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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Gumball Watterson and I love The Hunger Games!

If you see this I have left tengaged. I will only periodically check tengaged and wont be playing or doing anything on here for a while. If you wish to contact me I have moved to! I will be more active on that site if you wish to talk to me! Here is the link:

Gumball's Brother UK Winners:
Big Brother UK Season 1: Lex (BlazeTitan)
Big Brother UK Season 2: X (FireX)
Big Brother UK Season 3: Emmett (Emmett4)
Big Brother UK Season 4: Oskar (Sonically)

Gumball's Survivor Winners:
Survivor 1-Borneo: Calvin C (SmoothStalker12)
Survivor 2-Panama Exile Island: Washed R (Washed_Ravioli)

Gumball's SPOONS Winners:
SPOONS S1: IceBeast
SPOONS S2: galore
SPOONS S3: systrix
SPOONS S4: Cadden

Big Brother Seasons I have watched: (SPOILERS)
Big Brother Season 1: Eddie McGee
Big Brother Season 2: Will Kirby
Big Brother Season 3: Lisa Donahue
Big Brother Season 4: Jun Song
Big Brother Season 5: Drew Daniel
Big Brother Season 6: Maggie Ausburn
Big Brother Season 7-All Stars: Mike Boogie Malin
Big Brother Season 8: Dick Donato
Big Brother Season 9: Adam Jasinski
Big Brother Season 10: Dan Gheesling
Big Brother Season 11: Jordan Lloyd
Big Brother Season 12: Hayden Moss
Big Brother Season 13: Rachel Reilly
Big Brother Season 14: Ian Terry
Big Brother Season 15: Andy Herren
Big Brother Season 16: Derrick Levasseur
Big Brother Season 17: Steve Moses
Big Brother Over The Top: Morgan Willett
Big Brother Season 18: Nicole Franzel
Big Brother Season 19: Josh Martinez
Celebrity Big Brother Season 1: Marissa Jaret Winokur
Big Brother Season 20: Kaycee Clark
Celebrity Big Brother Season 2: Tamar Braxton
Big Brother Season 21: Jackson Michie
Big Brother Season 22: Cody Calafiore

Survivor Seasons I have watched: (SPOILERS)
Season 1 Borneo: Richard Hatch
Season 2 The Australian Outback: Tina Wesson
Season 3 Africa: Ethan Zohn
Season 4 Marquesas: Vecepia Towery
Season 5 Thailand: Brian Heidik
Season 6 The Amazon: Jenna Morasca
Season 7 Pearl Islands: Sandra Diaz-Twine
Season 8 All-Stars: Amber Brkich
Season 9 Vanuatu Island of Fire: Chris Daugherty
Season 10 Palau: Tom Westman
Season 11 Guatemala The Mayan Empire: Danni Boatwright
Season 12 Panama Exile Island: Aras Baskauskas
Season 13 Cook Islands: Yul Kwon
Season 14 Fiji: Earl Cole
Season 15 China: Todd Herzog
Season 16 Micronesia Fans VS Favorites: Parvati Shallow
Season 17 Gabon Earth's Last Eden: Bob Crowley
Season 18 Tocantins The Brazilian Highlands: James Thomas
Season 19 Samoa: Natalie White
Season 20 Heroes VS Villains: Sandra Diaz-Twine
Season 21 Nicaragua: Jud Birza
Season 22 Redemption Island: Rob Mariano
Season 23 South Pacific: Sophie Clarke
Season 24 One World: Kim Spradlin
Season 25 Philippines: Denise Staply
Season 26 Caramoan Fans VS Favorites 2: John Cochran
Season 27 Blood VS Water: Tyson Apostol
Season 28 Cagayan Brawn VS Brain VS Beauty: Tony Vlachos
Season 29 San Juan Del Sur Blood VS Water 2: Natalie Anderson
Season 30 Worlds Apart White Collar VS Blue Collar VS No Collar: Mike Holloway
Season 31 Cambodia Second Chances: Jeremy Collins
Season 32 Kaoh Rong Brains VS Brawns VS Beauty 2: Michele Fitzgerald
Season 33 Millennial's VS Gen X: Adam Klein
Season 34 Game Changers: Sarah Lacina
Season 35 Heroes VS Healers VS Hustlers: Ben Driebergen
Season 36 Ghost Island: Wendell Holland
Season 37 David VS Goliath: TBA

🌟First Stars Game: 10/26/19 6th/16th🌟
Group Game Positions:
Fearless Survivor Season 1 The Bahamas: 3rd Place
M Survivor 1-Reborn: 9th Place
M4 Survivor Canary Islands: 8th Place
M6 Survivor All-Stars: 19th Place
The Duel Season 1: 24th Place
Flop Nation Season 87- The Secret Temple: 19th Place -Left-
Flop Nation Season 94- Survivor Kalahari: 13th Place -Left-
Barn's Big Brother Season 1: 14th Place
michland143's SPOON S2: 5th Place
BBUK S6 2019 Battle of Class: 3rd Place
Cutthroat Survivor SΓ‘o Jorge(Gen 1: S18): 2nd Place
Cutthroat Survivor Lake Natron(Gen 2: S2): 3rd Place
13bam's Big Brother Season 3 Heaven VS. Hell: 7th Place
13bam's Big Brother Season 7 All-Stars: 15th Place -Left-
TRGG16 The Mole: 7th Place
Sea's Escape The Night(S1): 11th Place
100 Days of Voting Season 2: 61st place
100 Days of Voting Season 3: 72nd Place
Cutthroat BB Predetermined Power: 9th Place
Melinda's BBUK S2 [Willam Belli]: 11th Place
Melinda's BBUK S3 [Jeffree Star]: 3rd Place
Lifeiscool's Random Big Brother S1: 5th Place
Lifeiscool's Random Big Brother S2 All-Stars: 9th Place
Bomby's Random Big Brother Season 1: 1st Place (FIRST EVER WIN) -12/27/19-
Orbis S1: 17th Place
LKBvivor S5 Andaman&Nicobar: 9th Place
Ian's Survivor S9 Islands of Alchemy: 3rd Place
Jacubra's Survivor S1 Sulawesi: 4th Place
MDR Brantsteele Season 7[Willam Belli]: 11th Place
MDR Brantsteele Season 8[Willam Belli]: 6th Place
MDR Brantsteele BOTS1[Willam Belli]: 1st Place -3/24/20-
Cutthroat 2020 Season 1 Kid Nation: 26th Place
CIRCLE Season 1: 6th Place
Cromatic's Random Stars: 5th Place
Blog BBUK S2: 8th Place
Hahahahahahaha Island Season 2: 18th Place
Group Game Awards
(None) :(
Other Goals on Tengaged:
(X) Get Gifted
() Gift Somebody
(X) Enter a Fasting Game
(X) Enter a Castings Game
(X) Make Final Three in a Fasting Game
(X) Make Top Ten in a Castings Game
(X) Make Final Day in a Casting Game
(X) Win a Castings Game
(X) Win a Fasting Game
(X) Enter Rookies Game
(X) Make Top Five in a Rookies Game
(X )Make Final Day in a Rookies Game
() Win Rookies Game
(X) Enter a Frookies Game
(X) Make Jury in a Frookies Game
() Make Final two in a Frookies Game
() Win a Frookies Game
() Enter Hunger Games
() Make top 15 in Hunger Games
() Win Hunger Games
(X) Enter a Survivor Game
() Merge in Survivor Game
(X) Enter Stars Game
(X) Make Top Ten in a Stars Game
() Make Top Five in a Stars Game
() Make Final Day in a Stars Game
() Win Stars Game
(X) Get my White color level
(X) Get my Yellow color level
(X) Get my Orange color level
(X) Get my Light Green color level
(X) Get my Dark Green color level
(X) Get my Blue color level
(X) Get my Purple color level
(X) Get my Red color level
() Get my Brown color level
() Get my Black color level
() Get my Silver color level
() Get my Gold color level
() Get my Sky color level
() Get my Blood color level
() Get my TV Star color level
() Create a Frat
() Have 10 people in Frat
() Have 20 people in Frat
() Have 50 People in Frat
(X) Be in the Star Seat Games
(X) Create a Group
(X) Have 10 People in the Group
(X) Have 20 People in the Group
(X) Have 30 People in the Group
(X) Have 40 People in the Group
(X) Have 50 People in the Group
(X) Have 60 People in the Group
(X) Have 70 People in the Group
(X) Have 80 People in the Group
() Have 90 People in the Group
() Have 100 People in the Group
(X) Get 20 Karma
(X) Get 50 Karma
(X) Get 100 Karma
(X) Get 200 Karma
(X) Get 300 Karma
(X) Get 400 Karma
(X) Get 500 Karma
() Get 1000 Karma
() Get into Hall of Fame
() Make Top 1000 in Hall of Fame
() Make Top 500 in Hall of Fame
() Make Top 100 in the Hall of Fame
() Make Top 50 in the Hall of Fame
() Make Top 10 in the Hall of Fame
() Be 1st place in Hall of Fame (Maybe 1 Day but prolly not XD)

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