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48 BrainJak, Nov 13, 2016

And I will tell you how you would do in a Real Life Hunger Games! (This is just for fun)
#QueenMichelle 7th
You made tons of friends and had a good strong alliance, but one of the weaker members grew afraid of going further with you guys and so slew the rest of your alliance as you slept. He died shortly thereafter and a Career from D1 won your Games.
#iYBF 10th
You barely survived the Bloodbath with your District Partner, but were found only a few days later by the Careers. You managed to escape but your partner died, and you were killed the next morning. A Career from D2 won your Games.
#islandsurvivor 3rd
As a Career from District 4 you were a force to be reconned with and one of the best fighters. But, after you lost your District Partner in a Mutt attack the other Careers turned on you. You still took both District 1 Careers down with you, and injured one of the District 2 Careers. A District 8 Tribute won your Games.
#TDBigBrotherLover112 6th
You focused on Survival training during training, and so stayed hidden in the jungle while others starved and dehydrated. You were killed by mutts only a few days before the Finale. A District 7 Tribute won your Games.
#hellocat 1st
You were cruel and merciless inside the Arena. Your Allies feared you more than your enemies. Using a pair of tomahawks you cut down anyone who attacked you or spoke out against you. In the end, your District 2 Partner tried to kill you, so you slowly chopped him into pieces for the Capitol's Delight, making you the Victor of your Games.
#DumbGinger 15th
You ran into the Cornucopia during the Bloodbath only to be stabbed to death. A Career from D2 won your Games. (I so badly wanted to make you the D8 girl from The Hunger Games because of your Username LOL)
#Manniboi 5th
You were an inteligent Tribute who made a buttload of traps all over the area you hid away in. You managed to kill two Tributes with them and so built up your supplies. The Careers found you after one of their group fell into a pit you designed. You were killed, but only one of the four remaining Careers would make it out of your "death traps." That Career from D1 would win the Games.
#Steven999 2nd
You joined the Career pack as its outside member from District 10. Once it was down to the Final 7 the five remaining Careers turned on one another in a giant bloody brawl. Rather than participate, you ran off. The D1 Careers survived and hunted you and the Final Tribute from D6. Eventually you were all forced back to the Cornucopia where you killed the final Career, only to be killed by the District 6 Tribute.
#1Swampy8 5th
You were a beast in the Bloodbath. You killed a Career and two others before you were stabbed in the arm, forcing you to retreat. Afterwards you wound up getting a lot of Sponsor Items. You allied with a D9 Tribute and together you killed most of the Careers, but as you slept one night the final Career slit your throats in an act of desperation. A..


I love how Natalie's

5 lassidoggy, Aug 19, 2016

neck injury miraculously healed itself for the HoH comp but went right back to hurting right after it happened.
Like, Natalie maybe could just be a whiny lying bitch, but nah


I hope

2 TheEmpress, Jul 18, 2016

#QueenMichelle saves Da' like she saved Tiff.
Da' deserves jury.


Seriously..... (PIC)

3 top20fan33, Jul 18, 2016

#QueenMichelle gets no credit


Corey just said "Paulie has a little..

1 top20fan33, Jul 18, 2016

Also Michelle just secured Nicoreys vote to keep day in the game!!!!


No title

0 ForYouSelena, Jul 14, 2016

7:37AM James to Corey discussing sleeping habits of Michelle. She tosses and turns, wraps herself up in a cocoon, throws pillows off bed. - Scott3325 #QueenMichelle #QueenofSleeping


<3 Tyler / Yasgaga <3

78 perfectprizetag, Jul 9, 2016

And I'll rate your username (:
#QueenMichelle : 8/10 anyone with 'queen' in their username deserves at least 8/10 (:
#maturo : 100/10 (I used to like naruto a lot and thx for the multi casting (:
#mathboy9 : 8/10 bc i like math but -2 because i can't pass math rn
#goodkaren : 10/10 good job in creating a good username (:
#blujay112 : 7/10 (sorry but bluejay would sound a little nicer imo lol (:
#ThisIsMyGame 2/10 but since I love you +7. sweetie u are a flop, but a cute one
#rodrigueseve 7/10 because I cant pronounce that name oops
#Haileyyy 7/10 because my good friends is called hailey
#Brashful 6/10 sorry idk what that means lol
#Booyahhayoob 5/10 because the back of your name looks like "boob" and I have small boobs which makes me feel bad about myself oops
#doubleSS 7/10 sounds a lot like double Ds lol whoops
#fedebenna 10/10 because it's cute just like you (:
#_m4rw4n 6/10 that's literally the voice i make when i cant wake up oops (i think the numbers are cool too so +2
#pizpaz 10/10 because it looks like pizza but since u made me hungry when im on a diet -3
#TR1364 10/10 but honestly looks like boobs to me idk why oops tasami < 3
#me2013 7/10 because of "2013" which is so three years ago :P (ily dont kill me pls)
#ghrocky100 7/10 because... is this a pokemon name? haha oops
#lionsden121 7/10 because i like lions but -1 because im afraid of them
#aj1111 1111/10 :P
#cswaggerr 6/10 because it reminds me of justin bieber but +2 because he's hot and single now
#JourdanBabyXoXo 7/10 because the xoxo reminds me of xoxo gossip girl which i loveee
#joobix 7/10 but why does your name look like boobix to me? i need to get glasses omg
#loopycoco1 10/10 because u are an amazing host but -2 because u didnt pick me as host's fav/ most strategic ):
#spiderboom 7/10 because spiders are awesome but +2 because boom is awesome
#spicoli 7/10 because it reminds me of broccoli but +3 because < 3
#turkeylover 6/10 because i dont like turkey sorry ):
#AlexaVonTrayne 7/10 bc it sounds cool
#kewlguy789isback 7/10 but i prefer "cool" so -1
#survivornerd 10/10 because im a survivor nerd too (:
#mrbird 6/10 in sorry birds scare me ):
#blindside 7/10 i love blindsides in general
#deathisgreat 7/10 kinda creepy but i guess dying is part of life
#yasgaga .001/10 because i think yesgaga nopegaga is much better. lol jk 1000/10 ILY
#bambinoswag 7/10 because bambi sounds cute
#LivvieBoo12 6/10 sorry babe, but 100/10 for your avi (:
#Steven999 im sorry but 4/10 because steven is actually my ex boyfriend's name but +5 because 999 seems cool
#Kelly0412 7/10 because ... what's up with the random numbers anyway ahaha
#Utsumi 10/10 because it's the only japanese  name here and im japanese whoop
#PMMGuy 7/10 whenever i see your name im reminded of the horrendous song "my pussy good pussy sweet"
#carlo_costly 9/10 bc you're so sweet (: but 5/10 for your..

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