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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

YouTube Big Brother season 1

Jun 13, 2022 by Tommy123
Hey Guys

This series is where 12 famous youtubers will compete to be best. Each week, one of them will be Hoh and will have to nominate two youtubers for eviction. The two nominees will have a chance to take themselves of the block by competing in the Power of Veto competition and the winner will have an important decision to make. They will have to choose to either take one of the nominees off the block or keep the nominees the same. After all that, the other Youtubers will have to vote to evict one of them. The last Youtubers left standing, will win.

1. Bryton Myler
2. Jojo Siwa
3. Georgia Merry
4. Davina Michelle
5. Brent Morgan
6. Brian Hull
7. Kurt Hugo Schneider
8. Trisha Paytas
9. Zaid Ali T
10. Madelaine Petsch

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kurt hugo schneider
Sent by LaCroix,Jun 13, 2022
Trisha Paytas
Sent by PenguinOwen126,Jun 13, 2022
Zaid Ali T
Sent by danio,Jun 14, 2022
madelaine petsch
Sent by TheShayMitchell,Jun 14, 2022

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