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9.2.09 - 9.2.12. 3 Years On Tengaged. Zomgz!

3rdFeb 8, 2012 by PrincessTeePee
imageItss the 9th now in the UK! :) And I'm aware, its hardly an accomplishment, more like a way of saying 'HEY TP, YOU HAVE NO LIFE!' but wth! SORRY FOR THE LONGNESSS :(

The time has flown since I joined, even though so much has changed in that time both on here, and in my personal life. I mean, one minute, I'm enjoying a rare night in first year of uni, and enrolling into a game, not knowing what the fook I'm doing, being introduced to spam, being shown how to play and what to do ... the next, I'm here, at home, armed with my degree, money issues up to my EYEBALLS, and jobhunting!

Things have really changed on here too ... fast games, more variety, not to mention Tengaged steadily morphing into Twitter with trending LOL! 2009 seemed so basic in comparison, but it wasn't, it was fun! The past few months, I've found to be less fun actually, but its the people that keep me coming back :)

The past year hasn't been ALL bad though, new friends, people coming and going, drama, rivalries, arguments... haha! Not to mention my first ever tengaged meet! :D I just wanna take the time now to mention some people: those who have made a particular impact on me THIS year, and those that have stuck by me since we met. NOT ALL OF YOU ARE TAGGED, can't fit everyone in, but I will try to mail those that aren't. :)

First, big love to the Skypettes! :D
Oleary91 ~ I've a feeling you will see this. 5 years this yr since I've known you :o mad! You're a great friend, even when we're disagreeing over every contestant in reality shows LOL. Team Tracey! Gutted I couldn't hear you on that call! & TY FOR THE BLOOOOG < 3!!!
BlueStar You keep it real, and I love that. You're good, you're bad, but you're never fake. Love gossipping with you when we do, and I know I can always rely on you. Stay blue - and stay real haha! Again, 5 years!
Alex1991 ~ You DO hate me, don't lie :p You're fun when you're drunk! Like with oleary though, we forever disagree on reality ppl! You are cool though :)
Jubbzy ~ Great groupgame host, and a great laugh!
AlphaBravo ~ I AM NOT PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE! Go to Revflex :p and yes ily, lovely guy:).
Cheznahuf ~ You do a great job of filling Jubbzy's TSC shoes :). Those word games on call had me crying with laughter too! Fab, hillarious guy, great to have around :')
Blogs ~ You always take the piss out of mee :( But I know you have a lovely soft side too, we get one another on many things :)
Zurks ~ We agree and disagree ALOTT haha, but its hard not to love you. You're a chatterbox with a big heart. :')
Banjo ~ Mistaken identity much LOL, but you're cool, a good laugh, and fun to talk music with!!
2cool4school welcome back! I look forward to your old randomness!!! < 3

And now, onto the Tuhtles, whom I also love dearly!
Rdesch1 ~ The last call :') Love how its always us on calls, being philosophical, or else disagreeing over something or other LOL. Always fun talking to you though :)
Dools ~ Miss you, you've become such a social butterfly lol! You're always so nice though, which is why I love you.
Jarst ~ 3someeee!! Misses those games, we so dominated haha. You're a hoot, so funny on calls, and you DO sound like abro! You're an amazing friend < 3
Pepper ~ The original call mole LOL, you're lovely :)
Danny ~ My fav memory of you was when you'd come back and tell me all the tales that the OC had been talking about me LOL...and hurricane TP XD. You're class, great Irishman!
Anberlin ~ The mother hen, a real pleasure to talk to < 3
Koolness234 ~ Miss you and your Sharapova :) Good memories of games with u in the past :')
dav_o_79 ~ You always want me to blog about multigifting LOLOL. I love you and your Doutzen. I'll always know when its the Victoria's Secret show with you around LOL!
Utsumi ~ Fellow drunk! Ily, never clicking ur linkies though!!
Willis ~ Big Willy, my lodger, you are such a laugh on calls! < 3
CocoaBean ~ A newer member, but I've known you agggesss're so funny and constantly sweet < 3
Finklestein123 ~ Known you for a while too...Our relationship as always been pretty out-there, but you're a sweetie once you get chatting. You're fearsome in games though :X!!!
TolisKalkas ~ Eurovision god LOL! Love you, your calls and your signs muchlyy < 3

Now to mention a few others, not in my usual groups, but have still made my time on tengaged enjoyable!
MrAlexD ~ Your vlog was amazing! We've not talked in a while, but I always enjoyed talking to/playing with you ... good ally, and someone to really trust! Hope all's good :)
DCsooner ~ Cool story bro, u mad bro? You always know how to cheer me up even with a umadbro loll! Our similar mindsets towards games and other things fascinate and scare me a little lol, but you are great :)
Disneygeek ~ LOVES YOU! No matter what people say about you, you still come back fighting, and I love that. We started out as bitter rivals, and now I see you as a loyal, incredible friend. Love you so much!
Tyboy618 ~ One of my newest friends, but your kindness and wit had me straight away. You have potential on here. Loves you!!
MattyBB9 ~ LOL we have had our ups and downs ... but over the past year, we've bonded and talked more. You're a great guy and a great player ... and you're the original LOLOL! You know what I mean :p. Takes a while to get you, but its worth it when you do :).
o_Elle_o ~ Our start was so rocky, but I'm so glad we moved past that, because you're honestly amazing. In some ways, you just remind me of me, you know how to stick up for yourself and not take shit. I can't thank you enough for helping me the other week, it meant alot, as well as helped put my mind into perspective lol. Best of luck with Mike, what you guys have is special :).
Clueliz ~ You are the nicest!! You're always caring about your friends and their wellbeing. Never really met anyone as selfless as you on here. You too helped me with tricky stuff, and for that I thank you. Everyone that hasn't had chance to speak to you yet, should! < 3

Also, kind of a special one. The_Domany. I miss you, not the game-you. I'm over what happened, so I don't really wanna go into it, but I accept that I did wrong. I hope we can be at least civil, if not friends again. I don't want us to snipe at the other, or make bad blogs here and there. Even if we don't talk again, I just wanna find common ground, so that we at least don't fight again. I hope life is treating you well.

Other shoutouts go too DinoM [another disagree-r :p], Etienne [Lovely!], Sokerdude [Miss you :(], Goul [Lovely chatty skyper, with a WICKED record!], Emmaleigh [Loves your edginess too, and yes OLD TENGAGED!lol < 3], ShadowBaller000 [NUMBERS HAAAAAAA!], Piddu [HP TOP YAY!], Aquamarine [lovess Johnny], JordanLloydFan [HERE you are!] Spamdizzle [LOL!], Minsikid [hope alls good, we were dramaliciousss at one time lol!], BBdamian [Besttt OC stars player!], Jm101 [HEIDY/POOLPARTY, GINGER BRIT! < 333], Dannyjr [so nice! Former stars mucker of mine :)], Rippyroo [your house is HUGE ok], Vikejk [I love your voice-of-reason-ness, you're great!] JMleahy [Loved that convo :)], Jennifer101 [Glad we're over our old drama!], Stokes and Faygo, HAAAAAAAAA!

Now, onto a few groupless, special ones for me :)
Computer3000 ~ Oh Jake, we've been very close ever since our stars. Our meet last year was more fun than I'd pictured any t-meet to be lol :p You're a great, loyal friend, and one I know I'll have for a long time, even after tengaged. I know how nutss you get at times, and sometimes you need a YELLING at, but overall, you mean no harm by it, and do back off when needed lol :') and isn't it a small world?!:O haha. Loves you :)

JesseM ~ FINALS WITH THE BACKSTABBAAAAA haha :p You are sometimes unbareable in games, which is why I don't play as much with you these days...I mean, pov you when I too am nommed?! COME ON NOW!! You're an amazing friend though, you don't deserve alot of the shite you get on here, but you take it all very well. TY for the rollercoaster :P and take me to HP world, or I'll hate you! :D You're amazing, so funny, and I hope we're friends for a long time!

And finally, well. I joined this site 3 years ago today, with no clue as to what to expect ... me to be here 3 years later? HAAA no. Friendships? Maybe, but ones I'd forget about. Most, I have not, as you see up there ^^^^. But on my first day, in my first game, that I'd enrolled in not knowing what I was doing, I got talking to someone. Well, ACTUALLY he was taking the piss out of my username LOOL. We played various other games after that first one, good and bad, but overall, developing a strong friendship. Had I not known that we met on the day I joined, I wouldn't know this at all, but today marks 3 years since I first met a certain Alegeeter. In a friend, Alex is anything you could wish for...he's funny, kind, considerate, and offers great advice. Over the past year, he and I have supported each other through various trickier times, away from tengaged.

Alex, I honestly love you. I love our chats, even if we don't talk for whateveramount of days, nothing changes. I love BEATING you in words/dice, and I WILL beat you in day! I love our calls ... and Adele'ing LOL! I love you for you, and know that we'll still be friends long after we depart this silly old site :'). < 3

Soo thats it, 3 years done! Idk if I'll stay another year..unlikely, but we;ll see. Thank you to everyone once again for making this whole experience on here the bizarre, yet brilliant one it has been, and may there be more laughs and dramas for now!

Embrace real life as much though. :)
~TP < 3

PS, anyone want to join a frookies/crookies, idk which yet, with me to mark the occiasion? :O It'll take place tomorrow night if it happens. :) and NO, I'm not gonna expect the win, dw!
OHHH YEAH and this is also my 2500th blog! :O woooo haha

Bigger pic:


go to bed
Sent by MickJagger,Feb 8, 2012
< 3333333333333333333
Sent by dmann,Feb 8, 2012

treand me so i can get a sponser!
Sent by koolmanmadden,Feb 8, 2012
Congrats x
Sent by KittyTheEmolga,Feb 8, 2012
wow done
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Feb 8, 2012
well dun xx
Sent by TheGoodMan,Feb 8, 2012
ughh I'll add more as ppl comment, MY MEMORY ISN'T THAT GOOD!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 8, 2012
Congrats :)
Sent by retsdir,Feb 8, 2012
Sent by oleary91,Feb 8, 2012
Congrats! :) PrincessTeePee
Sent by DianeRhea,Feb 8, 2012
awww :') I read it all! So sweeet! and IK I can always count on you too!
Happy 3 years but holy jesus I've known u 5! thats mental!!
< 3
Sent by BlueStar,Feb 8, 2012
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 8, 2012
we love you teepee
Sent by blogs,Feb 8, 2012
Congratulations princessteepee ily!!!! < 3
Sent by CocoaBean,Feb 8, 2012
Haha I appreciate the love. We have to start talking again lol You old as shit on tengaged tho. Grats on the milestone. Btw, we should play words again. You kicked my ass so bad last time! I've gotten better since I'm ready
Sent by DCSooner,Feb 8, 2012
And to think I joined that game to get votes for stars... who knew what would bloom with Princessteepee?
Happy 3rd, and, if there is no 4th on tengaged, there will be a 4th somewhere for sure! Love you.
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 8, 2012
:) !!!!
Sent by computer3000,Feb 8, 2012
Awww, it is a pleasure to know you.  Congrats and happy t-birthday < 3
Sent by Anberlin,Feb 8, 2012
PrincessTeePee - WE ARE YOUNG.
Sent by AlphaBravo,Feb 8, 2012
AlphaBravo Heartache on heartache, we stand! < 3
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 8, 2012
Aww thanks so much for everything you said
Im always here for you princessteepee :)
Sent by o_Elle_o,Feb 8, 2012
Sent by Jubbzy,Feb 8, 2012

happy anniversary TP, thanks for your kind words!
Sent by cheznahuf,Feb 8, 2012
yayyyyyy congrats :)
Sent by MattyBB9,Feb 8, 2012
Happy 3 years PrincessTeePee < 3
Sent by JesseM,Feb 8, 2012
:) < 3 princessteepee
Sent by finklestein123,Feb 8, 2012
Lovess you, you're the best! :')
Congrats on hitting the 3 year mark!
Sent by Zurks,Feb 8, 2012
congrats :)
Sent by Pattieilikefun,Feb 8, 2012
I am glad you are still here :)
You are one to always give an untainted opinion on any situation and I like having people here who "get" the old tengaged.
You are sweet, real, kind with an edge!
Sent by Emmaleigh,Feb 8, 2012
Gratz! :)
Sent by VoLcOmVaNs,Feb 8, 2012
grats gurl! I rather enjoy our calls whether we are debating or just talkin bout life.  ..s2..
Sent by rdesch1,Feb 8, 2012
loves you princessteepee and thanks for the shoutout, you are awesome Alicia :) < 3333333
Sent by Etienne,Feb 9, 2012
congrats alicia
Sent by ianfitz0012,Feb 9, 2012
< 33333333333333333333
Sent by ianfitz0012,Feb 9, 2012
again, loving your avi! LOL grats girl~
Sent by chicaaaa,Feb 9, 2012
Congrats teepee!!!
Sent by turney1805,Feb 9, 2012
congrats TP :)
♥ u :)
Sent by ashu_2002,Feb 9, 2012
Sent by 2cool4school,Feb 9, 2012
grats :)
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Feb 9, 2012
No mention? :(
Happy anniversary!!  Can't believe we made it 3 years :P
Sent by realitynerd,Feb 9, 2012
Grats (:
Sent by Lucinda,Feb 9, 2012
emmaleigh omg ikr!! I dislkie when these new kids think they know it all haha! Loves youu :)

ty everyonee, I'll put more names in soon as I forgot loads! blame my memory :p < 333
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 9, 2012
i miss you =[
one of my first friendsss < 3
Sent by smi9127,Feb 9, 2012
oh my wordddd! grats :P
Sent by egaga911,Feb 9, 2012
Omggg did you put my avi in that picture? :O
Sent by Zurks,Feb 9, 2012
congrats! :)
Sent by randomize,Feb 9, 2012
^ :O ^
Sent by 77sparks77,Feb 9, 2012
omg congrats TP < 3
Sent by supergoten,Feb 9, 2012
Sent by joe1110,Feb 9, 2012
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 9, 2012
No mention :(
Sent by capguy1,Feb 9, 2012
Sent by bibbles,Feb 9, 2012
grats girlie!!! crazy ots been 3 years already... i remember first joining... wow. my 3 yr anniversary is in like 2 days!! < 3
Sent by xxJaym,Feb 9, 2012
princessteepee its my 8 months today:)
Sent by mrkkkkyle,Feb 9, 2012
PrincessTeePee Congrats on the 3 years! Wow it has been a long time since we have talked. We need to catch up! Tanks for the sweet compliments! Ily :P
Sent by clueliz,Feb 9, 2012
Sent by andrewsloan35,Feb 9, 2012
Mines in look two months < 333
Grats Alicia < 3
Sent by torimarie,Feb 9, 2012
ilysm and congarts princessteepee < 3333
Sent by disneygeek,Feb 9, 2012
grats girlie :) Keep on being triumphant! :)
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Feb 9, 2012
Aw happy 3 years ♥
Sent by chameleoneyes,Feb 9, 2012

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