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Hey guys :(

May 8, 2022 by Tommy123
So guys, I haven't told you guys this before because I have been embarrassed to tell anyone but I decided to tell you guys. I have epilepsy which means I get seizures. I have been dealing with this my whole life and I hate it. I have had 6 seizures in my life. Epilepsy has changed my life like I can't see 3d movies, I can't look at flashing lights, and I can only play video games for an hour. One of my seizures I had was in the pool and I almost drowned but thank God my dad was with me that day. I hate having epilepsy. It is scary and upsetting to me when I think about it cause I have this fear that if I have another seizure, will I die from it cause people say that seizures can kill you and I don't want that to happen to me. It is hard on my parents especially my mom cause seeing me having every seizure I had, upsets her cause she feels like she can't do anything.


I’m sorry that sounds hard
Sent by Snails,May 8, 2022
I can't tell if your trolling or not
Sent by CallMeTheGOAT,May 8, 2022

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