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'You do realise you just called me TP irl!'

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There’s A Picvote Jan 25, 2022
In latest images on the home page that is giving me    ✨nostalgia✨. If you know me you’ll KNOW which one 😂 #AVIT
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imageThis happens a lot. He’s about as American as I am. Fuck right off!

Oh neggers. Rather than neg me, google the classic military widower scam. thanks!
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Lots Of Love Jan 17, 2022
To JonoB today. Carlena is always looking down on you proud. 💜

Thinking of everyone else too who met and/or was close to her.
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Anywayyyy Jan 15, 2022
I’m not going further into it as there is probably more to the story than what I know. Just remember, most people picked their names when they were children, and while accounts can be passed to other people, the usernames cannot be changed.

I remember there used to be this guy on here who had loads of names, one of which was ‘CervicalCancer’ which I thought was horrible and tasteless, but there you go.

I’d have changed from bloody ‘PrincessTeePee years ago if I could 😂

That’s just my take. I’m NOT racist and I’d always fight against actual racism. I’ve learned new things today that are not great!
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If I Could Turn Back Time Jan 7, 2022
imageIf I could find a way…

I’d take back ever MEETING a certain person on here let alone considering them one of my ‘best friends’, honestly. Ok they’re not Cher’s lyrics, but whatevs.

I don’t want sympathy and most of you don’t feel it anyway LOL which is understandable. We are all learning and growing. You think you know someone here but honestly, you probably never did at all, and the real them is sickening. I feel this.

I firmly believe I never enabled, protected or defended this person, certainly not in the way others did their friends, but I do admit to turning a blind eye when I shouldn’t have, and on many occasions I have apologised for this. It was wrong of me.

On the subject of another person, the head of another community, the things coming out about them are also pretty shocking. It hurts knowing victims were treated so haphazardly. Again, you think you know someone eh! Years do not always equal knowing and trusting fully.

I guess I wanted to put my thoughts down as it’s taken me a few days to process new information. I don’t consider myself a ‘victim’ and I don’t want sympathy. Maybe just forgiveness. I wish everyone well and I believe every victim of these creatures are so brave. 💜 I have zero communication with any of these people now plus all of the other predators and it will stay that way.
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Remember These Users? Dec 31, 2021
Edit; Banned/Removed, YESSS thanks mods!

Cgyflames, cgygayz, youallsuck, aintitfun, dustingate, now mollyharps? All the same person, the same typing/paragraphing style, the same quite intense accusations and dox threats. There were more but I’ve lost track.

Had some fascinating blatant lies that I wasn’t even aware of thrown at me from him this week! Also another common denominator is ‘your friend told me this about you’/‘my Skype call said this’/‘this person remembers when you did that!’ He will rig up some conveniently inactive user that supposedly told him rubbish about me lolol, every time. There is never proof or screenshots, and he goes all quiet if you aware ask him who HE is. He really thinks this strategy will get to me? lol.

This person will take the time out of their day to find out what you do and even more scarily, where you do it.

They make out they are living their best life, but nobody in their right mind would keep doing this for the best part of a decade. I barely even remember the original cgyflames user, that’s what’s funny.. we probably had some minor argument that I’ve forgotten completely about, yet every time he joins on a multi, he bee lines me, it’s .. flattering?

Can something be done though? brandonpinzu cheapcheep koolness234 I think it would benefit this person to be IP banned.

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