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Dancing with the Stars season 1 episode 3 DISNEY NIGHT ✨️

Oct 26, 2022 by Tommy123
imageTommy: Welcome to Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars

*Audience claps and cheers*

Tommy: Last episode on our TV Theme Night, we had to say goodbye to our "Heartland" Star, Alisha and Pasha as they were eliminated from the competition.

Tommy: Now I do have a surprise, we will have a guest judge. Please welcome the amazing tswiftlover13

*Audience cheers*

Tommy: Now our couples will be performing to Disney songs that all of you know and love.

Tommy: so lets get some Disney magic in this ballroom and lets get started

Sean and Lindsay
"How far I'll Go"
Movie: Moana

Judges Score - 33

Brian and Britt
"Remember Me"
Movie: Coco

Judges Score -21.5

Ian and Peta
"We Don't Talk About Bruno"
Movie: Encanto

Judges Score - 36

Miranda and Alan
"Someday, My prince will come"
Movie: SnowWhite and the 7 dwarfs

Judges Score - 27

Cory and Jenna
"Bare Necessities"
Movie: Jungle Book

Judges Score - 31.5

Tyler and Daniella
Viennese Waltz
"A Dream is a Wish"
Movie: Cinderella

Judges Score - 29.5

Taylor and Gleb
"Can You feel the love tonight"
Movie: The Lion King

Judges Score - 24.5

Ellie and Sasha
"Go The Distance"
Movie: Hercules

Judges Score - 24

Jazz and Brandon
"Come Little Children"
Movie: Hocus Pocus

Judges Score - 28

Jeff and Witney
"Be Our Guest"
Movie: Beauty and The Beast

Judges Score - 24

Lisa and Mark
Cha cha
"Try Everything"
Movie: Zootopia

Judges Score - 36.5

Danielle and Val
"Part of Your World"
Movie: The little mermaid

Judges Score - 25.5

Jill and Louis
"Step in Time"
Movie: Mary Poppins

Judges Score -26.5

Hunter and Cheryl
Paso Doble
"He's a pirate"
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Judges Score - 29

Tommy: Wow those were some magical performances, don't you guys agree?

* Audience cheers and claps*

Tommy: Well Lisa and Mark are on top with 36.5 while on the bottom is Brian and Britt with 21.5 but we have still have your votes to consider

Tommy: Let's see the scores

Lisa and Mark - 36.5
Ian and Peta - 36
Sean and Lindsay - 33
Cory and Jenna - 31.5
Tyler and Daniella - 29.5
Hunter and Cheryl - 29
Jazz and Brandon - 28
Miranda and Alan - 27
Jill and Louis - 26.5
Danielle and Val - 25.5
Taylor and Gleb - 24.5
Ellie and Sasha - 24
Jeff and Witney - 24
Brian and Britt - 21.5

Tommy: so I have been thinking alot about how the voting is going and I made a decision.

Tommy: Go to the comments and vote for 3 couples you want to keep safe

(It cannot be the same couple 3 times. It has to be three different couples)




Jeff / Whitney
Jill / Louis
Jazz / Brandon
Sent by Wolven6974,Oct 27, 2022
Hunter and Cheryl
Danielle and Val
Taylor and Gleb
Sent by Tester,Oct 27, 2022
Hunter and Cheryl
Danielle and Val
jil and Louis
Sent by Pavaneli,Oct 27, 2022
Brian and Britt
Jazz and Brandon
Jill and Louis
Sent by Cromatique,Oct 28, 2022
Lisa / mark

Jazz / Brandon

Miranda / alan
Sent by biminibonboulash,Oct 28, 2022
Ellie and Sasha - 24
Jeff and Witney - 24
Brian and Britt - 21.5
Sent by sosyomomma,Oct 29, 2022

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