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penny's music taste ~ round 1 ~ all about ME!

Dec 11, 2022 by PennyTrationStan
01. J2999 โœ…
02. turkeylover โœ…
03. mathboy9 โœ…
04. Alexeh23 โœ…
05. QueenMichelle โœ…
06. Times_Places โœ…
07. oswordo3 โœ…
08. selisic โœ…
09. Booyahhayoob โœ…
10. varlto โœ…
11. nateclove โœ…
12. tbrown_47 โœ…
13. FromAWindow โœ…
14. Slice โœ…
15. MISSimogen โœ…

welcome my 13 (edited to add: FIFTEEN*) beautiful beautiful girls of penny's music taste i hope u'r all rdy for the BEST experience of ur lives!!!

now for our debut round of this contest, i think it's time we first get to know ourselves... and by ourselves i mean ME! so here are some pointers!

-> my name is penny! don't ask me about my government name! WOW!
-> i was born in 2004! WOW!
-> i was born in september! WOW!
-> i was born in PORTUGAL (allegedly)! WOW!
-> my star sign is VIRGO! WOOOW!
-> im 5ft8 #middling

why am i bringing all this up on the INTERNET? well this is YOUR challenge for this first week. in a form to celebrate ME, your song for this round must fit AT LEAST **ONE** of these six requirements:

-> song released in 2004
-> song released in september/artist born in september (doesn't matter which year)
-> artist is from portugal
-> song is in portuguese (not exclusive to european portuguese)
-> artist is a virgo
-> artist is 5ft8

i assure u this is easier than it seems! now let's do some research mami. and a word of advice - pls don't be boring w ur sends! boring ppl r lame!>:((

let the games begin! yall have 24 hours until i forget ab this for the next day then u have 48 hours. idk


also when u post ur song pls write down which requirement does ur song fit to save me the trouble from actually looking up the song THANK U
Sent by PennyTrationStan,Dec 11, 2022
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 11, 2022
it's giving one truth two lies

-> i was born in september! WOW!
-> i was born in PORTUGAL (allegedly)! WOW!
Sent by J2999,Dec 11, 2022

Album came out in 04 so it counts fight me
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Dec 11, 2022
Oh no i didnt know this was a thing omg I wanna cry
Sent by NewNightmare7,Dec 11, 2022

-> song is in portuguese (not exclusive to european portuguese)
-> artist is 5ft8
Sent by Alexeh23,Dec 11, 2022
Song is in Portuguese. WOW!

Sent by FromAWindow,Dec 11, 2022
Sent by oswordo3,Dec 11, 2022
this song was released in 2004 ^
Sent by oswordo3,Dec 11, 2022
from an album released in September! and the song is also called September! Wow!

Sent by tbrown_47,Dec 11, 2022
september release yas
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 12, 2022
Ana Moura is portuguese asf

Sent by J2999,Dec 12, 2022
this song is so magnetising to me !!!! released in September :))))
Sent by MISSimogen,Dec 12, 2022
released in september!
Sent by nateclove,Dec 12, 2022
maki goto was born in september

Sent by mathboy9,Dec 12, 2022
Pink is Virgo
Sent by Times_Places,Dec 13, 2022

Sent by varlto,Dec 13, 2022
virgo MUTHER. shes fucking hot
Sent by QueenMichelle,Dec 13, 2022

Sent by PennyTrationStan,Dec 13, 2022

Sent by PennyTrationStan,Dec 14, 2022

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