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I Remember When

3rdJul 8, 2022 by PrincessTeePee
I first met lynn12 🙂

It was in a game of complete and utter fucking CHAOS 🤣 StandByMe was on it and if you know, you know. He was one of the biggest weirdos on here 🙄 anyway when I joined the game innocently, he assembled an alliance to join solely to take me out.. and won the first hoh wooo 🙄🤣 One of the alliance members was Vanessa and i remember appreciating so much how nice she was despite being unable to really work with me.

I fought until i could not, it was a struggle! But I hope V emerges stars victor, failing her, Dylan would be a good winner. 🙂


OMG That rooks was utter chaos no idea why standbyme wanted you out so badly!!
Sent by Lynn12,Jul 8, 2022
Sent by Graneceffect,Jul 8, 2022
StandByMe did not StandByYou
Sent by Jujubee,Jul 8, 2022
Alicia, I loved reading the words stand by me (I thought of the song I listened to tonight)
Sent by TDFan99,Jul 9, 2022
Jujubee he sure did NOT! The cheeky bastard had the gall to evict me in stars a few months after too despite saying he loved’ me, he was an oddball!

tdfan99 ooo great song!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jul 9, 2022

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