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penny's music taste ~ round 3 results

Dec 26, 2022 by PennyTrationStan
01. J2999
02. turkeylover
03. mathboy9
04. Alexeh23
05. QueenMichelle
06. oswordo3
07. selisic
08. varlto
09. nateclove
10. tbrown_47
11. FromAWindow
12. Slice
13. MISSimogen

hii how was everyone's christmas shut up i don't care


yall r SAFE. everyone else is top or bottom LETS GOO !

#varlto ~ mei semones - muchuu
it always pains me to give you any sort of praise bc u're kind of horrible inside and out but this is so cute.. sometimes it rly does take some bossanova instrumentation to swoon me and win me over. like i deffo could listen to this while head over heels over someone... i feel like it ends a little abruptly but it's deffinetly a serve.

#FromAWindow ~ nicole musoni - safe side
you know i had to check release dates on this bcuz this .. is screaming like ... 2012-2015 tinashe/kelela/rochelle jordan era like it sounds ripped right out of that time of alt-rnb.. like check out literally any song from in case we die by tinashe bc it's giving THIS down... but of course i rly like that soundscape so i'm eating here. yeah this is just super cunty n pretty i rly like this. the producer in me saw ur SAFE SAFE chart and knew u'd have a BTM or a TOP placement this week and i'm gladly u opted for the latter this week. again this is a serve

#QueenMichelle ~ tove lo - 2 die 4 jax jones midnight remix
this is a bop anddd a boppy remix but it rly pales in comparison to a lot of the songs sent this week. dry2wet wouldcvv probbly got u a high tbht but it's fine this is ur vulnerability moment

#turkeylover ~ myra - very first christmas love
happy birthday baby! don't read anything else of what im about to tell u. love ya! so i can tell u were very inspired by my critique this week and i deff am like okay.. it's cuuute it's a bit of a bawp but i feel like the cheap rnb production its like idkk i wanted to levitate more and i just didn't. i was expecting more from myra very first christmas love. but it's a cute funny bop, just not the send for this week i feel...

#mathboy9 ~ dannii minogue - all i wanna do
this is insanee timing bcuz i just found out ab this song like 2 days ago... IT'S SHOOO GOOD.the mv she looks c*nt in it with the blonde wig(?) the chorus is so like odmffg ethereal amzng this is pop music like wow. the production also sounds so great in 2022 like it's just good ass music, she ate smm

#tbrown_47 ~ x ambassadors - litrost
his is a little cute. i was bald to find out they made unsteady tht's such a trrble song but this is like.. it's cute but it also doesn't go anywhere. FIVE MINUTES?? i kind of hate his voice. a swing .. and a miss. but it's a litll decent

#Slice ~ human bloom - capillary
tht intro smacked me in the face and loopd me in. this is so cute and summery n lovestruck most definetly. just so pwetty not really doing a LOT but doing enough... is what i would say ab this until that outro whacked me in the face again ok... this is c*nt. the producers highkey lowkey u out of a HIGH last week so it's great to see u bounce back after tht kind of foolishness.

#MISSimogen ~ serpentwithfeet - bless ur heart
this is just .. magestic. so powerful so pretty his VOICE... his VOICEEEEE. it's also not something i would run to listen to unless i was rlly in a place of total lovestruckness. i just love this it's so good

#oswordo3 ~ allstar weekend - hey princess
while i appreciate u going for a diff take than everyone else this week, thissound isn’t rly my thing like AT all. but it was a funny listen. i feel like in a less crowded week u mightve gotten away w this but alas…


#varlto u'll never be good enough. u're SAFE with a HIGH placement.

#MISSimogen and #mathboy9... u guys are the winners of this challenge idkkidk i didnt want to do another handout 2 winners but this was definetly the closest race for the winning spot thus far and both of u deserved it so much this week.

#Slice and #FromAWindow yall slayd d too yll r SAFE.

#turkeylover and #QueenMichelle.. two previous winners and yll r both walking out with LOWWW placements this is ur vulnerability episode.

#tbrown_47................................. you're SAFE.

which means #oswordo3 sisterim sorry but it's ur time to go. thank u for playing! i am sad u didn't last a little while longer and it rly was a case of everybody outdoing u this week. hugs so much

in memorium i shall honor…

oswordo3's BEST SUBMISSION🙏🙏🙏🙏:
ciara ~ lookin' at you ~ week one

(a bop!)



Sent by turkeylover,Dec 26, 2022

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