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⭐️Stars Support⭐️vote Feb 24, 2018
Harley and s73100 need to make f2, because I ❤️ them!

Good luck all. #stars
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Dolce Vita ~ My First Shop! Feb 23, 2018
So hi and WELCOME!! I've no idea what lies in store for me this week.

Few things to get out the way: I'm not competing...and nor am I gifting ;) I'm going to do what I've ALWAYS wanted to do if I got a shop, and host cheap, public sales. The prices will be 250T$ TOPS, as not to tread on competitor feet, could even be 200.

I've got a busy weekend ahead, so its unlikely I'll post before like Tuesday, but I really don't want Lazeric Halloween Petro SexGoddx @Whoeverelsedecidestocompete to worry. I know competing is really hard work, and as this is my first shop, I am VERY inexperienced as to what goes down, so you'd laugh me out anyways. I'd love to attempt it in the future with more time, but the time is not now. In any case, I am not really a devious person like that, I'm a woman of my word. And also I need designs :P

This is where I'm really scratching my head : to whom do I go to get permission? I am interested in Trishy, Icing, maybe Iscotty female designs, and would like to see work before I make a final decision. I already know 2/7 things I want but have other ideas too. Plus if anyone knows of any new DB hair - I'm open to posting one! I think _Aria holds permissions too soo a tag for you. All credits and thanks would be given!

As the posts are public and will be cheaper, I will be happy to show previews of what I post beforehand - I feel this will give people who are actually interested in the desings the chance to buy them, rather than spending money for the sake of it.

Thanks to those who offered to help gift too - I do have a new found respect for you, as 50T$ is quite steep to do it regularly. I don't blame those people who ask nicely for a gift in return!

Not sure what else to say, apart from here is the cracking banger that inspired the name <3
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9 Years Later Feb 23, 2018
I have a shop?!?! 😮🛍
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Are People Just Feb 18, 2018
Having charities for the sake of it now? There was a time when they were for actual milestones (anniversaries, birthdays, colours, x00th game) etc.

First hoh charities are great and I like what the CGG do.

But ‘220th game’ thats a new low wtf.

EDIT: I get that it’s perceived as ‘free money’. I’m from a time when those games were actually considered milestones that meant something more than ‘I’ll jist have a win for no real reason’. I guess I miss that?
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Poor Shannon 🙁 Feb 17, 2018
I hope Marissa goes home soon, the skanky bitch. Wouldn’t need an enemy if I had a ‘friend’ like her lol..
I’m happy with the new HOH 🙂 #cbbus

Edit 1: I didn’t think this would be a top blog???? lol.
Edit 2: yes I’m aware it’s a game but STILL!
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The Best Thing.. Feb 13, 2018
About last nights #cbbus was definitely the camera ‘nodding’ at Metta 🤣 and the duck fight. Ace!
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