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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Jaym ♥

I'm only here to say hi --- and so I didn't turn into a skeleton :)

Stars 28 * 4th (1st ever "Newbie Stars"!)
Stars 30 * 1st Yay!
Stars 180 * 1st My "favourite" one, tbh (I've been encouraged to "embrace my inner brit" by Danny)

*1st person to win Stars as the Frat Seat winner - *Stars 180* (Frat = The Brits)

Dru ¤ my Tengaged Twin, The Winner of Jaym's Love Game, and my favorite "showmance" lol. We've been through tonnnss of stuff, both good and bad. Even though things didn't work out the way we thought they would, I'm happy to still consider you a friend :)

Anne ¤ It was awesome spending time with you in NY and going to see you in Virginia. So much fun with you always! I loved making up drinking games, seeing the area, our random shopping trips, taking walks/hikes, the Byrd Theatre. And thanks for introducing me to Joe Schmo!! hahaha. I have a feeling we will see eachother again soon :) <3

Dav ¤ Pack your bags, You're going home pal! LOL ly <3 Wish we coulda had more live feed dates this year... we always have next season though! I am sad I didn't get to meet you in England, but maybe someday! :)

Alex ¤ my love, the Jen to my Jess :) I wish we'd gotten to play BBO, obv Final 2. We def woulda kicked ass <3 I miss you! I'm so glad I got to meet you in Birmingham. Loved getting to shop with you and I hope someday we can plan a big ORGY meet up :) Love youu!!

Nikki ¤ OMG we're fuckin crazy... I have no other words to describe it. Good times at the Cidy Senner, the hotel and def the plane rides ;) haha. I'M FOCKIN FREEJZSHEN!! lol. I'll brb, I gotta cut my pants.. <3 Miss you :(

Eric ¤ My lil bro!! <3 Good times in Jersey, Mass, New York, Conn... the roller coaster pic is too cute! haha, I love that we have fun no matter what random thing we decide to do. Thanks for introducing me to Skype & tengaged, love ya!

..... Kirk | Ryan | Ben | Mikey .....
...Chrissy | Amber | Igor | Arsen...
...........(( love you guys ))...........

"xxJaym = Star on the rise
(You were almost the fucking queen on Tengaged not too long ago,
but then you chose to leave the site killing your popularity.
This time back you're a little diffrernet, less innnocent---more drunk.
We like it, the public likes it...keep it up!)"

"xxJaym - you genuinely are a classy woman"
^Well thanks Danny, you are quite classy urself mate! ;)

♥ The Lads (y) ♥
You guys make me laugh every single day. I'm surprised I've survived so many of the Lads "clean ups" haha. It's been fun and I'm hoping we can plan another meet up soon ;) "I'll just go on the rides." <3

♥ The Orgy! ♥
Love you guys tonnnsss! It's been pretty mellow round those parts lately. I do miss our BB UK chat during the day and then our sexy time at night ;)

As my friend llb92 would say:
Haters grab a seat _/

My Games 19 games played

21 Apr, 12
8 Apr, 10
2 Apr, 10
28 Mar, 10
22 Mar, 10
22 Mar, 10
20 Jul, 09

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