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Ranking the Werq the world girls

Jul 10, 2023 by MarieTori
imagethat i saw last night

7. Lady Camden - so soooo forgettable I forgot she was even there. shes a cute dancer tho
6. Mistress - She didn't seem all that into it and her dancing was a mess but i love her
5. Bosco - served sex obviously she was great she looked stunning
4. Deja Skye - LMAO I had LOWWW expectations and kept saying I was gonna take a piss break when she was on but she was so cute and was having a lot of fun w it
3. Laganja - obviously she ate her outfits were ugly but shes so good she was smoking weed onstage and its not even legal here. mother
2. Asia O Hara - Shes so good.. you can tell shes got the experience she was showstopping
1. Rose - she rlyyy ate she sang live and got the audience involved it was good id love to see her on AS :( she was stunning and by far had the best number

Im FURIOUS that Daya Betty, Naomi Smalls, or Sasha Colby weren't there :( I originally bought the tickets to see Daya and then the lineup changed?


poor mistress
Sent by Timberlie,Jul 10, 2023
Are these the names of the voices in ur head u were talking about ? oh bless ur heart..
Sent by 1Roxi,Jul 10, 2023
Sent by MarieTori,Oct 3, 2023

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