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I’m Sorry, What?!

4thOct 7, 2023 by PrincessTeePee
imageI’ve just seen that this Felisha1 account is Peeps’ new one and if true, this profile info is concerning.

The middle line?! 😳

Peeps is in his 40s by now ffs, if this is you, how can you be this oblivious to the reason behind your previous bans? 😳😳😳


I will say that we don’t know FOR SURE and the way Nathan acted last night I kind of doubt that he would give peeps’ account away.

But yes definitely keep an eye out on all accounts cause he made it seem like he was actively on here
Sent by konohavillage1,Oct 7, 2023
Gosh he’s sick
Sent by Chic,Oct 7, 2023
I don’t think Felisha acts like Peeps. And the way Nathan said that Peeps’ new account is Felisha did not seem serious.
Sent by survivorfan12,Oct 7, 2023
bruh this can’t be true i’ll be so sad cause she was so funny in frooks
Sent by Vixens,Oct 7, 2023
Lmao busted
Sent by Harley,Oct 7, 2023
GUYS I AM HOPING it isn’t true, and that Felisha is a genuinely new person. If they are I am more than willing to extend an apology to them.

We’ve just had many past issues on here, that is all.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Oct 7, 2023
that account reeks of blackfishing anyway.
Sent by Amixoxi,Oct 8, 2023

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