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Controversial PYN

2ndAug 7, 2019 by Teddybear
PYN and I'll tell you how attractive you seem on a scale of 1-10 (based on your personality, not appearance) and why - if I don't know your personality, I'll judge based on what I see in your profile/blogs. I will rarely if ever give a 10.

(I'll keep updating this tomorrow if I don't finish TN)

gabrieltrezza - 7/10 - You seem to have a good sense of humor/an attractive presence. I vaguely remember you? I'd have to be reminded of how I know you.

winner132 - 6/10 - Hard to judge. I don't really know you/you don't have a lot of blogs for me to go off of, although I'd say based on your username alone, you wouldn't score attractive points (because of the numbers after the name) but you don't seem annoying at all so you rank over the average 5. I'd need more evidence to tip it in your favor or against it.

Axkxaxbatman - 8/10 - ILY Christian. I think you're more attractive than you feel you are. While you don't have the "bad boy" edge, you are a genuinely nice guy which is a turn on to a lot of girls, but even MORE than that, you're a good sport/have a good sense of humor about things and don't take them to heart, which is a lot of + points in your favor.

nmh95 - 9/10 - I remember yeeeeeears ago when we became friends and you were always really cool/easy to like, but I think I would've given you a couple points lower back then. It definitely seems like you've matured in a positive way (as have I - we were all more sensitive back then!), which has added to your attractiveness!

bassmaster1013 - 8/10 - I think you're cool, honest/sweet, and a genuine guy! You also have a sense of humor which is + points in your favor. If I'd been researching you based on not knowing you at all (although Dr. Will is always a +++) you may have been a point less, but from the glimpse of you I've seen, you deserve the 8.

Brayden_ - 5/10 - I'm giving you the "average" ranking since I don't know you and I can't see any glimpses of your personality that would tilt you toward attractive or unattractive from your blogs. I saw some things edging one way ( a sense of humor) and some things the other (shallow - don't like taller or slightly older girls), so I'm putting you in the middle

Thumper91 - 9/10 - Kindness goes a long way. I think it's like.. scientifically proven? ... that people find people who smile more attractive -- and although I don't know you at all, I think what I've seen of your genuinely nice personality is infectious. You also clearly have the (online) social skills to glean affection from many

lexeyjane - 7/10 - Obviously we haven't talked, but you seem cute and fun, which is points in your favor! You also seem a little young, and I highly doubt you're a sexy bad boy, but you have your own brand of charm.

chillum - 5/10 - hmm this is tricky. While I do appreciate the sentiment in your recent blog (a lot), I think the lack of proper grammar is hindering (unless English is your second language, in which case, I apologize), but in general poor grammar isn't attractive. So I'm averaging you at a 5

jessijuliet - 6/10 - Pretty attractive! I have nothing that sways you negatively but no real indication of your personality. Your profile is quoting people who have said you're a real girl (if this was an essay i'd say show don't tell but on tengaged I don't think you owe anyone an explanation) and yeah it seems like you  are fun!

rosemuletreturns - 4/10 - Idk you - i mean glimpses of your blogs tell me a few things but not much. I think that probably you're not enough of a "real" person to be attractive to me/anyone (if this was a score on like.. likability/how cool you seemed it'd be way higher) but you come across as an avatar

blitszims - 9/10 - A really cool girl! You're super easy to talk to/warm up to and feel comfortable around which i think is a super attractive quality. You're also fun/have a good sense of humor from what I've seen of you, and you've put up with a lot of people saying a lot of shit, keeping your cool, remaining the HBIC


me (if you even remember me LOL)
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