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Big Brother 21 Feb 14, 2019
Who is applying for Season 21 of Big Brother

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Gay or Bisexual Jan 24, 2019
imageHey if you guys are either gay or Bi-Sexual or straight but curious, then you might like this hot and sexy guy I have a picture of

Like and Comment below if you liked it

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Apply for my group Jan 21, 2019
I made a Glee group and I would for you to apply for it maybe even role play in it. Click on the link below and apply for either a student or a faculty member

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Can you help Jan 17, 2019
I am trying to get votes for a certain blog game I am doing and I need people votes

Can you guys vote for Duchess
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Co hosting a roleplay group Jan 7, 2019
Hey guys so I have a question for you guys, I want to do a roleplay group like a supernatural one or a high school one but I don't how to host one so I was wondering if one of you can co host one with me. It will make me so happy

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Big Brother 21 Jan 6, 2019
We all know that Big Brother is coming back for it 21st season. The casting applications are up on the website. Who is going to sign up to be on the next season?

I know I might sign up

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