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Season 10 Survivor Disney: Bull's Barbarians vs. Tommy's Titans Episode 15

Apr 15, 2022 by Tommy123
image(I am taking over for the rest of the season since Bulldozer24 doesn't want to do it or is too busy to do it)

Back at camp, SilverMist knew if she doesn't start talking to the others, she will possibly be joining Aladdin at Redeption Island. SilverMist decided to go and talk to Kim and Faline since all three use to have an alliance together and she asked who they are voting for. Faline and Kim told her that they still didn't know who to vote for. SilverMist decided to pitch the idea of voting out Troy cause he is a strong competitor. Faline told her that Troy was part of Tommy's Titans and that it wouldn't be right to vote him out. SilverMist told them that it is everyone for themselves and we can't all win. Faline and Kim nodded but in the back of Kim's mind, she knew Troy is in her alliance and he has an idol so it would be a waste to get him out. After the conversation, Kim went to Ron and Troy and told them what SilverMist said which made Troy upset and they planned to blindside SilverMist. At Tribal Coucil, by a vote of 6-4 SilverMist became the 16th person voted out of Survivor Disney Bull's Barbarians vs. Tommy's Titans.
Bull: "SilverMist, you will have a chance to get back in the game, grab your torch and head to redemption island."

"Preziveli" Tribe (Red Buffs)
Faline- "Bambi"
Kiara- "The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride"
Troy- "High School Musical" (Idol)
Bambi- "Bambi" (R.I.)
Tigger- "The Adventures of Winne-the-Pooh"
Ron- "Kim Possible"
Kim- "Kim Possible" (Idol)
Cinderella- "Cinderella" (O.S. vs. N.S.) (Idol)
Evie- "Descendants"

Back at Camp, Kiara was sad that SilverMist left because of her vote but what Faline said about Troy and SilverMist, she had to go with her gut and vote SilverMist out. Meanwhile, Troy, Evie, Ron and Kim are talking about how they are still in after the last Tribal Coucil, Kim knew SilverMist was digging her own grave after she hadn't talked to anyone and telling people to vote out Troy. Troy told them that he thinks Kiara was the sixth vote and blindsided her alliance, Ron and Kim looked at him confused and Kim asked if he thinks that is true and Troy shrugged.

Tommy: "Welcome guys. We will now bring in our competitors for today's duel. Aladdin and SilverMist voted out at the last Tribal Coucil. Today's challenge, we will test how good your balance and tower making skills.
Bull: "For your Challenge, you will have 30 cards and your task is to stack them up til they reach the line but if your stack falls, you must start over. The first one to get their stack to the line, will win and remain on Redeption Island. The loser will be eliminated. We will give you a minute to get to your spots".

Aladdin and SilverMist are on their spots
Both: "Survivors ready........ GO!!"

SilverMist struggles in the beginning trying to get her stack started while Aladdin knows what he is doing and got the hang of it. After a while in the Duel, the winner is .......... Aladdin.
Tommy: "Congratulations Aladdin, you have won today's duel and you will remain in the game. SilverMist unfortunately for you, your time on Survivor is over take your buff and throw it in the fire walk on your way out."

Back at Camp, Cinderella and Bambi are happy cause Aladdin won the Duel which means he is still at redemption island. Bambi tells Cinderella that if Aladdin keeps winning duels, he might have a chance to come back which Cinderella nods. Meanwhile, Kim and Ron are talking about a possible plan to get either Bambi or Faline put next cause they are the other movie duo left. Kim thinks Bambi would be a perfect target cause he is a returner and a strong competitor, Ron nods.

Tommy: "C'mon in guys. Shall we get to your second individual immunity challenge? First things first, Evie I need that necklace back".

Evie walks up to Tommy and gives him the necklace and walks back to everyone.

Tommy: "The Immunity Necklace is back up for grabs"

Bull: " For today challenge, you will climb up to the very top of your pole and hang on for dear life, if you touch the ground, you are out. The last one to stay on their pole, wins immunity. Everyone else will be vulnerable at Tribal Coucil".

Both: "Survivors ready?? GO!!"

Everyone seemed good until Bambi, Faline, Ron, and Tigger started sliding down. Kiara strategy is using her claws to hold on. One by one, people started to get eliminated. First was Faline, then Bambi, Then Ron, Then Tigger, then Cinderella, and Finally Troy. The final three was Evie, Kim, and Kiara but with her strategy working for her. The winner is .......... Kiara.
Vote someone out Preziveli tribe! Remember Kiara has immunity and Troy, Kim, and Cinderella all have idols!

----Redemption Island----
Aladdin- "Aladdin" (A vs. H)

24th- Brandy- "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers" Odbaciti Tribe
23rd- Helga- "Atlantis The Lost Empire" (B vs. B vs. B) Varvaski Tribe
22nd- Baymax- "Big Hero 6" (O.S. vs. N.S.) Varvaski Tribe
21st- Olie- "Rolie Polie Olie" Odbaciti Tribe
----Tribe Swap----
20th- Mickey Mouse- "Mickey Mouse Cartoon" (B vs. W) Varvaski/Kembar Tribe
19th- Timon- "The Lion King" (G.G. vs. B.B.) Varvaski/Kembar Tribe
18th- Jake- "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" Odbaciti/Varvaski Tribe
----Tribe Swap 2----
17th- Belle- "Beauty and the Beast" (H vs. V) Varvaski/Varvaski/Varvaski Tribe
16th- Milo- "Fish Hooks" Odbaciti Tribe
15th- Flora- "Sleeping Beauty" (A vs. H) Varvaski/Odbaciti Tribe
14th- Grumpy- "Snow White and the Seven Drawfs" (B vs. W) Varvaski/Odbaciti/Varvaski
13th- Giselle- "Enchanted" (G.G. vs. B.B.) Varvaski/Varvaski/Odbaciti
12th- Rapunzel- "Tangled" (O.S. vs. N.S.) Varvaski Tribe
11th- Silvermist- "Tinkerbell" Odbaciti/Varvaski/Preziveli


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