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Hello, my name is sometimes Livingston, sometimes David, always loser

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"When others see a shepherd boy, God may see a king."
I'm a marketing communications intern and a first generation college student!
Instagram: @life_after_death_taxes
Snapchat: davidlhawkins3
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Joined: December 1, 2012
First Fasting: December 1, 2012
First Casting: December 2, 2012
First Fasting F3: December 4, 2012
First 1st Place in Fasting: March 8, 2018
Yellow Level: April 23, 2018
Orange Level: June 11, 2018
First Frooks: June 20, 2018
First 1st Place in Casting: July 13, 2018
Light Green Level: July 22, 2018
First Survivor: August 1, 2018
First Gift: August 3, 2018 by Spinfur
Green Level: August 18, 2018
Blue Level: August 30, 2018
Purple Level: September 18, 2018
Red Level: November 29, 2018
First Design in Auction: December 4, 2018
Brown Level: June 11, 2019

I'm more than an inciting incident

Grace: "@noobsmoke - Livingston king!!! You are such an amazing guy as well!!! You are one of my favorite group game allies because majority of the time we have always looked out for each other and stuck together. I absolutely love getting to play games with you, and just getting to talk to you. I love that you have a theater passion as well like slaay!!! I really hope our friendship stays amazing!!!"

Billy: "noobsmoke13 - Thank you so much for letting me join your production team in your survivor game! im hoping we can make season 2 great! youre an amazing down to earth person. Never change my dude."

Joshbb17: "Noobsmoke13 - Livingston you noob, you’ve become such a great friend of mine, and I enjoy trolling you and talking about nonsense to survivor to just about anything. I literally feel I can say anything to you, no matter how messed up it is, and consider you a true friend."

"noobsmoke13 - Your profile is baller, being a journalist and fighting against government corruption is often a thankless and risky job so it takes a lotta balls to take that on as a career. Top respect." - @BengalBoy

"From spinfur bought in shop Judge Judy's Law
Okay but like I question why haven't you received a gift yet? You've been around here long enough and even though your noob avi looks fly I think it's time for an upgrade! From you good buddy Spin :D"
"From Bandnerd bought in shop Delicate
I was trying to save up my t$ to be able to consistently gift people. I decided to go ahead and Purchase. I I feel like you deserve a little something to spice up your avie. Thanks for staying loyal"
"From TheSexiestDude990 bought in shop Cross Off
I love you..."


1. Only One Left (S1) - 13/18

2. Trinity Survivor: Deception Island (S4) - 8/20
Meet Livingston:
"Livingston, holy shit. I remember saying day 1 that you had 0% shot of winning. That you were just gonna flop as usual. I have never been happier to be wrong before. You completely SHATTERED all of our expectations for you as a player this season. I really do think ORGs are the format for you over group games since honey you were THRIVING this season like I have never seen before! You may not have gotten that elusive win but you should be extremely proud of your game this season!" - Julian
Boot Blog:
Fan Favorite
Zee: "For once, you being eliminated was nothing to do with you being a flop or 'Losingston.'"
Cast Assessment Timestamp: 1:26:30
Rites of Passage Timestamp: 44:30
The Majority said they'd trust me with their life and that I was going to win the season.

3. The All Seeing Eye: Double Jeopardy (S2) - 9/17
Meet Livingston:
Alliance of the Season: LBNB

4. Atomic Survivor: Nova Scotia (S?) - 8/20
The majority said that I was the biggest goat,
the next to go, the person people trust the least, the person everyone is surprised is still in the game, someone that needs a wakeup call in the game, and someone people would never talk to again after the game is over.

5. Surviving 1984: Director's Cut (S2) - 7/20
"Tonight the Davis's were forced to vote out one of their own and in a 5 to 2 vote, Livingston took the fall tonight! Livingston, I've known you for a bit of time now and almost hosted you back in season 4 of our BB version and then again in Surviving 1, but both fell through. I am so glad that I finally got to host you as part of my team for this season! You were a target early on, so seeing you make it this far into the game was awesome! You fought hard, but fell short. You will still have a say in who wins this game!
Livingston / noobsmoke13, thank you so much for playing!"
Nominee for Hero of the Season
Winner of Worst Move of the Season with Ben
Winner of Underdog of the Season

6. Survivor: Forest of Horrors (S1) - 7/21
The Majority said I am the least trusted player and that I most resemble the Fool.
Rocked out
Most Robbed Juror
Runner up for Player of the Season

7. Trinity Survivor: All-Stars (S8) - 28/28
"Tonight, the Kubou tribe attended the first tribal of the season. Things seemed pretty straightforward at tribal, but when the votes were revealed, half of the tribe were left stunned when Livingston left in a blindside.
Livingston, I knew pretty quickly that you were going to be a lock for this season. You were not only the fan favorite of Deception Island, but the biggest threat to win as well. I saw a lot of potential in you, and I know the rest of prod did too. Eyes were on you to go deep this season, and to say I'm shocked you wound up first boot instead is a massive understatement. I know you're not feeling the greatest about this but just know that, no matter how you feel about it rn, you 100% earned your spot here and you are absolutely worthy of having been called an All Star."

8. Insert Next ORG Here (S?) - ?/?

9. Insert Next ORG Here (S?) - ?/?

10. Insert Next ORG Here (S?) - ?/?

11. Insert Next ORG Here (S?) - ?/?

12. Insert Next ORG Here (S?) - ?/?

13. Insert Next ORG Here (S?) - ?/?

Gen 0
Survivor: Idle Bay Isle
Gen 1
Survivor: Chile
Survivor: Okinawa - Rise of the Samurai
Survivor: Lesotho
Survivor: Bosnia - Back to Basics
Survivor: Andaman & Nicobar
Survivor: Iraq - Blood vs. Water
Survivor: Dono Island
Survivor: All-Stars - the Revolution

I am also on production for ghrocky100's The Wish (an original format ORG), my role is editing :)

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