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'You do realise you just called me TP irl!'

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🌟Stars🌟Support🌟 May 19, 2018
Obviously my fave JesseM! ❤️❤️❤️
And the lovely Bigbrotherlover7🧡
And the iconic af Lemjam6 and GentlemanG... yes you heard right! 💜💜
And TheLogic 💚 and Ametrine 💙

Good luck all! #stars 💛
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Je M’appelle ... Mercy. ☀️ May 14, 2018
Without fail the week after #Eurovision, the songs spin round my head on rotation. Currently it’s the French darlings, Madame Monsieur. Next it may be Rasmussen or AWS or Equinox or Elina Nechayeva 🎶🎶
Points: 27 3 comments
I’M NOT YOUR TOY May 12, 2018
Points: 49 3 comments
BBCAN May 11, 2018
Paras was my favourite since day 1 and I’m SO happy she won. Her social game was unrivalled, nobody was ever not happy to talk to her. Go girl! #bbcan6
Points: 45 2 comments
Post ANY Artist May 10, 2018
And I’ll tell you my favourite song by them :) special points if you post 80s artistes! 😃🎶
Rap isn’t my thing so unless mainstream I may not be able to help

danyyboy67 J Cole ~ Work Out
Majesty *PASS*, really sorry but I’ve never liked anything by CupcakKe
Darbe ~ she’s from the 10s! Carly Rae Jepsen ~ Cut To The Feeling
JSBReality ~ Michael Jackson ~ Will You Be There
Sameed27 ~ Migos ~ Walk It Talk It (they aren’t an artist I know a lot of though)
Masonx - Haven’t yet listened to a song of hers in full, I’ll come back to you on Loona.
colehausman271 - Diana Ross ~ Upside Down or Chain Reaction
#Sameed27 continued - Never heard anything by Lil Uzi Vert, I’ll get back to you there. Send something that isn’t rap pleaseee!
Alvino - Cardi B ~ is it cheating to say her feature in Finesse!
_Aria - Tinashe ~ Faded Love
#Sameed27 continued - Demi Lovato ~ Sorry not Sorry or Heart Attack
Jessijuliet - Billy Joel ~ WEDIDNTSTARTTHEFIREEEE!
Maxi1234 - Rita Ora ~ RIP
Dandoe - Vera Lynn ~ We’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know WHENNN!
Aerodynamics - Chainsmokers ~ Don’t Let Me Down
Matthew09 - Mariah Carey ~ All I Want for Christmas
zorbo678 - Twenty One Pilots ~ House of Gold
Diva1 - Huey Lewis and the News ~ If This Is It
Pimple - Dee Lite ~ She only had the one UK release, and it was pretty good ~ Groove is in the Heart
MrBird - Fleetwood Mac ~ It’s between Big Love, You Male Loving Fun, and Everywhere. Will go with Big Love. Love FM.
Jackyboy - Miley Cyrus ~ Wrecking Ball
Minie - J-Lo ~ Waiting for Tonight
QueenRosalina - Pat Benetar ~ Love is a Battlefield...or HITMEWITHYABESTSHOT! #FireAway
SneakyPete - Chicago ~ If You Leave Ne Now. And I must say that although ballads aren’t my go-to, that is arguably the greatest heartbreak song of all time for me. I absolutely love it!
Ari_ - Zayn ~ Dusk till Dawn. Ft queen Sia!
Hellomynameis347 - Elton John ~ and I GUESS that’s why they call it the blues...time on my hands could be time spent with you.
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I Could Have Fucking DIED Today May 9, 2018
Because one smartass in a convertible seemed to think traffic lights 🚦 yes, those things, didn’t apply to him 😠 he began to accelerate when I was crossing the road, even though it was my right to do so. My hand in the air stopped him..

He must have been in a rush though, my toes were barely on the pavement when he sped off, the lights still were on red.

Prick. Could have killed not only me but anyone else, himself included.
Points: 680 16 comments