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Alexa the Teddybear<3333333

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Does anyone else here Oct 18, 2023
Love cozy farming games?

I never knew about them growing up but I think I initially got into them around 2020 and have been obsessed since omg! (Specifically from the nintendo switch)

I started into Animal Crossing, then got into Stardew Valley (long periods of obsessions with each)

Since then ive also loved:

My time at Portia
Wilde Flowers
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Most recent: Fae Farm is GREAT

I'm pretty picky with these games lol I've bought a lot then gotten bored but when I find one I love it's awesome. If you're also into cozy farming switch games and I'm missing any great ones lemme know I'd love to try them! <3
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I joined a castings Oct 13, 2023
With my girlfriend (her username is 42069666... don't judge her I asked her to make an account and she was lazy)........ come join us!!!!!!!!!
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Don't worry guys Oct 13, 2023
I'm no longer a skeleton, I'm that random girl with pink hair from Find Me (is that still a comp here?)

What's changed?

Should I join a castings omg xx
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Omg Oct 13, 2023
I'm a skeleton
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My girlfriend did some voodoo to get me tickets for New Years I'm so hype see you in may
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hello kings and queens Dec 10, 2022
Does anyone remember me?
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