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Season 10 Survivor Disney: Bull's Barbarians vs. Tommy's Titans Episode 16

Apr 18, 2022 by Tommy123
imageAt camp, Cinderella knew she needed to make a big move even if it means taking out one of her own alliance members. Cinderella went to Bambi so they can talk about what to do. Bambi suggested taking Troy out but Cinderella told him that it wasn't a good idea and told him about Troy having the Idol. Bambi was a little shocked but then, he thought of maybe taking out Evie cause she is Troy's strongest ally. Cinderella nodded and told him that they can try to get Troy to use the Idol on himself not knowing that Evie is the target and they can talk to Faline, Tigger, and Kiara and try to get them on board. Bambi nodded and decided to go up to the three while Cinderella went to Troy and Evie and told them that Troy is the target cause she over heard Bambi and Faline talking about it. Troy and Evie were shocked but Troy knew that the only way to be safe is to use the Idol. Meanwhile, Bambi is with Faline, Kiara and Tigger telling about the plan to blindside Troy and get Evie out. Kiara was the first one on board cause her and Evie never seen eye to eye. Tigger and Faline got on board too. Meanwhile, Cinderella went up to Ron and Kim and told them about the plan and to not tell Troy or Evie, Kim knew it was a good plan but Ron had second thoughts but decided to keep it to himself.
At tribal council...
Bull- "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, tonight is the last night to do so."
With Cinderella and Bambi's plan in motion, Troy stood up and decided to use his Idol on himself not knowing that he is not the true target. By a vote of 6-3 Evie became the 17th person voted out Survivor Disney Bull's Barbarians vs. Tommy's Titans.
Bull: "SilverMist, you will have a chance to get back in the game, grab your torch and head to redemption island."

"Preziveli" Tribe (Red Buffs)
Faline- "Bambi"
Kiara- "The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride"
Troy- "High School Musical"
Bambi- "Bambi" (R.I.)
Tigger- "The Adventures of Winne-the-Pooh"
Ron- "Kim Possible"
Kim- "Kim Possible" (Idol)
Cinderella- "Cinderella" (O.S. vs. N.S.) (Idol)

Back at Camp, Troy was shock when Evie got voted out knowing that his alliance turned on him. Cinderella and Kim tried to comfort him but Troy wasn't having it and decided to go somewhere to be alone. Kim told Cinderella and Ron that she felt bad for Troy but knew it was a good game move. Meanwhile, Faline, Bambi, Kiara, and Tigger were talking about the plan going great. Kiara told them that she wasn't surprised about Troy having the Idol. Tigger agreed with her and told them that Troy and Evie were strong together and that they needed to be separated. Kiara, Faline, and Bambi nodded.

Tommy: "Welcome guys. We will now bring in our competitors for today's duel. Aladdin and Evie voted out at the last Tribal Coucil. Today's challenge, you will have five sandbags each, your goal is to land a sandbag on the five tables. One sandbag on each table. The first one to land a sandbag on each table, will win and remain on Redeption Island. The loser will be eliminated and be the second member of our jury. We will give you a minute to strategies.

Aladdin and Evie both figure out their strategies
Both: "Survivors ready........ GO!!"

Evie's strategy is to do the closest one first, while Aladdin does the farther one first to get that out of the way. After a few minutes, Aladdin already has three bags on tables while Evie only has one but Aladdin gets his fourth bag on a table and is working on the closest one. After a while, the winner of the duel is .......... Aladdin.
Tommy: "Congratulations Aladdin, you have won today's duel and you will remain in the game. Evie unfortunately for you, your time on Survivor is over take your buff and throw it in the fire walk on your way out."

Back at Camp, Troy was a little disappointed that Evie lost the Duel but he knew that he has to move forward with playing the game. Meanwhile, Tigger decided to talk to Ron and Bambi and suggested to them about a final 3 alliance. Ron was on board and so was Bambi. Ron suggested they call their alliance, "The Bro Code". Bambi and Tigger both agreed to the name.

Tommy: "C'mon in guys. Shall we get to your third individual immunity challenge? First things first, Kiara I need that necklace back".

Kiara walks up to Tommy and gives him the necklace and walks back to everyone.

Tommy: "The Immunity Necklace is back up for grabs"

Bull: " For today challenge, you will be blindfolded, your task is to get through the maze while collecting puzzle pieces. After you collect both bags of puzzle pieces and put them on your mat, you will have to solve your puzzle. The first one to solve their puzzle first, wins immunity. Everyone else will be vulnerable at Tribal Coucil".

Both: "Survivors ready?? GO!!"

Everyone trying to find their bags of puzzle pieces. Kim, Faline, and Tigger are the first ones to find their bags. After a while, Tigger and Faline reached their mats with their last bags and they start doing their puzzle while Kim and Troy are closely behind them. After a while, Everyone is working on their puzzle but the winner is..... Tigger. Vote someone out Preziveli tribe! Remember Tigger has immunity and  Kim, and Cinderella have idols!

----Redemption Island----
Aladdin- "Aladdin" (A vs. H)

24th- Brandy- "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers" Odbaciti Tribe
23rd- Helga- "Atlantis The Lost Empire" (B vs. B vs. B) Varvaski Tribe
22nd- Baymax- "Big Hero 6" (O.S. vs. N.S.) Varvaski Tribe
21st- Olie- "Rolie Polie Olie" Odbaciti Tribe
----Tribe Swap----
20th- Mickey Mouse- "Mickey Mouse Cartoon" (B vs. W) Varvaski/Kembar Tribe
19th- Timon- "The Lion King" (G.G. vs. B.B.) Varvaski/Kembar Tribe
18th- Jake- "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" Odbaciti/Varvaski Tribe
----Tribe Swap 2----
17th- Belle- "Beauty and the Beast" (H vs. V) Varvaski/Varvaski/Varvaski Tribe
16th- Milo- "Fish Hooks" Odbaciti Tribe
15th- Flora- "Sleeping Beauty" (A vs. H) Varvaski/Odbaciti Tribe
14th- Grumpy- "Snow White and the Seven Drawfs" (B vs. W) Varvaski/Odbaciti/Varvaski
13th- Giselle- "Enchanted" (G.G. vs. B.B.) Varvaski/Varvaski/Odbaciti
12th- Rapunzel- "Tangled" (O.S. vs. N.S.) Varvaski Tribe
11th- Silvermist- "Tinkerbell" Odbaciti/Odbaciti/Preziveli
10th- Evie- "Descendants"

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