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penny's music taste ~ round 1 results

Dec 14, 2022 by PennyTrationStan
01. J2999
02. turkeylover
03. mathboy9
04. Alexeh23
05. QueenMichelle
06. Times_Places
07. oswordo3
08. selisic
09. Booyahhayoob
10. varlto
11. nateclove
12. tbrown_47
13. FromAWindow
14. Slice
15. MISSimogen

HELLO my beautiful girls i have listnnd to everyone's songs and im rdyy for some fknn commentary

before we start though clap clap clap to most of u. i enjoyed myself throughout like rly every single song this week (apart from my btm3/4 if im bein g honest) u all rly brought it and thank u for celebrating me. but some of u brought it more/less than others soo...

first off...

u are all........ SAFE. like i said i thoroughly mostly enjoyed myself listening to ur songs and some of u were very close to the top. keep it up mawmas but also step it up for example turkeylover.

this means that everyone else tht i didn't call.. are the tops and bottoms of the week.

#J2999: ana moura - arraial triste
as a portuguese person .......... ........ ....... and yes i did say portuguese person (!!!). as a portuguese person, honestly i don't fw fado at all most of the times unless it's like very classic amália rodrigues type shit.. i just find the genre to be vry boring unless there's something interesting being done w it. and thiss is INTERESTING mami the interest is so there i love this woman she's so cunt the production is great she is just... mother in a lot of ways. also i had never seen the music video for this THE HERLANDER CAMEO? dad. anyways yes very solid choice

#Booyahhayoob: kelly clarkson - 'because of you'
this deffo brought a lot of memories back bc my s*ster used to hog this song all over karaoke nights and she would never shutupp like omg we get it  u can sing.. she's so bad anyways. i do like this song and think it is an effective ballad but compared to everything else tht was sent this just rang as an uninspired choice yk?

#mathboy9: Maki Goto - 'SOME BOYS! TOUCH'
there's nothing tht gets me going like mid00s cunty pussy kapoww jpop.. and this is exactly that. i've been meaning to check this woman out but none of her music is on spotify which fuck avex btw i fucking hate avex aevex can go d*e but before they die they need to put all their shit on STREAMING. specially this song bc this was so good.. i was gagged to find out this was a 2006 release bc i associate the soundscape of this sound w like the stuff that was coming out four five yrs later... i do think maki goto is a visionary and she created music in this sense. but yes i love this i am SO obsessed

#tbrown_47: deborah cox - september
i appreciate ur commitment to the september requirement. i like this! it's hazy, pretty and kinda drama. rly the only gripe i have with this, aside from it being almost five minutes long, is that it does pale to most of the entries sent this week. like very unmemorable compared to the caliber of songs sent this week.

#nateclove: cassie - 'long way 2 go'
i mean ... i have said multiple times i believe this to be one of the best songs of all time bc it truly is naur naur it is.. no one was doing this in fact no one else has ever done this only mother cassie ventura who i don't think gets enough respect for what she has done to the music industry and the culture at large. a BIT of an obvious choice but like .. cmon it's long way 2 go by cassie ..

#varlto: amber ais - 'pity party'
the way this started out sounding like a choices choose your story instrumental .. like that's so u in a sense. this is cute i think.. the lyrics are kinda bad .. it was giving julia michaels im just going to be vry honest. (derogatory but it goes w/o saying). it's cute soundwise though but yeah i don't think i'll b returning to this .....

#Slice: deize tigrona - 'bondage'
there's no way u could've known this but i did send this to a music league game w/ ppl in this very competition.. so if it had been one of those ppl i would have docked some points, but u didn't know which implies tht u're smart and hot and sexy like me bc this is also my fav off deize's discography. the way this goes offso severely i need to hear this live in the clubs. sooooo good

#QueenMichelle - virgen maria - 'hot'
obsessed with this and completely unironically too. i don't think i've ever dived into virgen maria's discog but this was just.. everything. so abstract so noisy it rly did felt this pussy disassociated and started levitating and doing somersaults around my room. breathtaking and rlyy gorgeous actually in the sense that

#Times_Places: - p!nk - 'so what'
bless ur heart. i don't like this song at all anymore hnestly i feel like society has progressed past the need for pink in a sense.. she made like a few cunty serves in her very very early career but then she just started doing auntie gentrified music like what happened to the arts versus the charts.. but yeah this is not my cup of tea at awll eww smelly i fear



...congratulations u are BOTH winners darlings. i truly couldn’t decide which one of these i liked best so u are both taking that blue WIN placement and going. clap clap clap

this means J2999, nateclove and Slice.. u are all safe.

as for the bottom 2 well…

Times_Places, i’m sorry my darling but u have been ELIMINATED. fly high sister.

this means tbrown_47, varlto and booyahhayoob are walking out of this week w a  LOW, LOW and BTM2 placements respectively.

and that was the show omg! stay tuned for round 2 im literally about to post it



Sent by nateclove,Dec 14, 2022
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 14, 2022

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