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The MarieTori's blog

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Smiling sooo much today Jan 7, 2024
Karma: 202
Played: 65 times
Last Activity: 16 hours ago
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I was found dead on the floor Jan 5, 2024
imageBernard_Sanders 2 min ago
Marie do u have a job ?
Do you ever post face pics ?
No ?
Then stop attacking a hard working bitch
Points: 118 3 comments
Who should I nom here?? Dec 3, 2023

Multiple good options
Points: 42 5 comments
Yall are lame and predictable Nov 15, 2023
Why do we save people who join stars every single 2 weeks and provide nothing over people who hardly join and make the game interesting??? This is why we see the same boring ass ppl every week!
Points: 47 10 comments
SALVO TITO 馃┓馃┓馃┓馃┓ Nov 15, 2023
mi amor es muy guapo y amable
Points: 49 1 comments
Im in my TG renaissance Oct 19, 2023
imageIm about to win my castings and my rookies :)
Points: 46 4 comments