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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

What did u spend the most money on

Apr 13, 2023 by MarieTori
T Money
Transformice strawberries
habbo max+

for me it was the transformice.. i had my mouse decked out


Sent by Tester,Apr 13, 2023
None of them… but I did spend the most time on TG and time is money so TG
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 13, 2023
girl this transformice shit was only u
i still remember one time me and danid were in a call with u and we had just met u and u were like "we should play transformice" and we all played it in call but me and danid were pming about how boring it was and how u were weird for making us play
Sent by 1Roxi,Apr 13, 2023
habbo max+ was that GIRL ugh i miss habbo…

i too spent them coins on transformice it was so good…

but considering i joined at 11 LOL most my money went towards T$ back in the day when this site was pawpin…

i’ve spent many coins on league too i fear
Sent by ohhayy,Apr 13, 2023
i spend money on my long term mobile games. the developers could use the support :3
Sent by daveycool,Apr 13, 2023
yes hun we know kindred7 i saw u spending all week hunting for eggs like a 9-5
1roxi u were prob just not good tbh it took a lot of skill idk
ohhayy YASSS habbomax when we would make all of our avis the same and run around was soooo good
Sent by MarieTori,Apr 13, 2023
MarieTori I’m glad you noticed me… <3 you were on my short list for blogs to check for an egg but I only saw that face egg there :(
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 13, 2023
kindred7 LMAOO I shoulda claimed it!! It was a VIP egg
Sent by MarieTori,Apr 13, 2023
marietori imma petition for it to be the egg we use for next year’s Easter egg hunt! It truly was one of a kind
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 13, 2023

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