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'You do realise you just called me TP irl!'

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So Happy!vote Aug 19, 2022
I’ve passed my probation at work!! The future is looking bright 💗
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GL RTG!vote Aug 18, 2022
I’ve ummed and Ahhed and tbh I don’t think I’ll be playing. I won’t do that well anyway, but I have too much coming up in the next few weeks, and it’ll take more time and concentration than I can give to here.

Likewise, stars, if I want another one it’ll be at least next year if I even do. All of my weeks this year are now taken by work and/or travel. I need to work and want to travel!

I hope everyone that plays has fun though!

On another note, I’m seeing one particular annoying user on the blogs page daily who’s always blogging something negative. He even started on me the other night. If you don’t like people here, don’t log in, go out and enjoy the sun or something! 😂
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2 Weeks Today Aug 12, 2022
Until I’m
🤢32!🤢 (no I am NOT a hag!)

Whooo wants to do a bday blog! 🤣
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Am I The Most Unfun/Uptight User Here? Jul 30, 2022
I did not think this but according to BenjaminB I am?

I am shocked. 😢

Tbf I didn’t know he even existed until yesterday so fairs
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OK WHAT? Jul 9, 2022
Someone on here just PMd me saying I’m Under arrest and going to jail.

I replied saying I’m cool with this AANd I hope the dude arresting me has a massive truncheon at least. I’m sick of small ones!

🙄😏 Yoko_Homo.
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I Remember When Jul 8, 2022
I first met lynn12 🙂

It was in a game of complete and utter fucking CHAOS 🤣 StandByMe was on it and if you know, you know. He was one of the biggest weirdos on here 🙄 anyway when I joined the game innocently, he assembled an alliance to join solely to take me out.. and won the first hoh wooo 🙄🤣 One of the alliance members was Vanessa and i remember appreciating so much how nice she was despite being unable to really work with me.

I fought until i could not, it was a struggle! But I hope V emerges stars victor, failing her, Dylan would be a good winner. 🙂
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