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Hello, my name is David Livingston

Joined: December 1, 2012
First Fasting: December 1, 2012
First Casting: December 2, 2012
First Fasting F3: December 4, 2012
First 1st Place in Fasting: March 8, 2018
Yellow Level: April 23, 2018
Orange Level: June 11, 2018
First Frooks: June 20, 2018
First 1st Place in Casting: July 13, 2018
Light Green Level: July 22, 2018
First Survivor: August 1, 2018
First Gift: August 3, 2018 by Spinfur
Green Level: August 18, 2018
Blue Level: August 30, 2018
Purple Level: September 18, 2018
Red Level: November 29, 2018
First Design in Auction: December 4, 2018

I am a journalist from South Carolina who is entrenched in local politics. I consider myself a conservative libertarian and I run an independent news site that has railed against corrupt politicians and public officials. I love discussing ideas with others and I intend to add some level of nuance in various political and philosophical discussions. I also watch Survivor.


"From spinfur bought in shop Judge Judy's Law
Okay but like I question why haven't you received a gift yet? You've been around here long enough and even though your noob avi looks fly I think it's time for an upgrade! From you good buddy Spin :D"
"From Bandnerd bought in shop Delicate
I was trying to save up my t$ to be able to consistently gift people. I decided to go ahead and Purchase. I I feel like you deserve a little something to spice up your avie. Thanks for staying loyal"

Cutthroat Survivor: Raja Ampat (S5) - 6/18
"For the first time in Cutthroat Survivor history, the player who did not receive the most tags has won immunity.
Livingston wears the necklace tonight. As for everyone else, tribal council tonight will send one more member of the Waigeo tribe to the jury."
"For the first time in Cutthroat Survivor history, two idols were played correctly at a tribal council and one person's self-vote became the sole vote to eliminate. Y'all are making history right in front of us and we still have a lot of game left to play."
"MAJORITY said LIVINGSTON is the person people would like to hang out with the most in real life."
"DAVE: Livingston~ Burton [Pearl Islands], great physical player and strategic, but was voted out because of the strong resume he had."
"BB: Livingston: Really a mix of Debbie and Tyson from Tocantins : You were likable and were playing the game as much as you could whenever, but you were voted out for being seen as a strong competitor ( your immunity challenge wins) and a social threat."
"HUFUS: Livingston - Joe Anglim (WA). It surprises me that this was your first group game, because you did pretty good. Not only you were giving your all and was a force to be reckon with when it came to immunity challenges, but you are also a really nice guy, and bc of that I wish we couldve talked more. Also, I remember that you mentioned something about Survivor Maryland, and you guys going home back-to-back-to-back reminded me of the Sohcahtrio in Guts vs Glory, with you being a bit like Shannon (nicer version, but still a robbed queen) by winning 2 immunities in a row and then going home."
"5. CAPTAIN LOOPHOLE - LIVINGSTON - Another one of this season's surprises, Livingston has come to play the game. He is in Salawati's majority alliance, but seems open to playing with other people and other alliances. He has the characteristics of a Loose Cannon with slightly better aim, making Livingston this season's Captain Loophole."

L and J's Survivor: Brazil (S4) - 10/18
First Merge Boot

Cutthroat Survivor: All-Stars - 14/21
"As one of the lesser known players in the cast, this player certainly made things exciting. Even though he was on the wrong side of the numbers for majority of the game, his fighting spirit kept him alive just a few rounds shy of the end. Now, he’s back to fight for his life again and build his reputation as a strong player in the group game community.
Please welcome 6th Placer Livingston/noobsmoke13!"
"This player came into this game as one of the dark horse candidates. Unfortunately, he was unable to shake the mystery surrounding him and it led to his early exit.
Please welcome 14th Placer Livingston/noobsmoke13!"
Raul Confessional: "Livingston’s a little... gullible? I don’t know if he actually thinks I’ve been voting with him but he’s been always talking to me over anyone else and I don’t know if he’s just trying to get me to flip back or if he’s just thinking Chandlers the one that flipped but oh well lmao! He can do what he wants."
Anthony, winner of the season Confessional: "So apparently Livingston is a cunt and is splitting the votes on me and Julian. Brit told me this but doesn't want to do that so she is planning to get me and Julian to vote for Hufus."

J&J's Survivor: Principe Island - 9/18
ROMEO: "LIVINGSTON • LIVINGSTON : I definitely also wanted him out because he turned against me when I voted Josh D, and campaigned for me to go home in the double tribal. Dana told me to save my idol nullifier, but my gut just SPOKE TO ME, I felt like I went to Heaven and God spoke to me. I knew that I just had to use it. Luckily, it paid off, and Livingston went and my friend Dana survived."
JIMMY: "10th- Im very sorry that this happened to you, if its any consolation I wanted you in this game because you were a great player and I knew I could have used you to make the moves I wanted to make."
JIMMY: "Livingston- Amanda (HvV)- has the wits to get out of a troubling scenario but was outgamed by the game and numbers."
NICK: "Livingston: David Murphy. You give me David Murphy vibes. You gonna give us a half murphy? :p"
NICK: "8. Livingston - A lot of the members of the majority really didn't respect you for some reason. It seemed to some people like you had pre-bias for higher ranked players."

Julian's Survivor: Macedonia - 2/18 - Runner-Up
0 Vote Finalist

BB's Survivor: Dasht El Kavir - 2/16 - Runner-Up
0 Vote Finalist

Survivor: Idle Bay Isle (11/18/18 - TBA)
WINNER: Zach26

Survivor: Taransay (TBA-TBA)

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