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Stars Support Innit!

2ndApr 9, 2022 by PrincessTeePee
dorkishbarbi I mean duh? A legend of the game of stars! One day ours, promised in 2011 will happen 😇
mahogany I meant what I said! You are smart and intelligent and if I did not know you and our once-rivalry never existed, I know id have loved and been intrigued by your blogs. I hope our rivalry is over now as it’s tooo old… I am toooo ooold!
Like, ohhayyy Ohhayy! I enjoy your presence a lot.
Will KrisStory be made again? Or is the Story not over!
? Either way, Legend !
Panda13 legend of the older days!
Otaq took to stars etiquette very well, much better than most it get newer players of the game.
Temponeptune I don’t know if THIS is THE ONE, but my GOD I’ll be happy for you if it is. We fought once but then you loved my accent 🤣🤣 and all has been great since, yay! Bud omg you NEED TO FUCKING WIN!!!
LittleMix did we also meet from bad circumstances? Idk but regardless, you are lovely
Queenisha I’ve received nothing but respect from you, even at times when you were alone from your group to do so. Things like that never go unnoticed from me.
Galaxies im glad Fiona brought us together after initially not liking each other. You are cool!
MmabatlokoaMolefe I hate your username god Damn! But I am glad our shit stars lead to me meeting you! You make me laugh A lot and it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay mad at you lol!

If I didn’t say you, maybe I NEVER know where we stand, or you evicted me in a casting, you just remind me of someone else or you e said shitty things about me in the past. Who knows 👀 #stars


Sent by MmabatlokoaMolefe,Apr 9, 2022
I always like when people include writeups, they are fun to read!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Apr 9, 2022
hugs sm
Sent by temponeptune,Apr 9, 2022
Alicia <33333
Sent by panda13,Apr 9, 2022
This is like the whole cast Alicia lol.
Sent by VanitySmurf,Apr 9, 2022
ty sweet heart!
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Apr 9, 2022
you’re a doll <3
Sent by Otaq,Apr 9, 2022
Queen of supporting mr
Sent by KrisStory,Apr 9, 2022
Sent by ohhayy,Apr 9, 2022
Supporting a lot of them.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Apr 10, 2022
queen <3 it was nice meeting you earlier on the house chat! youve always supported me and that also doesnt go unnoticed <3
Sent by Queenisha,Apr 10, 2022
Sent by LittleMix,Apr 10, 2022

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