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penny's music taste ~ round 4 results

Jan 2, 2023 by PennyTrationStan
01. J2999
02. turkeylover
03. mathboy9
04. Alexeh23
05. QueenMichelle
06. selisic
07. varlto
08. nateclove
09. tbrown_47
10. FromAWindow
11. Slice
12. MISSimogen

ok hi so b4 we get to results… i just wanna say that this will be a NON ELIM week. this was deffo the worst week sof ar but that’s also probably and most definitely bcuz i made this a v hard theme for everyone and thus we got a lot of SHITTERS. my bad. moving forward i promise to make themes less esoteric n focus more on what everyone is listening

that said we’re still having tops and bottoms so THE FOLLOWING


are SAFE! wow.

#J2999 - slovenian woman i cba copy pasting her name
hoenstly this song was kinda bad but i rly do stan this woman. i know she has to have a slay in her arsenal bcuz her trailing along the slovenian palaces and florests rly made me so jolly she's kind of a star! shame ab the song but like queen!

#turkeylover - laiyan - natasha noorani
i was bored sorry but like love u omg hru bb

#Alexeh23 - becky g - teen in the city (simlish)
this is oobvviously very dated but it's also very 3008 i love u becky g i love this simlish queen#yas amazing interpretation of the theme

#nateclove - 0415b - uncertainty principle
this is rly nice i like it! im a rock chick who likes to rock out

#mathboy9 - akini jing - blessing
this is rly good too OMG. i feel like ive stumbled upon this album cover b4 idk i wanted to hear it but i forgot ab it... this has deffo given me an incentive to listen to it though. very very good althroughout buitl usper well oh bitch ! oh mein gott ! wow!

#FromAWindow - heleza, an-marlen - igavesti
this is ok. it's very flat to me idk i know they do make some goodass music in estonia but this is just so unsalted. where is the flavorr. hm. it's a little cute here and there but idk this felt so boring to me regarding the genre

#varlto - julieta - ens besem
oh... my god..... OMG..... OH MY GODDDD.... this is so [bad] what the hell?t his jersey club ethereal divine siren calling outto the ships [terrible song]. oh my god. varlto idk whats gotten into u since ur week 1 entry but please stop sending music this [bad]! omg!

#tbrown_47 - ommy dimpoz, vanessa mdee - me and you
girlll this was c*nt but also check the title mammi it says no over 50k sogns allowed!:( however bcuz this theme was kinda arse i am allowing for it. u will b walking out w/ a bottom placement for not conforming to the rules but also this is a bop soidk


#varlto, congratulations. u are the WINNER of this week. no words

#mathboy9, #alexeh23 and #nateclove yall get highs n stuf fyay wow cool

#turkeylover and #J2999 yall get low like omg step it up girls plzz! thanks

#fromawindow and #tbrown_47 land in the bottom but like i saidddd this is a non elim. next round, however, isn’t! stay tuned! 🙂


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