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PYN for an opinion

10thMay 19, 2021 by abstractjay
i haven’t done one yet so why not

#pr1ncecharm1ng - you seem pretty nice and you're actually so iconic. it's fun talking to you and playing with you in games. i'll say it again, it's an absolute honor to get to know you.

#jessie_ - please excuse me for this. i think i've seen you around before, maybe even played with you before, i just cannot remember when for the life of me. it probably was quite some time ago. my deepest apologies :( i hope we get to play together some time.

#galaxies - the king of PYN's. i've only played with you once in the special fasting and you ran that thing hard. i was literally at your mercy lol. aside from that though, you're quite a personality and i hope to play with you more.

#maxi1234 - an icon. i don’t think i’ve played with you yet but you seem super fun to play along. plus you have an adorable dog lol

#amandabynes - i’ve gone on so many org’s and the question everyone asked me was if i were you. our only interaction was via that one messy casting. hopefully we can play again some day, fellow Jay ;)

#lukesurvives - one of my first friends on TG. i thought you were pretty dorky with your antics, but on the flip side, you make for a pretty loyal ally in games in general. love you buddy.

#yus222 - another one of my first friends on TG. i remember you from my very first casting, in which you died and you disappeared for a while until like two months ago or something when we started playing together more, even went on a group game together. you’re pretty cool in my book, just stay out of all the unnecessary drama.

#boysofsummer2005 - i think we first met like a month or two back but we’ve bonded pretty well with each other. you’re nice, charismatic and just a cool ally to work with in games. hoping to play with you in the future.

#ahea7561 - an absolute beast at comps, especially sum. i don’t know how you do it but you slay them every time. plus, you are such a loyal ally and an overall nice guy to talk to and hang out with.

ghrocky100 - you seem like such a cool dude, say no more lol. i would have loved to play with you in c&a had i made the merge but unfortunately that didn’t go well for me. hope i can work with you if we get the chance again.

sosyomomma - i love how you just casually forget about the games that you signed up for. not because i get a freebie but it’s just iconic. you have a pretty weird personality (in a good way) and i’d love to play with you some time (if you remember to ofc).

jonob - johnny! i think i’ve seen you before the survivor we played together, i’m not sure (it just shows how good my memory is). we bonded really well together and i just hope we get to play again! you’re a cool dude.

mrkk - you hosted the first group game i’ve ever played, which was quite a season in and of itself and i’m glad that your second season went as smoothly as it did. aside from that, you’re fun to work with in frooks, you have a great personality and i’d appreciate it if you invite your first underdog to come back for all-stars ;)

tbart - my Maine man (get it?)! it’s cool knowing that we live literally just hours from each other. you give off such a cool vibe (not gonna lie, i was fooled by it in croatia ;)) and i feel like i can hang out with you anytime. you’re so iconic and well-loved, i’m literally jealous. it’s cool knowing you.

tmag15 - you have such a unique name: la orda, i really like that. not sure if we played together before (please excuse my terrible memory), but i for sure would love to play with you in the future, you seem nice to me!

lemonface - another icon. i don't think i've played with you yet but i think it's gonna be so fun with you. cool chanelo on your avi btw.

brandonpinzu - legend! it was such an honor playing with you in a casting, will never forget it. you have such a cool vibe and i really would love to play with you in a game (too bad for the survivor that we went against each other in). thanks for putting up with my whining as well <3

harrywasnak - you had me in your game without even knowing if i would bring is an honor to me. so glad you liked me. aside from that, you're hilarious as a host and you're a cool person in general.

j4ckwilko - you're actually hilarious lmao and i love you so much for it, even though it's only round 5 in war of the worlds. hope to get to know you better :P definitely aquarius!

mastamanipulator_11 - you offer to team up with me every time in frooks and i really like working with you. it just doesn't go too well for me in the end. game aside, you seem like a chill dude and i'd love to get to know you.

hayden9102 - i really thought your name was hayden, turns out it's nick. i haven't known you before nano's bb but you seem pretty chill.

marilise - a spanish delight! you slay every game you're in and you have such a bubbly personality. i wanted to work with you in c&a but too bad for me lol. hope to see you again soon!

thesexiestdude990 - you give off such legendary vibes and i'd love to be there for them. it was pretty cool seeing your confessionals on suitman. you're chill and i'd love to play again with you some time! (sorry about gaia's)

yawnha - i would say that you are one of my biggest supporters during my fast stars attempt. you are kind of a "love him or hate him" kind of guy, but i like you a lot. you're cool to work with and a great friend to have.

kindred7 - what a queen. i've followed up with some of your most iconic posts and comments (on accident, i ain't no stalker) and they just make up my day. you have such a kindred soul (pun or no pun, you decide) and a lot of people should learn from that.

skyler1822 - yet another queen who doesn't just have nine lives. both castings i played with you, you went inact and somehow still made it super far in the game. that is the level of social game i truly admire. other than that, i haven't talked to you much and i wish we had talked more.

kiara_xoxo - you basically slay anywhere you are, say no more. it's an honor to be a friend of yours and to douse in your holy light.

redsoxjc - i remember bonding with you over a rather chaotic rookies. somehow we found the calm spot in our pm's and we just hit it off from there. i would love to play with you again, you seem like such a chill dude.

firex - you are one of the most interesting people i've ever met in my life. you are such a great person to talk to and strategize with, and although your frustrations may get to you, it's who you are and i wouldn't want you to change that. i know we aren't the closest of friends but i hope you at least see me as a friend <3

fromawindow - we actually bonded first at the fast stars and you were one of my first allies. that spilled over to the survivor that we played later on. you were great at comps and a very loyal ally to have. would love to play again with you in the future!

elian - what a nice soul. you started on tengaged pretty humbly and climbed your way up like a champ. our small conversations in a casting were fun, like we were just casually hanging out in real life. you're cool in my book! good luck with your group game, looks really cool to me, i might apply next season!

willyex - dad <3 that casting was one of the best, if not the best casting i've ever played in my entire tengaged career, and it was because of you. you were super charismatic, funny and we just clicked. thanks for dragging me (and andrew) along with you for the ride! but remind me to never play a single casting with you again ;)

franzella - you are such a big contender in group games and i think you know that. while some may want to deny that, you take it and play it to your advantage which obviously works out for you. i hope to talk to you more on a personal level though, you seem chill.

thumper91 - i don't know you at all, but to have such a big name in my PYN is an absolute honor. thank you so much for that. also heard that you're a flop in rooks so remind me to not bet on you in another charity lol.

joaquint561 - i don’t know you but since you’re bored... TOP IN THE MORNING TO YA. have a nice day tho.

kelly2722 - the kellynumbers that i haven’t interacted with yet but really just as iconic. you be spitting truth tho.

jeyceepina - what a guy. you’re just fun to play with. had a few chances to do so and i’m glad i’m on your good side. thanks for having me around!

tester - drew! i haven’t had many chances to talk to you but you seem like such a chill dude. applied for some of your games and always got robbed in them but alas, it is what it is. hopefully we can get to know each other better!

robynn - i’ve only seen you in castings and you almost always go MIA in them. that is a shame because i’d love to get a chance to chat with you!


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