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thoughts on natalia kills

Oct 4, 2023 by PennyTrationStan
imageupon being struck with this ai generated picture of natalia kills winning a grammy, i thought to myself. did she deserve to die for calling that fat man in a suit a ''''''''''doppelganger'''''''''' on some x factor variation show no one watched? or even if she didn't, was she ever that talented and original of a popstar to begin with? should her music be celebrated? is there any originality behind natalia kills? and even if there isn't, does that matter? did her pre debut era as hood unnie verbalicious kinda outsell the rest of her discography? and in 2023 does her music have any lasting power? discuss .


the pic????????/
Sent by turkeylover,Oct 4, 2023
she needs her name cleared asap. she wrote trouble so i can forgive her
Sent by Jengaged,Oct 4, 2023

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