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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Dec 1, 2017 by Aydanmac01
Pandemic - Following the lives of the residents of Sandeyrne Island off the coast of Maine as they deal with the outbreak of an epidemic where everyone's lives are at stake. Life as they know it will ultimately transform their reality and require each and every one of them to enter into metamorphoses.

Character First and Last Name:
3 Personality Traits:
Small Character Bio:



Mac Anderson
Athletic, Mysterious, Charming
Mac is new to the island, and with his mysterious personality he manages to woo the ladies and men. He will help others if they are in need.
Sent by Macda27,Dec 1, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Lucille Li
Age: 19
Profession: DrugDealer
3 Personality Traits:Innocent,Bliss,Compassionate
Small Character Bio:(original bio deleted)

* Parents worked high end jobs but never had any money
* They bought drugs sold those drugs for more money and then bought alcohol
* At 16 her parents forced her to drop out and do the same thing except she didn’t spend the money on alcohol
* 17 And 2 months Lucille rain away North to Maine having enough money to last her on her own
* Her parents didn’t even notice her dissapearance
Sent by coolKat,Dec 1, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Johnny Shamrock
Age: 45
Profession: Former English Professor, now a Deep Sea Diving Instructor
3 Personality Traits: Tough, Determined, Loud Leader (this could be 4, if so my bad!)
Small Character Bio: He was an accomplished English Professor at Princeton University before getting fired after assaulting a male student. He's now a Instructor for Deep Sea Diving on the island, and still has the same tough nature to him.
Sent by TheStan,Dec 1, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Elspeth Kane
Age: 25
Profession: librarian
3 Personality Traits: introverted, analytical, honest
Small Character Bio: Elspeth grew up as a shy kid, and she was bullied because of her glasses and old-fashioned clothes. Books were more or less her only friends growing up, though she did make a couple of good friends throughout high school and college. She loves fantasy and can spend hours upon hours daydreaming, reading or fantasizing about impossible scenarios. In college, she discovered a book of spells belonging to her late grandmother and obsessively started studying the occult. Whether or not she managed to master any of those spells, nobody knows.
(Yes, this is the same Elspeth from "Abnormal", I'm btinging her back. :p)
Sent by Ekatherinna,Dec 1, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Ofelia Sanchez
Age: 30
Profession: Civil Rights Attorney
3 Personality Traits: Humble, Artistic & Outgoing
Small Character Bio: Ofelia lives with her Grandmother and Younger Brother before the outbreak (whether they're alive with her or not idm) she works as a Civil Rights Attorney and always see's the best in people, even if this sometimes shows her naive side of her personality. She strives to be the best and most outgoing and aims to be successful in her future prosperities.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 1, 2017
Leah Jimenez
Sarcastic, Smart and Curious
Up to the writer :)
Sent by carlyjordan14,Dec 1, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Brian Hastel
Age: 26
Profession: Actor
3 Personality Traits: Friendly, Popular, Laid back
Small Character Bio: Brian graduated high school and college.  He went on to pursue a career in acting, and is now in some productions in theaters around the area.
Sent by bklimas,Dec 1, 2017
Kimmie King
Kimmie grew up rich. She was spoiled but she wasn't like the other girls in her life. She wanted to be something in life and set an example for others. She doesn't just wanna be a bootleg kardashian.
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 1, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Victoria Chase
Age: 20
Profession: photography/arts/acting collage student
3 Personality Traits: persuasive, athletic, resourceful
Small Character Bio: Since being a kid Victoria loved to take pictures of simple things. In high-school she became the leader of the photography club and managed to make it great. She put every member in line and took no excuses. She was very strict, but also fair. Her parents noticed her talent and supported her in going in Arts Collage where she became an honorable student within the first year and won the grand photo contest "Everyday Heroes".
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 2, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Alexa Winters
Age: 18
Profession: Actress
3 Personality Traits: Sweet, Bubbly, Naive
Small Character Bio: Alexa is known as “the good girl”. She is small, skinny, hot, but above all of that, she is the kindest person you ever meet. She never has a bad thing to say about anybody, even those who push her around. She is very naive. She lets people manipulate her into doing what they want. Alexa isn’t the type of person to say “no” to anybody. She always tries to help those in need.
While she isn’t on stage performing, she is volunteering at an animal adoption center/hospital.
As far as her love life goes, there isn’t one. When she was 16, she was raped by her cousin. After that, she underwent serious trust issues and isn’t really looking for a relationship.
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 2, 2017
Sent by Aydanmac01,Dec 2, 2017
Character First and Last Name: Ashton Everton
Age: 33
Profession: Nurse
3 Personality Traits: Considerate, Subtle, Well-mannered
Small Character Bio: Up to the writer :D
Sent by Logie56,Dec 3, 2017

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