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17thMar 4, 2023 by MarieTori
Hisoka somehow weaseled his way into TBC and was posting pics of him and his husband begging for attention and making very sexually vulgar comments and people weren't feeling it... I think he was uspet that we weren't thirsting over him like he expected..


Oh please I called your pedo friend out and now it鈥檚 a twist of a story, you guys have an NSFW chat where you post your nasty nudes
Sent by Hisoka,Mar 4, 2023
Not you bringing up Dewey lmfao
Sent by tyleror,Mar 4, 2023
LMAOO whos posting nudes??? I can't believe your throwing around these accusations.. cant wait for another gift tomorrow when ur crazy ass feels bad again
Sent by MarieTori,Mar 4, 2023
marietori I won鈥檛 feel bad, I realize you are a weird bully
Sent by Hisoka,Mar 4, 2023
also.. TBC continues to be an 18+ chat so ya, there's an NSFW page hun because some of those bitches are weird.. nobody is sharing nudes. Anyways, Im sorry if you're upset that I called your husband the boy from malcolm in the middle it wasn't mean to be rude just an observation.
Sent by MarieTori,Mar 4, 2023

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