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penny's music taste ~ round 2 ~ ghoul school: the musical: the series

Dec 14, 2022 by PennyTrationStan
01. J2999 ✔️
02. turkeylover ✔️
03. mathboy9
04. Alexeh23 ✔️
05. QueenMichelle ✔️
06. oswordo3
07. selisic
08. Booyahhayoob ✔️
09. varlto ✔️
10. nateclove ✔️
11. tbrown_47 ✔️
12. FromAWindow ✔️
13. Slice ✔️
14. MISSimogen ✔️

hello my top 14 congratulations to surviving one (1) round of music taste!! unfortunately i am announcing that this is the end of penny’s music taste. thank u all for playing! this has been a very formative experience.


instead i am setting my sights on netflix dark musical teen drama pilot featuring undead mythological legendary creatures as main characters, and since u’re all here maybe yall canhelp a girl out!

so here’s the assignment for this week, i want u to pick one of the following:
and select a song that u feel invokes the type of legendary creature u have chosen. u can then create a character (give miss girl a name) and give me like three lines of what she’s about besides her species.

like for example, my girl’s name is beth. she is a mongolian death worm. she’s an erasmus student, she takes no sh*t from anyone and her big secret is she has an inner thigh mole. (then i send a song emblematic of beth)

so yes it’s time to get all those creative juices flowing!! two things ab this week though:
→ u cannot pick the same character type as someone else. these are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE bases so if u wanna be a Ichthyocentaur but someone else has already picked an Ichthyocentaurs it really is lights out for u as u cannot pick an Ichthyocentaur anymore.
→ go all out mawma, that wikipedia list i linked is incredibly EXTENSIVE and u can literally be anything. im just saying picking like vampire and sending maneater by nelly furtado will not get u anything but a SAFE and an eyeroll from moi at best. let’s get researching

happy creative researching + writing + song sending!! ddl is like 48-72 hours again idrc i’ll close this when everyone else has sent wdrgaf here

SPECIES TAKEN ie u cannot use them mawma (11/14):
-> cupid (#MISSimogen)
-> onryō (#Alexeh23)
-> demon (#Booyahhayoob)
-> basan (#tbrown_47)
-> siren (#FromAWindow)
-> rokurokubi (#QueenMichelle)
-> skin walker (#Slice)
-> angel (#varlto)
-> pegasus (#J2999)
-> empusa (#turkeylover)
-> succubus (#nateclove)


amyee-lynne chardonné-anne michaels. she is cupid - in classical mythology, cupid is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. she is the ULTIMATE pick me girl. she sees a caucasian man and she WANTS him warts and all... she will be anybody's discord kitten. she counts down from 3 to play netflix at the same time as her boyfriend that lives 500+ miles away. she is a slut but still a v*rgin. she is dependent on men. the only way she thinks her life is worth living is if she is in a relationship. she is not a feminist. she thinks women should be seen and not heard. she writes songs about how men treat her horribly and how upset she was over it like a FREAK.
Sent by MISSimogen,Dec 14, 2022
every netflix dark musical teen drama needs a cunty villain that ppl care more abt than any of the main characters! introducing kathy azima, addison rae's most challenging role to date (she wrote the song btw), an onryō here to fuck shit UP and belt out the occasional showtune along the way. onryō are a type of ghost believed to be capable of causing harm in the world of the living, injuring or killing enemies, or even causing NATURAL DISASTERS!!! to exact vengeance to "redress" the wrongs it received while alive. they are often depicted as wronged women, and oh that's what kathy azima is.

this song is both lyrically and sonically representative of kathy's arc in ghoul school: the musical: the series. while her vengeance on the world that wronged her so begins with merely injuring mostly unnamed side characters attending the school, it rapidly escalates across the series to MURDER and ultimately... echoing the 2:42+ eruption of the song with an explosive cgi fire-earthquake-famine hybrid that leaves the cast shaken up as fuck.

personality wise she really likes cats!
Sent by Alexeh23,Dec 14, 2022
Honestly I only technically joined by making fun of Nevra (I’ve also never heard of literally any of the other artists besides T_P’s) but I’ll be nice and use for demon, both because it’s literally in the name of the song and call him Lucy; Lucy wants the world to burn because he knows that’s his fate, and if he fell from grace, he’s definitely gonna make sure everyone else will too.
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Dec 14, 2022
You ever hear the phrase "running like a chicken without its head"...well that is Hayate Takahashi the Basan. He's frantic, anxious, impulsive, and bad at making decisions. But despite, his flaws he's very loyal and protective of his friends and appreciates them for putting up with his messiness. Also, he's mute and can't talk. But he can breathe fire! And since he's mute, he's obviously going to represented by a song with no lyrics (yassssss) but the song still represents his frantic and kind of chaotic nature

Sent by tbrown_47,Dec 14, 2022
I’m choosing the Siren creature from Greek and Russian mythology bc that’s one of my favorite Greek myths yassss. Basically sirens are woman headed vultures who lured and entranced sailors from their ships with their beautiful songs to eat them.

Sarai Syren may seem just like all the other sirens, but she’s got a big secret!!! She’s secretly a girl who loves the PARTY!!! as she tries to make all her songs for her sailors sound like a dark and entrancing rave that they want to dance, trip on acid and the like at before she eats them!! In between her necessary shifts at the island of eating men, she’s been studying business and she soon hopes to use her alluring voice and sales prowess to open the island and worlds first death rave!!! Join her in her song, in which the chorus is just her gorgeously haunting voice, and try not to become her next victim while listening!

Sent by FromAWindow,Dec 14, 2022
theres a new gworl in town and she gives good head.. her name is ROKSY and shes a ROKUROKUBI.. which is essentially a japanese apparition whose neck stretches 2 unimaginable lengths… her slay..

she is a nosy arse c*nt.. on her first day in ghoul school she extended her neck from the first floor 2 the third floor to peek on mrs pennington and mr fauvel getting it on in the janitors closet.. shes also a lesbian and when she asked one of the ichythshshudjcentaurs to prom she manipulated her neck to say ‘prom pleathe’ and HER DATE SAID YES!!! netflix wouldve cancelled her live action series abt her life after season 1 but we move..

ANYWAY the relevance to the song.. well.. i imagine this to be her cunty soundtrack that plays as she cracks her neck and it expands with dramatic camera angles and what not

Sent by QueenMichelle,Dec 15, 2022

haseya (navajo, meaning "she rises") deschenie is a skin walker. she appears to be the most normal and vulnerable during the day while at school, but at night is by far one of the most dangerous. she utilizes her meek appearance and femininity to get away with organizing a crime syndicate and transforms into her monstrous animal form to intimidate and punish those who stand in her way. one look at her could lead people to make incorrect assumptions and find themselves in danger; she might not look like it, but bitch, she is the man.
Sent by PennyTrationStan,Dec 15, 2022

im not good at writing miss judeline is an angel BUT she has been stranded to EARTH!!

Cuando abran las puertas del cielo, allí es que me quiero morir
Cuando abran las puertas del cielo, allí es que me espero morir

so shes waiting to die cause she KNOWS she doesnt belong to earth !!

Yo vengo del cielo y es que allí quiero morir

so this is a rly sad story about judeline being an angel but waiting to go back to her house in the sky !!!
Sent by varlto,Dec 16, 2022
it's kinda basic but PEGASUS !!!!

the song has like numerous mentions to horses, and some of the music is like... angelic and just calm and peaceful and pleasant and just... is pegasus? you get me?>

'I always end up eating the coconut
Like a horse runs amok (I run amok)'

like if that dont make u think of pegasus idk what will

and like Pegasus linked to that king Zeus, and what was Zeus? he was kinda crazy !!! love him !!! so like the mentions of being crazy at the power of such a leader with control over them... yeah this is a perfecto link to Pegasus.
Sent by J2999,Dec 16, 2022
introducing the latest addition to the ghoul school lineup, emma! she’s an empusa, which is a shapeshifting female being in greek mythology!! she has a cooper leg, several kinds of feet, and she feeds on men!! wow girlboss!!

but in this modern retelling, she’s a shapeshifting trans woman, whose big feet is one of her biggest insecurities and she just wants to be seen as a woman !! she still feeds on men and stuff because that’s what girls do yk

Sent by turkeylover,Dec 16, 2022
our girl Baddie McPhee is a succubus running for president. She uses her succubus powers to compel dumb straight men to vote for her. She has been known to seduce her opponents and give them some pum pum which makes them become subservient to her.
Sent by nateclove,Dec 16, 2022
actually I switch to this bc I don't want to risk being called a gamebot
Sent by nateclove,Dec 16, 2022
Fiura is a creature in chilean mythology who is basically ugly as fuck, miserable, and breaks the limbs of everybody she makes eye contact with:

her daughter Flora is new at ghoul school and looks to reverse the reputation that her family has around town. she's a sweet, shy girl who is hideously ugly like her mother but she tries her best to stay positive and uplift her fellow students. she's that one character that you feel bad for because she gets bullied but then she has an episode dedicated to her where she has a redemption arc. she listens to this song every morning to remind herself that she is worthy despite everyone who calls her ugly at school:
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 17, 2022

My ghoul is Shiloh the shadow person. She is always lurking around, camouflaged in with the darkness. She is a bit of a shy girl who observes more than she actually participates in groups
Sent by oswordo3,Dec 17, 2022
Our main character Chikako Kitsune is based off a nine tailed fox named Kitsune are foxes that possess paranormal abilities that increase as they get older and wiser. According to yōkai folklore, all foxes have the ability to shapeshift into human form.

In this Netflix Japanese hit, Chiakako is a Japanese schoolgirl trying to live a normal life.

"It all started when she had her first crush on her senior, and he had said yes to her invitation to go out with him. It was only a small kiss, but it still counts as a confession since then. The next time their lips touched, Chika felt a spark within her chest and her heart began beating faster than before. That spark evolved into more than butterflies in her stomach, and that is how she came to be as what she is today." To be continue!

"MEGITSUNE" what translates to Vixen is what Chikako is a female fox trying to figure her life out.
Sent by selisic,Dec 17, 2022

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