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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Tengaged Angels.

1stNov 18, 2022 by PrincessTeePee
We love you all.

StarringAmy Trin87 Silas86 Brittyxx ladylizard Matt64 Allgood Capguy1 Princesskk Diva1. Sammyforeverr94 Matedog1209 [ @Jhaybiie / @Tweet ) myiel

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Keith especially was one of my closest friends and I still miss him. :(


Sent by Yandereboy12,Nov 18, 2022
god more people have died on TG than in my real life.
Sent by MargaretWilkins,Nov 18, 2022
Sent by Cecilia581,Nov 18, 2022
omg i had no idea about Trin 😢
Sent by Whoa,Nov 18, 2022
....wait... Jhaybiie died? Princesskk?????? I was aware of the others. So sad.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Nov 18, 2022
Oh my goodness I had no idea about some of these. Life is fragile.
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Nov 18, 2022
Omg Silas died? What the fuck
Sent by sosyomomma,Nov 18, 2022
Matedog/Nathan miss him 😢
Sent by VanitySmurf,Nov 18, 2022
I forgot about Matedog. Rest in piece
Sent by Terp05,Nov 18, 2022
Omg jhaybiie???
Sent by MmabatlokoaMolefe,Nov 18, 2022
I miss kels we had such talking to each other
Sent by broncman789,Nov 18, 2022
Sent by melissakhurry,Nov 18, 2022
What happened to Kels??

last thing I knew is she had a baby?
Sent by Harley,Nov 19, 2022
God the memories 😥
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Nov 19, 2022
RIP to all of them
Sent by systrix,Nov 19, 2022
Had no idea about most of these. :( Sorry about your friend Keith.
Sent by survivorfan12,Nov 19, 2022
Wait what the fuck happened to Kels???
Sent by BB5lover,Nov 19, 2022
starringamy was one of my first friends
Sent by Allison,Nov 19, 2022
I didn’t know about jhaybiie :( that’s so sad
Sent by smi9127,Nov 19, 2022
Maybe Im wrong but I kinda remember some drama about aquamarine? and someone else arguing after a girl passed away, Idk if she is on the list
Sent by bayonetta,Nov 19, 2022
bb5lover she didn’t die naturally or from her own intentions. If u want more info, pm me
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 19, 2022
bayonetta she is, that was princesskk.😔
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Nov 19, 2022
Wait... Diva1 DIED??!?!?! PrincessTeePee
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Nov 19, 2022
Sent by salmaan,Nov 19, 2022
rip yoshi :( Love you forever
Sent by Eaurea,Nov 19, 2022
WPWsers :(
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 28, 2023

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