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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Yall are lame and predictable

Nov 15, 2023 by MarieTori
Why do we save people who join stars every single 2 weeks and provide nothing over people who hardly join and make the game interesting??? This is why we see the same boring ass ppl every week!


The way Anton has done nothing in this stars...
Sent by cococolin122,Nov 15, 2023
I was robbed
Sent by PrincessPinklips,Nov 15, 2023
retweet. i am quitting tg because of this.
Sent by MargaretWilkins,Nov 15, 2023
My last stars was over a year ago
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Nov 15, 2023
georgeflair ok? Good to know nobody mentioned you
Sent by MarieTori,Nov 15, 2023
MarieTori idk ur blogs kinda shady. I was 1 of the ppl who got saved. U didn鈥檛 say names, but obviously some ppl get evicted for either not being known or being problematic and that鈥檚 why they r gone maybe.
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Nov 15, 2023
georgeflair it was meant to be shady the title is ur lame a predictable and clearly ur feeling it鈥檚 about you so I guess it is now
Sent by MarieTori,Nov 15, 2023
MarieTori girl these ppl have put me in sets since 2nd dc i'm not gonna protect them when they've actively tried getting me out. i thought this blog was abt supporting ur favs or friends and calling others lame who put them up, but u don't know what's going on. there were rumors abt me joining w a premade which was a lie. so no, i can't work w them when there's no trust.
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Nov 16, 2023
georgeflair are u a moron??? This was about the general public鈥檚 eviction decision nothing to do w ur ass or the game pls SAVE it because idc
Sent by MarieTori,Nov 16, 2023
MarieTori honestly i read it wrong idky.
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Nov 16, 2023

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