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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I literally

2ndMar 30, 2023 by MarieTori
have avoided the blogs page so I don't have to see CJtheislander poking his nose into every single blog and policing conversations between friends. Run this man the mod points hes begging for.

Im about to get cussed out for having my nipple hanging loose on my avi


I don't swear. lol
Sent by CJtheIslander,Mar 30, 2023
I'll tell you this, though. I've tried to block the blogs page using my host file on my computer but it doesn't work. :/
Sent by CJtheIslander,Mar 30, 2023
cjtheislander real
Sent by daveycool,Mar 30, 2023
You鈥檇 probably get in trouble more for the mouth
Sent by reallyreally,Mar 30, 2023
its yogurt hun
Sent by MarieTori,Mar 30, 2023
Sent by Bernard_Sanders,Mar 31, 2023
Sent by survivorworld33,Mar 31, 2023
You post comments from your pornhub channel.. get a grip
Sent by MarieTori,Mar 31, 2023
Plussed! <3
Sent by CJtheIslander,Mar 31, 2023
Sent by Robbie626,Mar 31, 2023

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