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im rly bored

4thJul 29, 2018 by MarieTori
PYN and Ill tell you if i like/dislike you and if I feel like it ill explain why

Allieboballie - I love you always, you're one of my favorite people on here and I can tell you things that I've never told anyone. We also have the same sense of humor and just get along really well. We've had a ton of things go against us in the past but now we have a really strong friendship and you're one of the only reasons I still log on

Grrrimabear - Honestly I have no idea who you are I think I mistake you and winner123 or something, you seem cool tho

Darbe - I like you! I've never disliked you throughout the whole time I've known you which is really rare for me

Batya - I think I'd have to say more dislike than like. I don't hate you but I got really sick of you in the chat and definitely was happy when you left. I think you're funny but just some of the things you did really annoyed me.

Brayden_ - I didn't like you when I first first came back to tengaged around the time Tvivor 1 was going on, but literally for no reason like I tend to do. I like you now tho I think you're really funny and I normally agree with your TV opinions

Lemjam6 - Definitely back to a place where I like you again, a lot like Allie we've had a really rocky past but I've always enjoyed you as a person; in games, different story! I've always liked you it was more so the company you kept that I had a problem with

Jgoodies - I genuinely adore you, It's weird to think back to skype games where we were so against eachother not giving eachother the time of day when now you're one of my favorite people to talk to, lets date

xxlovewakizaxx - Probably dislike, just some of the things you've said to my friends in the past really put me off. Also just your presence in your blogs just really turns me off and you're definitely not someone I could be friends with, but honestly i don't know you personally so thats me being a bit judgmental I guess

bengalboy - We really just never spoke or connected before the past like year but I enjoy talking to you now, I like chatting with you in TBC when we speak. We're never gonna be best mates or sisters but I have a respect for you forsure

amf7410 - If I remember right you were always really really nice to me even back when I was such a nasty person no reason so I like you! I don't really know you now or remember much about you i just remember the username

Eliotwhi - Despite what you think I do like you. I've never had a problem with you but I feel like you create problems for yourself and just assume people have something against you but really I think you're a really nice guy and I've always liked you

Crush - I like you now! I used to really like you then you went to China or something and were really annoying but you're fine now, we don't talk at all and haven't in a long time!

Brandt69 - I've never had a problem with you, I've always thought you were really nice but we've not really talked much!

DanielKennedy111 - Well we used to hate each other because ugly ass bitches like karim and Jenzie pitted us against each other but I really like you now, we don't talk much but I think you're a good person and I like talking to you when we get the chance!

Latisha0987 - Honestly I have never spoke to you, you seem nice tho!

titoburitto - I LOVE you, so much. You make my heart flutter when I see your name. Certain people are in my ear telling me not to like you (tnr, eliot...) but I love you so much. You're one of the only reasons I log on and you're one of my fav people to talk to. Ur so sweet and funny and cute and I love to gossip with you about certain bald ppl (lev, d*nger, alliebo). Kiss me :( :(

Peace123 - I used to like you back when you were in survivor with me but lately you've said some really nasty things to some of my friends and I don't respect that! Soo I would probably say dislike atm

Minie - Bitch.. you know the answer. I think you're funny but annoying as shit. We used to get along and then one time I saw a pic of you and said "omg is that nicki minaj??" and you flipped out for some reason acting all kinds of nasty and rude and blogging about me for years on end. Anyways, ur ok hun!

@amensia_ idk you sorry hun

Zuelke - I used to be so annoyed by you and thought you were so extra but now I love you, I think you're a sweetie even tho you have some.. minor freak outs here and then! I really enjoy talking to you *kisses*

wwemrpeeps - I don't really know you you've never really done anything to me. I have no problems with you

thirteen - dislike, ur jealous trash

anthousai - aww ur so sweet, i loved playing stars with you even tho we didnt work together that long you were fun to talk to!


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ugh compliment me baby
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if u dont do me im giving u my 2 in casting
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minie is an oxymoron
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minie is an oxymoron
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No actually ur annoying and u can keep dreaming of me blogging about u! I never initiate drama x x it was obv a response at most
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No one was talking to u weirdo levonini
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update this to me now marietori

also just noticed your blog pic lmfao glad ur still into fish eating other fish
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me king
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