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penny's music taste ~ round 2 results

Dec 18, 2022 by PennyTrationStan
01. J2999
02. turkeylover
03. mathboy9
04. Alexeh23
05. QueenMichelle
06. oswordo3
07. selisic
08. Booyahhayoob
09. varlto
10. nateclove
11. tbrown_47
12. FromAWindow
13. Slice
14. MISSimogen

welcome back everyone! after a century all of u sent ur submissions and i cannot thank u enough. bc of this i get to steal each of ur characters for my netflix pilot screenplay! thank u all so much! as a reward, penny’s music taste is officially back in session, so let’s get to results!

the following…

are SAFE for this week. some of u did rly well, some of u were cute!

anyways, everyone else is the TOPS and or BOTTOMS of the week.

#tbrown_47 ~ the comet is coming - summon the fire
i had a feeling as soon as u posted this that this would be the most tbrown slay.. i had this feeling.. and yet it still managed to blow me away. this is so good! there's something kinda psychedelic and manic ab this that i felt totally matched the character traits u applied to the basan. i also liked the touch of this being an instrumental bc the character is mute, it's the little things that count! great job this week, more of this pls!

#varlto ~ judeline - en el cielo
i'll be honest ... ur creative writing left a lot to be desired comparatively speaking, but i get tht ur not a writer. truly ur placement this week relies on the song itself. call me simple but sometimes it does only take me a soft spoken girl w/autotune singing in my ears over the most gorjj reggaeton instrumental ever... this is just so pretty i can't pretend that i'm not stanning this... my fav off of what i've heard from her actually. as for ur character she's definetly not surviving the first three episodes of ghoul school the musical the series but if this is her soundtrack.. i'm inclined to stan. the judit of ghoul school omg maybe i do see it for her.. yes...

#J2999 ~ rouss, bélen aguilera - locx
this started out a little pretty i was excited... i honestly do love pegasuses(is tht the plural form? i cba searching) so obv i wanted to stan.. but i just couldn't rly get into this. honestly belen did drag it down i don't rly like her voice w/ the production i'd rather if it was just dad rouss.. the production itself is kinda weird. overall not baaaaad but definetly paled in comparison to everything else this week.

#MISSimogen ~ rada - tightrope
first off ... she's absolutely gorgeous...  literally a potential mother. i was so excited to listen to this after reading ur sublime description and .. omg? im a bit blown away. i loveeeee this. the cloud rap influences on this it's so.. angelic and prtyy and addictive.. i could see myself looping this in the future. REALLY love this, great job this week

#Alexeh23 ~ lingua ignota - may failure be your noose
honestly the creature u chose for this (the onyro) is so good conceptwise that i was rly excited to see if anyone would send for this so im happy someone did! creative writing definetly is ur passion, and while the image of addison rae being visualized in my brain as i listened to this definetly gave this an extra bonus point in my book subconsciously, this is so c*nt regardless. the outro where everyone picks up and erupts like.. that's real music.

#oswordo3 ~ amy stroup - in the shadows
this just wasn't my thing at all i fear. i wasn't really keen on her voice and the instrumental did remind me of TOWN OF SALEM MUSIC .. which is always a plus in my book.. but other than that i felt like this dragged. not ur best showing me fears

#turkeylover ~ no secrets - that’s what girls do
this is so good bitch... this is SO good. the song is solid on its own but the way u connected it to the empusa absolutely sent me this is such a funny idea in my head. like im visualizing the ghoul school netflix pilot in my head where she steps out of the ghoul school train as she slomo walks out, her endless copper legs entering frame as the line "you ask me why i need 32 pairs of shoes to wear" ..... perfect execution of the theme. i'm so bald by this. u're that girl i KNEW u were. keep it up mami

#Booyahhayoob ~ within temptation - a demon’s fate
i rly appreciate u sticking through the competition!! that's the spirit. although if im being honest i rly didn't like this. i do think it fit w/ what u were going with as for ur character but genrewise this is rly not my thing:( just couldn't get into this at all

the top 2 submissions both had me gagged for diff reasons but at the end of the day i didn’t want to pick between them so …

#MISSimogen and #turkeylover, two chicken dinners! congratulations u’re both the winners of this week.

#tbrown_47, #Alexeh23 and … #varlto … u are safe. with high placements! guaoo!

as for the bottom 3…

#Booyahhayoob, i’m sorry my dear but u have been ELIMINATED. thanks for playing! fly high sister.

in memorium i shall honor…

Booyahhayoob’s BEST SUBMISSION🙏🙏🙏🙏:
kelly clarkson ~ because of you ~ week one

round 3 will be posted shortly!



Sent by nateclove,Dec 18, 2022
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 18, 2022
Slay! Did I just Google "songs about shadows" and pick the first one? Yes.
Sent by oswordo3,Dec 18, 2022
YASSSSSSSSSS sharing wins w my sistor
Sent by MISSimogen,Dec 18, 2022
Sent by selisic,Dec 18, 2022

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