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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is MrAlexD

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Looking for quotes. Pm me something to put here.

"There are no quotes on your profile and never have been. If you're REALLY going to put any there, put this one there" -Zimdelinvasor

"Hello, my name is Never doing MrAlexD name on my pyn blog" -Evaa

MrAlexD ~ Our first game, you nommed me, our 2nd game, you nommed me...I ended up thinking, 'WTF, this guy hates me!!!! :'('Glad that we got to play survivor together and rectify those issues though. You're a great guy and gameplayer, and I think Tengaged can expect big things to come from you. You never get too phased, you just chill, and are honest ... Just stay away from my damn nominate button, it isnt a toy! :P <3 -PrincessTeePee

"MrAlexD, there are many ways to sum up your failures, but I think the best one is, of course my own one.. A wanker on a mission."

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High Scores:

Wof: 95600 points
Deal: 2,000,000

Look Tmod replied to my blog:

Attack by a noob:

Noob Stars Polls:

Nice Blog about me:

Stars 142: 11th donaam 44.9% MrAlexD 55.1%

Stars 158:
Nommed for 5th : MrAlexD 49.4% JUM40BUM40 50.6%
Evicted at 4th: Loowis 47.8% MrAlexD 52.2%

Stars 162: for 16th: Fredcrugar49.2%

Stars 174: for 16th sirbeastly 51.7%
MrAlexD 48.3%

for 5th: MrAlexD 44.8% BioDork 55.2%

Finals: 2nd Place: 31.6%

Stars 194:

My Time in the HOF:

Skype: Karateisalex
Click that:!/MrAlexD Veto link

My Games 187 games played

3 Jan, 13
3 Jan, 13
13 Sep, 12
1 Sep, 12
24 Aug, 12
28 Jul, 12
9 Jun, 12

My Blog Check my blog!

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  7. Sup, I met Dan Gheesling today. 14th
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  9. Leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow morning
  10. A bomb went off at the Boston Marathon
  11. Anyone remember BioDork?
  12. This is what happens when you voted for Obama
  13. I wish we could all get along
  14. I'm surprised he wasn't unbanned.
  15. Might be a good time to advertise DECA
  16. Unban him!
  17. This is the reaction I expected to finding out..
  18. Alright guys, lets just log out and go to..
  19. I think we know who to blame for this.
  20. Randomize I found a glitch.