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penny's music taste ~ round 5 results

Feb 3, 2023 by PennyTrationStan
01. J2999
02. turkeylover
03. mathboy9
04. Alexeh23
05. QueenMichelle
06. selisic
07. varlto
08. nateclove
09. tbrown_47
10. FromAWindow
11. Slice
12. MISSimogen

hii this isn't dead who moved!!

let's cut to it evrrybody sent a song and we have a double elim so THE FOLLOWING...

are SAFE for thisweek congratulations anyways

#queenmichelle ~ lizz - 'la puteria'
no bcuz this is such a full circle moment bc i intended to send this very same song to ur song contest... and knowing this was a genuine find of urs like OMG. like we're so connected.. no but this song rly is so good. a classic in the making one of those like OMG... moments... real music.

#selisic ~ mollie king - 'hair down'
ii mean this is a camp classic.. but a absolute must have for ur rager playlist idtt sorry gworl.. specially compared to how good the songs this week were ur submission sticks out. but im still going to be going NANANAA with the gworls when thiscomes on.

#tbrown_47 ~ tinashe - '2on'
one thing ab me im gonna always stant inashe that's my GWORL even when she's doing some dumbass sh*t im always going to be on her side to defend her bc thats my mama. however i do not think this was a good choice for a ragrr playlist like  this song is GOOD don't get me wrong.. but this dj mustard beat wasn't gonna do me in a week like this.

#fromawindow ~ wednesday campanella - 'hot pot commander'
love this girl and how her music is just throwing everything to the wall and seeing what sticks. no but this rly had me bald like imagine this playing in a club setting YASSSS. only prob w it is that it's WAY too short mooma. need the 5 minute extendededit metinks!

#slice ~ chase icon - 'bang (my body)'
i mean a good ass well exctued song is a well good ass executed songg. the ayesha wig rly does fit her so well the way this goes orrfff. good ass song yes !

anyways .-....

the winner of this weeks challenge is...

and #selisic and #tbrown_47 have been eliminated. i love each of u veryry much but this was a strongg arse week!!:kiss:



at least it isn’t a low
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 3, 2023

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