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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Which Person should Win?

May 23, 2021 by Aydanmac01
Based on Track Record:

Person A: Safe        Safe        Safe        High        High        Safe        High        High        Win        High        High
Person B: High        Low        Win        Safe        Safe        High        BTM2 Win        Safe        Safe        BTM2
Person C: High        BTM2 Safe        Win        Low        High        Low        Low        Win        Win        Win

Person A played it pretty safe at first but never placed low or in the bottom and has one Win.

Person B was kinda chaotic and would place differently depending on the challenge but Won twice yet placed in the BTM2 Twice

Person C was kinda doing bad but then Won the last three competitions back to back.

Sorry their charts are kinda messy :(


Person C
Sent by Voila,May 23, 2021
c > a > b
Sent by AustinRules6969,May 23, 2021
Sent by Aydanmac01,Aug 3, 2021

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