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Hello, my name is David Livingston

I'm a marketing communications intern and a first generation college student!
Instagram: @life_after_death_taxes
Snapchat: davidlhawkins3
Creator of the Group Game Tag:

Joined: December 1, 2012
First Fasting: December 1, 2012
First Casting: December 2, 2012
First Fasting F3: December 4, 2012
First 1st Place in Fasting: March 8, 2018
Yellow Level: April 23, 2018
Orange Level: June 11, 2018
First Frooks: June 20, 2018
First 1st Place in Casting: July 13, 2018
Light Green Level: July 22, 2018
First Survivor: August 1, 2018
First Gift: August 3, 2018 by Spinfur
Green Level: August 18, 2018
Blue Level: August 30, 2018
Purple Level: September 18, 2018
Red Level: November 29, 2018
First Design in Auction: December 4, 2018
Brown Level: June 11, 2019

I am a journalist from South Carolina who is entrenched in local politics. I consider myself a conservative libertarian and I run an independent news site that has railed against corrupt politicians and public officials. I love discussing ideas with others and I intend to add some level of nuance in various political and philosophical discussions. I also watch Survivor.

Grace: "@noobsmoke - Livingston king!!! You are such an amazing guy as well!!! You are one of my favorite group game allies because majority of the time we have always looked out for each other and stuck together. I absolutely love getting to play games with you, and just getting to talk to you. I love that you have a theater passion as well like slaay!!! I really hope our friendship stays amazing!!!"
Billy: "noobsmoke13 - Thank you so much for letting me join your production team in your survivor game! im hoping we can make season 2 great! youre an amazing down to earth person. Never change my dude."

"noobsmoke13 - Your profile is baller, being a journalist and fighting against government corruption is often a thankless and risky job so it takes a lotta balls to take that on as a career. Top respect." - @BengalBoy

"From spinfur bought in shop Judge Judy's Law
Okay but like I question why haven't you received a gift yet? You've been around here long enough and even though your noob avi looks fly I think it's time for an upgrade! From you good buddy Spin :D"
"From Bandnerd bought in shop Delicate
I was trying to save up my t$ to be able to consistently gift people. I decided to go ahead and Purchase. I I feel like you deserve a little something to spice up your avie. Thanks for staying loyal"
"From TheSexiestDude990 bought in shop Cross Off
I love you..."

Best Placement: 2/18, with 2 votes to win
Worst Placement: 14/21, 1 round shy of the merge

A Cutthroat Gala
The 3rd Best Hero

1. Cutthroat Survivor: Raja Ampat (S5) - 6/18
"For the first time in Cutthroat Survivor history, the player who did not receive the most tags has won immunity.
Livingston wears the necklace tonight. As for everyone else, tribal council tonight will send one more member of the Waigeo tribe to the jury."
"For the first time in Cutthroat Survivor history, two idols were played correctly at a tribal council and one person's self-vote became the sole vote to eliminate. Y'all are making history right in front of us and we still have a lot of game left to play."
"MAJORITY said LIVINGSTON is the person people would like to hang out with the most in real life."
"DAVE: Livingston~ Burton [Pearl Islands], great physical player and strategic, but was voted out because of the strong resume he had."
"BB: Livingston: Really a mix of Debbie and Tyson from Tocantins : You were likable and were playing the game as much as you could whenever, but you were voted out for being seen as a strong competitor ( your immunity challenge wins) and a social threat."
"HUFUS: Livingston - Joe Anglim (WA). It surprises me that this was your first group game, because you did pretty good. Not only you were giving your all and was a force to be reckon with when it came to immunity challenges, but you are also a really nice guy, and bc of that I wish we couldve talked more. Also, I remember that you mentioned something about Survivor Maryland, and you guys going home back-to-back-to-back reminded me of the Sohcahtrio in Guts vs Glory, with you being a bit like Shannon (nicer version, but still a robbed queen) by winning 2 immunities in a row and then going home."
"5. CAPTAIN LOOPHOLE - LIVINGSTON - Another one of this season's surprises, Livingston has come to play the game. He is in Salawati's majority alliance, but seems open to playing with other people and other alliances. He has the characteristics of a Loose Cannon with slightly better aim, making Livingston this season's Captain Loophole."

2. L and J's Survivor: Brazil (S4) - 10/18
First Merge Boot

3. Cutthroat Survivor: All-Stars (S7) - 14/21 *RETURNEE*
"As one of the lesser known players in the cast, this player certainly made things exciting. Even though he was on the wrong side of the numbers for majority of the game, his fighting spirit kept him alive just a few rounds shy of the end. Now, he’s back to fight for his life again and build his reputation as a strong player in the group game community.
Please welcome 6th Placer Livingston/noobsmoke13!"
"This player came into this game as one of the dark horse candidates. Unfortunately, he was unable to shake the mystery surrounding him and it led to his early exit.
Please welcome 14th Placer Livingston/noobsmoke13!"
Raul Confessional: "Livingston’s a little... gullible? I don’t know if he actually thinks I’ve been voting with him but he’s been always talking to me over anyone else and I don’t know if he’s just trying to get me to flip back or if he’s just thinking Chandlers the one that flipped but oh well lmao! He can do what he wants."
Anthony, winner of the season Confessional: "So apparently Livingston is a cunt and is splitting the votes on me and Julian. Brit told me this but doesn't want to do that so she is planning to get me and Julian to vote for Hufus."
Julian Confessional: "I want Livingston out of this game after that shit that he tried to pull. I do not take disrespect well and he basically came to me like threatening me, disrespecting me, talking down to me... I don't appreciate that. Look, just because I'm by myself in the minority and I basically voted by myself last tribal council doesn't give you any right to talk to me like that. So now that you're in the minority, you can kiss my ass, Livingston. Like I'm sure you're a nice guy and all like outside the game... I did enjoy our few conversations in the Viewers Lounge but oh my god, you've become such an asshole this game. So I don't really feel bad at all about the fact that I'm having to vote for you next, if we lose again."

4. J&J's Survivor: Principe Island (S1) - 9/18
ROMEO: "LIVINGSTON • LIVINGSTON : I definitely also wanted him out because he turned against me when I voted Josh D, and campaigned for me to go home in the double tribal. Dana told me to save my idol nullifier, but my gut just SPOKE TO ME, I felt like I went to Heaven and God spoke to me. I knew that I just had to use it. Luckily, it paid off, and Livingston went and my friend Dana survived."
JIMMY: "10th- Im very sorry that this happened to you, if its any consolation I wanted you in this game because you were a great player and I knew I could have used you to make the moves I wanted to make."
JIMMY: "Livingston- Amanda (HvV)- has the wits to get out of a troubling scenario but was outgamed by the game and numbers."
NICK: "Livingston: David Murphy. You give me David Murphy vibes. You gonna give us a half murphy? :p"
NICK: "8. Livingston - A lot of the members of the majority really didn't respect you for some reason. It seemed to some people like you had pre-bias for higher ranked players."

5. Julian's Survivor: Macedonia (S6) - 2/18 - Runner-Up
0 Vote Finalist

6. BB's Survivor: Dasht El Kavir (S1) - 2/16 - Runner-Up
0 Vote Finalist

7. Cutthroat Survivor: Henan - Blood vs. Water II (S14) - 2/18 - Runner-Up *RETURNEE*
"This player is also looking for their first win in their third try.
This player was a pleasant surprise in their first season, but failed to deliver the same energy in their second try.
What will the third time bring for this player?
Please welcome Livingston/noobsmoke13, 6th Place, Cutthroat Survivor: Raja Ampat and 14th Place, Cutthroat Survivor: All-Stars and his partner Lilly/SammySosaTV!"
Sam: "I think I have played a better game than Livingston to be honest but whatever."
2 Votes to Win

8. Sam's Survivor: Sulawesi (S1) - 12/16

9. Logan and Meghan's Survivor: France (S1) - 5/20
Nominated for Hero of the Season

10. Pokepat's Survivor: Antartica (S13) - 13/16

11. Will's Survivor: Zambia (S6) - 11/16
"Best pre-merger goes to…LIVINGSTON!
Livingston came into this game enthusiastic and ready to play, securing himself a solid position in a majority alliance after the tribe swap. Unfortunately, he drew the short end of the stick at the second swap and was the victim of a blatant challenge throw and subsequent unanimous boot to both protect Brandon and take down one of first swap Luvua’s potential numbers at the merge. Had his time not been cut short by the second swap, I think he had the connections to potentially go deep into the game."

12. Jaybirdnifty's Survivor: Antartica (S1) - 6/16
Our twelfth contestant says that they are on a pre-merge streak that they would like to end. Will his luck turn around, or will fate throw those words back in his face? Welcome, Livingston (noobsmoke13)

13. Ethan's Survivor: Honduras (S1) - 10/16
David (noobsmoke13), a 19 year old Student Journalist from South Carolina.
Sagar: "David - Jeff Varner (S2, 10th place): Not referring to his unfortunate later incarnations, but his storyline in S2 is actually pretty fitting for you. Probably could have been the Tina Wesson of his own side if his side couldn't take power during the merge due to unfortunate circumstances (Skupin getting evaced, Kimmi leaking one of the tribe's early votes to Tina during a premerge challenge). But recognized as a potential power player which is why he was brought back many years later."
Abel: "David-LJ, could’ve made it but you just didn’t have the numbers."
Voting Chart:

14. Pokepat's Survivor: Second Chances (S14) - 4/21 *RETURNEE*
"From our thirteenth season, Antarctica, we have four returning players.
13th| Livingston H. (noobsmoke13)
Livingston, you are getting a second shot in this series. Take your spot on the white mat."
"LIVINGSTON - Livingston has been a part of numerous vote outs in the season, but he's also been vulnerable without a vote at not one, but two tribal councils. Surviving a scenario that seems like near disaster has been a perk for Livingston. But as he approaches the end of the game, will he be able to keep himself away from the chopping block?"
JAMES: "Livingston, we have battled the majority of this game together. With a heavy heart I have to vote you.
I idoled you last round to save your game because I KNOW you are a loyal guy, and a good mate of mine. I feel awful, but this is strictly a game decision which I am doing with sole thought that you have a stronger odd of beating me at final immunity than Tris. If I get third, call me Boo Boo the Fool and I’ll spend the next 24 hours apologising sincerely. You are an incredible guy, an incredible player, and I’m simply typing this out of respect and guilt for you.
I hope you don’t hold this against me, I feel so so awful for casting this vote.
You are amazing, an amazing player, and simply my biggest rival to win. Hence my decision tonight."
"Livingston - I will say queen Kara Kay from DvG. You went so so deep into the game without receiving votes, final player to do so, just as she never received a vote. A very likeable person, and had either made the end they would be a very strong candidate for the deserved win."
LORENZO: "Livingstone: I feel you're a Brett from MvGX, i feel like you were so likeable, but sadly, you people mislabed you as a bigger threat than Tris"
"Livingstone: I really didn't know you before, but you seem to like action movies with superheroes"

15. Cutthroat Survivor: Edge of Glory (S19) - 11/21 *RETURNEE*
As one of the best underdog stories in Cutthroat history, this player rallied from the minority alliance to make a strong showing in his first season, despite being short of the title.
After an unsuccessful second run, this player was fortunate enough to make a third.
His third run showed off his growth and his underdog story once again, and this time, it nearly netted him the win, a 2nd place finish.
After falling just short his third time, this player deserves one last shot at achieving glory.
Please welcome Livingston/noobsmoke13!
Previous Finishes:
Raja Ampat, 6th
All-Stars, 14th
Henan, 2nd
HARRY: "Livingston- A skunk since everyone called you smelly and you were a very good sport in the end."
"Livingston- Hayden from Blood vs. Water. You are a very savvy player that managed to create a strong alliance. You also fought very hard when you were on your way out. Through it all, you managed to keep your head high."
"Best Sportsmanship: Livingston"
"Livingston: 1. You’re incredibly good at separating personal relationships from gameplay. 2. You had by far the most positive attitude of this cast. 3. You are an incredibly deserving 4 time player. 4. I’m surprised you haven’t won by now given how close you’ve come 5. You had amazing sportsmanship and everyone was sad to see you go. 6. You are able to acknowledge when you make a mistake. 7. You are incredibly self-aware. 8. You’re definitely worthy of the Christian Hubicki comparisons. 9. You’re an incredibly dedicated player. 10. You wear the nickname of Smelly with admirable pride."
AJ: "LIVINGSTON- Aubry! Very loyal player and knows what has to be done to make finals. Makes me laugh all the time and literally makes me root for you even when I’m in the game!"
JUSTIN: "Livingston- imma go with Davie from ghost island. Fantastic social game but was voted out for the same reason of being to likeable and in the minority. "
"Livingston- sloth, a very quiet slick creature moving throughout the game"
My Confessionals:

16. M&N's and BigBen's Survivor China - Clash of Clans (CROSSOVER) - 15/24
The twelfth and final castaway is someone who has never had the liberty of playing my series before. However, I saw they had plenty of potential in Cutthroat Survivor and are active member of the group game community. Mainly, known for creating a group game blog in hopes to revive the group game community.
Please welcome Livingston (noobsmoke23)!
Absol: "Livingston should go because he is a good person who makes bad decisions."

17. Suitman's Survivor: Kalahari (S2) - 6/18

Austin: "Livingston, you might be Jay in MvGX becuase you fought hard but were left out to dry when it was too late for you to stick around."
Kelly: "Livingston - somebody who played a good social game but couldnt get that last final push to the end to win but was likable somebody BETTER then devin from hvhvh but i cant think of one right now."
Steve: "Livingston - Colby Donaldson. Good guy and likeable but not enough of strong connections to make it to the end."

18. Cutthroat Big Brother II (S2) - 4/16
Ranked 3rd best in terms of gameplay by host
3 HOH wins, 3 POV wins
"Livingston is my winner." @TheSexiestDude990
"Icon, Legend, Can't wait for him & Max in All-Stars." @Logie56

19. BigBen's Survivor: Madagascar - Fans vs. Failures (S36) - 9/20 *RETURNEE*
Ken: "Livingston- I couldn’t tell if you were genuine when we talked one on one so I wasn’t against seeing you leave either. Iirc though I think I said you were cute in my video confessional that never uploaded."
Lexie: "10. Livingston: i greatly greatly greatly disagree with your political opinions. that isnt game related but it has to be said."
Mike: "5. Livingston - Made your allegiance to Julian too apparent. Julian was basically the Fans #1 target and by being so closely associated to him that's why they sent you off for 9th."
Ben, Host: "You were a lot more memorable this time around and there was potential for you to get like top six."

Ian's Survivor: Mt. Hakurei (S5) - ?/18
Katie: "I hope the boner for getting me out does you well Livingston."

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