’d make anyone put their trust in you and cold-bloodly eliminate them

absol: betting nametag eliminations. you’re charming and you know what to do to get the win which this format can help you with that

tryphena: guess everyone’s number race. you’re omnipotent and you know everything, everyone else will just be dropped to their doom

hisoka: targeted nametag elimination or early days chasing team missions. you have the strength for them

tyrion: early days mission team in a 1v9 nametag elimination match because you can make alliances with literally anyone

femmefatale: i’d say you’d do great at red light, green light. classic game and i think you’d pull it off

biminibonboulash: i think you’d be great at pace tracker karaoke considering how much you enjoy the rhythm

eestrada17: (hey erik :]) considering you’re a teacher, you’d be great at leading the mission team in the early running man days or the entire running man team against the idol teams

christossss: you’d be a great player in korean dodgeball or ddakji. that’s the kind of vibe you give me

sprtsgy1989: you’d probably be the running man hunter based on how scary your avi is lol

vanitysmurf: you’d excel at leading your teams in “cooking the best dish of the year” missions. you’re a solid father figure and people will listen to you

jenna2010: you'd do great in charlie's angels missions, for obvious reasons.

brunodrads: i think "carrying your partner across the balance beam" missions fit you best. i think you're strong enough for that

mrkkkkyle: you'd be a great contender for water bomb quiz, that's the vibe i'm feeling from you

bengalboy: regular nametag elimination for sure. you are literally the "Mr. Capable" of tengaged and will be able to rip out someone's shirt if that means eliminating a nametag

dannyjr0587: you'd be a great addition to the 11 trendy men mission!


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Don’t know what that is, but sure!
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I don't know what this is but okay
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Sure bitch
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Hi jay =]
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