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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Does anyone else here

20thOct 18, 2023 by Teddybear
Love cozy farming games?

I never knew about them growing up but I think I initially got into them around 2020 and have been obsessed since omg! (Specifically from the nintendo switch)

I started into Animal Crossing, then got into Stardew Valley (long periods of obsessions with each)

Since then ive also loved:

My time at Portia
Wilde Flowers
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Most recent: Fae Farm is GREAT

I'm pretty picky with these games lol I've bought a lot then gotten bored but when I find one I love it's awesome. If you're also into cozy farming switch games and I'm missing any great ones lemme know I'd love to try them! <3


I love Fae Farm! I wanted to love Disney Dreamlight Valley but i didn't like it very much
Sent by Jasmina,Oct 18, 2023
I used to play stardew valley a lot, but I havent in a while. I have like no time lately.
Sent by zachbbs,Oct 18, 2023
Jasmina omg same I tried Disney dream light and the idea was great but I think it wasn't totally ready for switch or something when I tried it
Sent by Teddybear,Oct 18, 2023
love love love animal crossing and stardew, spiritfarer was super cute for a bit but i couldnt get into it. didn't like portia, idt i've heard of the other ones

if ur looking for more u can try sun haven its like stardew but with magic, only thing is the npcs feel more like robots than stardew so its only good if u really like the activity aspect of stardew (mining, farming, etc)

also theres a free game called palia that was really fun for a while too :) its newer but its basically like a real time open world stardew, although idk if either of these are on the switch
Sent by peace123,Oct 18, 2023
peace123 I've heard of sun haven and honestly looks amazing from what I've seen but it's only on computer now and not switch and I play all the games on switch LOL if sun haven came to switch I'd be so happy

Never heard of the other will defs look into it
Sent by Teddybear,Oct 18, 2023
Okay literally yes…i found a new found love for cozy games in general. Theres one called loftvia i think thats coming out soon and looks SO FUN
Sent by mikec51,Oct 18, 2023
You should definitely play stardew valley!
Sent by tyleror,Oct 18, 2023
mikec51 never heard of that one NOTING TO LOOK INTO TY <3
Sent by Teddybear,Oct 18, 2023
TRY PALIA!!!!!!!!
Sent by brookie_cookie,Oct 28, 2023

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