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Descendants of The Guardians - Season 4 - Ep. 6

18thMar 4, 2017 by Aydanmac01
==Current Cast==
Hints - (Tisha Mai - Water Female)
(Ivy Lange - Poison Female)
tkoj555 - (Wendy Mayweather - Shadow Female)
(Trinity Holy - Holy Female)
Macda27 - (Mac Anderson - Nature Male)
(Kate Anderson - Nature Female)
Fell6 (Jenni Valentine - Energy Female)
(Violet Summer - Magic Female)
ForYouSelena - (Sabrina Del Rosa - Holy Female)
(Daniela Porter - Human)
Coolkat - (Chandler Park - Poison Female)
IceIceBaby - (Crimson Wilson - Fire Female)
RyanAndrews - (Samuel Weeks - Air Male)
(Cali Parker - Poison Female)
_Ivyyy_445 - (Bailey Jaxxon - Human)
(Henry Jaxxon - Human)
Minnie - (Brittany Rose - Poison Female)
(Briana Rose - Poison Female)
JourdanBabyXoXo - (Adore Laison - Fire Female) (DECEASED)
KaseyHope101 - ("Ruthie" Margaritiana - Human)
Icarus_Mark - (Arlene Giles - Shadow Female)
(Carlisle Giles - Energy Male)
Rawr121 - (Anthony Kuryente - Magic Male)
(Michael Kuryente - Fire Male)
KatarinaDuCouteau - (Esdeath R.L. Quinn - Water Female)
QueenMichelle - (Alexis Ahore - Shadow Female)
Katherinee_ - (Katherine Montgomery - Shadow Female)
(Alison Maddox - Human)
Turkeylover - (Angel Devon - Holy Female) [DECEASED]
Aerodynamics - (Evan Decker - Human)
(Peyton Smith - Human)
Kelly2722 - (Tori Michaels - Shadow Female)
Osiris - (Skai Lehman - Magic Female)
Blujay112 (Cas Westlock - Human)
imprincearthur (Paulie Fraser - Holy Male)
Kaylee21 (Kodi Spencer - Poison Female)
Episode Six: "Abduction"

A long hallway is revealed as passing cops and clerks scurry by. Towards the end of the hallway, various interrogation rooms are seen as Violet sits in one of them. The door opens as someone walks in and Violet continues to stare at the floor. Henry slowly puts down several pictures of Angel’s murdered body on the table, along with several images of Adore’s decomposing body.

Henry: Do you recognize these people in the pictures?

Violet remains quiet, taking one of the pictures on Angel in her hand. Her mind momentarily returns to the day of the Fall Festival as she remembers discovering Angel’s corpse. Blood is seen stained into Angel’s clothing as Violet lets out a scream from finding a murdered Angel.

Violet: Adore and…. Angel.

Henry gives an empathetic look towards Violet, seeing the young girl in distress. He quickly shakes it off at the thought of seeming weak and continues his questioning.

Henry: You were the last person seen to have spoken with Angel before she was discovered to be murdered.
Violet: (Letting out a deep sigh) Sh- She… went to the bathroom, and then…
Henry: Do you know of any reason for someone to want have hurt Angel?

Violet shakes her quickly as she wipes away the appearing tears from her eyes. She voice shakes as she goes to answer.

Violet: It’s hard to make friends in this town. For a long time, I didn’t have any. Angel was there for me when it felt like I was all alone. Angel always took care of people when they were at their most vulnerable. I don’t… I don’t know…
Henry: Did you see anything suspicious that day at the festival?
Violet: It was supposed to be a happy day, but it felt like everyone was fighting. I don’t know why they can’t…

Henry nods, taking back the images and putting them in an envelope. He makes his way to the door and turns to observe Violet who sits in the chair, looking almost unphased or trying to not remember what she had seen.

Henry: Thank you for helping us. You are free to leave now. We currently have no reason to suspect you for the murder. We weren’t able to find any family members of Angel’s and many people referenced you as a close friend.

Henry pauses for a moment before exiting out of the room. Deserting Violet, he takes out his phone and goes to text Bailey, typing out the phrase “Are you doing okay?” Henry moves his thumb towards the send button. He lets out a quick sigh and deletes the text.

-End Scene-

Loud steps are heard as an unknown person can be seen walking down a flight of stairs. The click of a button illuminates the room as Carlisle is revealed to be descending to the bottom of Tisha’s basement. He leans against the wall and looks towards the corner of the room. Arlene lays curled in a ball as she dangles and plays with one of Carlisle’s knives.

Carlisle: I thought you might be down here.
Arlene: I just needed to be alone.
Carlisle: Do you want me to leave then?
Arlene: Only if you want to.

There’s a pause for a second as Arlene puts down the knife.

Arlene: Actually no, I don’t want you to leave.
Carlisle: Why are you down here?
Arlene: I didn’t want anyone to see me like this.
Carlisle: Vulnerable?

Arlene bites on her lip, sliding the knife over to Carlisle and looking into his eyes. She then looks back down at the ground.

Arlene: Weak.
Carlisle: This is where we were reunited, do you remember?
Arlene: I could never forget it. This room is almost like a home for me.
Carlisle: I never stopped looking for you.
Arlene: It only took you about 10 years to find me.
Carlisle: You didn’t make it easy.
Arlene: Well I didn’t want the people who I thought had killed you, to kill me.

Carlisle puts the knife back into his pocket and proceeds to walk closer to Arlene. He looks down at her and crosses his arms.

Carlisle: We need to leave, it would be wise.
Arlene: That’s stupid.
Carlisle: Two people have already been murdered, someone is clearly trying to kill off the Descendants here.
Arlene: I don’t care, these people need us more than ever now.
Carlisle: I understand that, but I’m more worried about you…
Arlene: I’m not just going to abandon these people to survive on their own.
Carlisle: You did that to me.

Arlene shoots a look of disgust towards Carlisle and bolts up. She moves her way towards Carlisle and pushes him against the wall.

Arlene: You told me to leave you, and don’t you dare ever bring that up again!
Carlisle: You could have stayed.
Arlene: We could have both died then!
Carlisle: That’s what I’m trying to point out about this situation!
Arlene: This is different.
Carlisle: We need to leave NOW!

Arlene lets out a bloodcurdling scream and slams her fist into the wall, hitting t over and over again as Carlisle watches. Tears begin to stream down her face as she relentlessly dents the wall

Carlisle: Stop…

Arlene continues as Carlisle quickly moves to try and calm her down.

Carlisle: I SAID STOP!

Arlene turns and pushes Carlisle onto the ground. She begins to yell at him, unaware of how emotional she is getting.

Arlene: I left you once, and look what happened to us! I’m not going to leave anyone else again because it’s better for myself, so don’t you dare fucking tell me what to do. I am not this perfect person, my life is FAR from perfect.

Arlene halts, trying to compose herself and lightly tapping her fist one last time into the wall.

Arlene: I’m not the same as you Carlisle, I can’t do what is best for myself or what is the perfect scenario. I can only do what feels right.

-End Scene-

Tisha: I was on the verge of dying, but for some reason, Katherine saved me.

Crimson sits across from Tisha in her living room, paying attention to Tisha’s body language and deeply pondering what she is saying. The rest of the house is silent as the Descendants take the day off to mourn the loss of Angel. Crimson places her hands formally on her lap and continues to listen.

Tisha: I am a nobody to Katherine… I don’t know why she did it, or what she gains from it.
Crimson: She may have ulterior motives to Esdeath in the grand scheme of things, but I would remain cautious, as she is tightly aligned with her. We must be wary of her. She could be the one who killed Adore and Angel.
Tisha: Nothing's making sense to me…
Crimson: If the world made complete sense, we wouldn’t have problems now would we?

The door to Tisha’s house suddenly opens as Anthony makes his way into the entrance. Fear is seen on Anthony’s face as Crimson and Tisha examine him as he walks closer to them.

Tisha: Are you-
Crimson: What happened?
Anthony: Wh-What do you mean? How do you know something is wrong?
Crimson: I can tell, and you’re one to usually stay out of the way.

Anthony shuffles his way to Crimson, an expression of guilt appearing on his face as he sits down beside her.

Anthony: It’s so complicated… and part of me thinks I shouldn’t tell you.
Crimson: You came all this way, so your mind is already made up.
Tisha: We’ll understand Anthony…

Anthony takes a deep inhale, biting the inside of his cheek as he contemplates how to word his thoughts. His foot lightly taps against the wooden floor revealing a certain openness to Crimson who pays close attention to him.

Anthony: It was all Michael, he did it.
Tisha: What did he do?
Anthony: He attacked Samuel…
Tisha: Samuel is safe now, we moved him to an upstairs room to recover from the attack.
Anthony: Michael is so unpredictable… I can’t control him.
Crimson: He’s acting out of emotion and not thinking logically.
Anthony: It’s not just that, he was willing to kill Samuel as payback for me…
Tisha: I don’t understand what you’re trying to say…
Anthony: I think he may…

Anthony pauses, unsure if she should continue.

Anthony: I think he may have killed Adore and Angel.

-End Scene-

Bailey and Chandler walk down a cement road with a quiet Violet who closely follows from behind. Violet notices a small stain of blood on her wrist, having probably missed it when she had tried to rinse the blood off. Bailey and Chandler laugh and smile, turning to look back at a lonely Violet. The two slow down to walk beside Violet and offer their sympathies.

Bailey: I hope you enjoy yourself at Alison’s, it’s good to take your mind off things that are bugging you sometimes.
Chandler: We’ve all been where you are at some point, we’re here for you if you need anything.
Violet: I’m just trying to cope…

Bailey and Chandler stop to give Violet a hug.

Bailey: I know things have been hard since Jenni left.
Chandler: Screw her for ditching you!
Violet: I understand why she did it, but I don’t think it was right…
Bailey: She basically left you to deal with the aftermath of the consequences of all the shit that’s gone on.
Violet: I just don’t really want to think about it.
Chandler: Well we’re almost at Alison’s, and I hope you both become good friends with her like I have. I think she’ll be a really good influence on lots of people.

Suddenly, Chandler and Bailey halt and stare off into the distance and Violet stands confused behind them. Gazing off, Violet notices Alison’s house and sees her talking to a strange man on her porch. The man then turns to leave as Alison waves goodbye to him. The man opens the door to his cars and swiftly drives away as Alison returns to the inside of her house. Violet grabs onto Chandler’s hand, gripping it tightly as her breathing rate increases.

Chandler: What’s wrong?
Violet: That… That guy…
Bailey: You need to sit down.

Bailey motions Violet to sit down on the curb of cement pathway, letting her regain her composure and putting an arm on her shoulder.

Violet: That guy is from the Ferris Institute.

-End Scene-

Walking down a busy street, cars rush by as Sabrina travels to the local bar. Recently, she had taken more of a secluded role within the Descendants, and much of her presence was not being seen anymore. People were leaving her to fend on her own, and now Sabrina was trying to deal with her new found independence. Much of Sabrina’s life has slowed down, giving her much time for reflection and thought of where her life could go. The echoes of Alison’s words float around in Sabrina’s mind. “Your path leads in a new direction…”

Sabrina suddenly snaps back to reality and she walks right into someone during her deep thinking. As the two collide, Sabrina recoils backward as her skin begins to turn cold. Mac stands before her, rubbing his arm where Sabrina ran into him.

Mac: Um, hi…
Sabrina: Sorry about that…

Sabrina quickly moves around him and continues walking, trying to put Mac out of her mind.

Mac: How have you been?

Sabrina halts, clenching her fists and turns with a small smile on her face to hide her frustration.

Sabrina: Other than having to reevaluate my life, I’m doing decent.

Mac takes a huge gulp as the awkward tension around them mounts. Mac slides his hands into his jean pockets as Sabrina tried to look away from him. Mac slowly nods while trying to remain cordial.

Mac: I hope you’re able to move along, I think it will be good for you.
Sabrina: I’m trying, It’s just hard when we both live in a small town…
Mac: I get it. Well anyways, I’m meeting up with some people so I should probably get on my way…
Sabrina: Have fun…

Sabrina then turns and quickly rushes away as Mac rubs his head. Had he handled Sabrina in a good fashion, or would he regret how they had ended their relationship? Mac had no way of knowing, only using his feelings as a way to guide his path in life. Unknown to him, across the street within a small restaurant, Alexis watches and ponders over what Sabrina and Mac were saying to one another.

-End Scene-

Bailey enters into her house, all the lights turned off as she sneaks into her kitchen to grab a bottle of water. A light quickly turns on as Henry lies sitting in the living room. Bailey sips on her water and slowly makes her way over to Henry.

Henry: Where were you?
Bailey: I was going to a friends house, but we decided to not go after something came up.
Henry: You never told me that you were leaving today.
Bailey: I didn’t kn-
Henry: Shut the fuck up and listen for once!
Bailey: I don’t need to tell you everything master!
Henry: There is a fucking murderer on the loose, and your shitty idea’s of frolicking over to your friend's house in plain darkness is about the most idiotic thing I think you’ve ever done since I’ve gotten to New Haven!
Bailey: I’ve survived long enough without you.
Henry: From the looks of it, you haven’t achieved much.
Bailey: Fuck you!
Henry: You don’t leave this house ever again unless you have my permission.
Bailey: Or what? You can’t do anything to me!

Henry menacingly stands and walks towards Bailey, smacking the water bottle out of her hand and crashes into the floor, beginning to leak onto the hardwood floor.

Henry: Do not fucking test me!
Bailey: You’re almost acting like Dad does…

Instantly, Henry pushes Bailey onto the ground, moving past her to get upstairs and into his bedroom.

Henry: Clean up the mess before you go to bed.

Bailey lays on the floor as the puddle of water gets bigger, beginning to touch her hand. Bailey looks down towards the bottle, picking it up and clenching it. She then throws the bottle towards the kitchen and grabs a cloth to wipe up the water.

-End Scene-

The clock strikes midnight as Cas and Daniela are seen alone in a business cubicle. Only the ticking of a clock can be heard as a few key lights remain turned on around them. Daniela reveals countless pictures of Adore and Angel’s dead bodies, many of them revealing odd symbols on their corpses. Cas clicks her pen and writes an unknown note on one of the images.

Cas: We need more to prove what we know.

Cas reveals the pictures of Samuel as he stands levitating in the interior of the tornado. Daniela sits down in a chair and picks at a scab on her skin. On a small sticky note, she doodles with many flowers and stars and while paying attention to Cas.

Daniela: It’s hard enough when many people in this town seem to be a freak like that guy.

Daniela points towards Samuel’s picture.

Cas: These symbols on their bodies must mean something, and then we will know who these people are.
Daniela: We could go to the police right with this evidence and get a warrant to search some of their houses.
Cas: The boy in this picture hasn’t been seen since the day of the tornado, does that seem odd to you?
Daniela: He probably skipped town.
Cas: Or he’s hiding right in plain sight. These people need to be exposed for the threats they are. If one can create a tornado and almost decimate a small town, image what a group or army could do!
Daniela: Maybe we could just confront them? They can’t kill us in the open.
Cas: I won’t take that chance.

Cas begins to pick up the photos individually, placing them in a bag. Daniela stands, returning her pen to Cas.

Daniela: We have to m-

Before Daniela is able to complete her sentence, the lights to the room cut out as a loud noise is heard. An unknown scream is heard as a voice is heard echoing in the wind. A choking noise is heard as violent sounds engulf the room. A giant thud is heard as the lights suddenly turn back on. The cubicle table is seen flipped over as paper lies scattered all over the floor. A gasping sound is heard as Daniela is seen lying on the floor with her neck sliced open. Blood floods out as she tries to reach for a phone. Daniela ultimately collapses as blood from her neck flows out. The remains of     Cas are nowhere to seen, almost appearing as if her body has vanished.

-End Scene-

Mac enters into a restaurant, making his way over to a table where Kate, Peyton, and Alexis all sit. Alexis looks somewhat uncomfortable but puts on a fake smile to please everyone. Kate and Peyton remain somewhat intimate across the table and giggle and laugh with one another.

Mac: Sorry I’m late, just catching up with someone.
Alexis: Yes, I saw it happening across the street.

Mac goes silent, looking down at his menu while Alexis takes a sip of her wine.

Alexis: This double date was a good idea, Kate, thanks for suggesting that we do it!
Kate: Well it’s just another reason for Peypey and me to go out!

Alexis and Mac look at each other strangely.

Alexis: Peypey?
Kate: That’s my nickname for Peyton!
Peyton: It’s not the most original one, but I think it’s cute!

Kate and Peyton gently kiss as Alexis and Mac watch awkwardly. The two start to make out as Alexis coughs.

Alexis: So… why did you come to New Haven Kate?
Kate: Long story short, I wanted to be with my brother and some random person wrote me a letter.
Alexis: That’s ominous, who wrote the letter?
Kate: I never found out, but I don’t really care anymore!
Peyton: I’ve lived here all my life, and I’m so happy that someone did write for you to come, or I would never have met you…
Mac: Well I can say that Kate has been more open with people ever since you’ve entered her life, Peyton.
Kate: I’ve been open in more ways than one if you know what I mean.

She winks over at Peyton, the two bursting out into laughter at her joke while Mac and Alexis remain quiet.

Kate: How are you two doing?
Alexis: We’re d-
Mac: We’re doing fine, everything is good.
Kate: But they aren’t great?
Mac: Kate…
Kate: I’m just kidding, jeez…
Peyton: Are you guys ready to order?
Alexis: I’m not really feeling that hungry anymore. I think I’ll go use the bathroom if you don’t mind.

Alexis gets up to leave as Mac rubs his arm on his head from an appearing migraine.

Kate: Not so long ago, I can’t say that Sabrina did the exact same thing to you when we were in a coffee shop.

Peyton grins as he goes to close his menu.

Mac: Really Kate?
Kate: I’m just having fun with you Mac, whatever happened to your sense of humor?
Mac: It’s fine, I’ve just had a long day.

Kate and Peyton turn to talk to one another as Mac sits alone for the moment. He lets out a deep exhale as he ponders over his life, his current happiness and his encounter with Sabrina. Even when the two were finished, a part of him couldn’t stop to think about her, even just for a second.

-End Scene-

Inside a dimly lit house, Wendy stands in a white cape as rain crashes down from outside the house. The crackling of thunder and lightning can be heard as it coincides with when Wendy begins to speak.

Wendy: It’s to avenge Adore.
Brittany: And Angel too now.
Wendy: These charades have gone on long enough, it’s time to step up to the plate.
Brittany: No more drama, it’s time to find a murderer.
Wendy: We’ve wasted so much time fighting and thinking about if our lives even mean something while people are being stabbed left and right!

Brittany looks over to the other side of the room.

Brittany: Do you have anything yet Skai?
Skai: You guys won’t believe this, but Angel’s body has a similar marking on it to the one that Adore had. The symbol on her body that was carved in with a knife is Norse.
Wendy: What does it mean?
Skai: That’s the funny thing, it only means one thing.

Skai moves over with a book borrowed from Crimson and reveals to Wendy and Brittany a picture of the symbol. She then shows a picture of Angel’s body and shows the identical symbol.

Wendy: What is it?
Skai: It’s a Norse symbol for the word “Holy”.
Brittany: Angel was a Holy Descendant
Skai: Adore has a Norse symbol for “Fire” or her corpse.
Wendy: How does this help us?

The crackle of lightning grows stronger as the rain penetrates the exterior of the house with more intensity. Skai now places a picture of Adore and Angel’s body on a bed.

Skai: Whoever killed them knew what type of Descendant they were. That means that whoever did it has a direct tie to the Descendants group, or they already know about the world of Descendants and our lives are in much greater peril than we thought.

-End Scene-

Sabrina covers her face as the rain begins to come in contact with her face. Car rush by her as she makes her way towards her house. As she walks, she remembers her contact with Mac and how it felt to see him. Deep inside of Sabrina, a part of her wishes that the two of them could remain friends after everything that has happened between them. She knew it would be difficult, but she was willing to make a sacrifice to have someone she cared about in her life. Within a second, Sabrina lets out a horrifying screech as her body is slammed the cold hard pavement. Slamming her head into the ground, a part of her head leaks out blood from the collision as an unknown figure tries to grab hold of her. The figure puts its hands around her neck, strangling her. A bolt of lighting dashes through the air, and seconds later, Sabrina is nowhere to be seen.
Next Episode: "Brother and Sister"

(I'm back bitches!)

Thoughts on The Episode?:
Thoughts on Violet dealing with Angel's Death?:
Thoughts on Arlene's fight with Carlisle?:
Thoughts on Violet seeing someone from the Ferris Institute?:
Thoughts on Mac and Sabrina seeing each other?:
Thoughts on Daniela's death and Cas' disappearance?:
Is Henry right to be protective over Bailey?:
Thoughts on the Double Date?
Thoughts on Brittany, Skai and Wendy planning to find the killer?:
Thoughts on Sabrina's attack/abduction?:



Thoughts on The Episode?:  Loved it!  I'm glad this is back!  :)
Thoughts on Violet dealing with Angel's Death?: I would think it was understandable.  Violet has lost so much even since she was introduced Season 2, so she can't really stand to lose anyone else anymore.
Thoughts on Arlene's fight with Carlisle?: I understand where both sides are coming from.  Carlisle just wants to protect himself and his sister while Arlene doesn't want to leave anyone else again when they need it most.  Maybe there is a middle ground they can come to.
Thoughts on Violet seeing someone from the Ferris Institute?: Wasn't expecting that, and it also makes me think Alison is not what she seems.
Thoughts on Mac and Sabrina seeing each other?: Well that was awkward  lol  But I think it might lead into something else
Thoughts on Daniela's death and Cas' disappearance?: I think the person who killed Adore and Angel does not want anyone getting their nose into their business, and so Daniela was killed as a result.
Is Henry right to be protective over Bailey?: Not THAT protective, but I can see why he wants to be protective.
Thoughts on the Double Date? About the same as Mac meeting Sabrina.  It was just awkward all around.
Thoughts on Brittany, Skai and Wendy planning to find the killer?: I think what they're planning is VERY Risk vs. Reward.  But then again, all the Descendants are at risk, so it makes sense they should try and put a stop to the killings.
Thoughts on Sabrina's attack/abduction?: Well, now we know why this episode was called "Abduction"  lmao  But it kinda came out of nowhere, yet it will lead into what makes the end of the season.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Mar 4, 2017
I'm so happy this is back omg shook

Cas & Sabrina imo are probs together cuz they sorta vanished similarly

I wish Daniela just got abducted cuz I stanned her but oops

I really need to reread old episodes cuz I'm ready for this comeback series
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Mar 4, 2017
Hmm, with the attacks still happening, I'm beginning to have a clue what "The Target" might mean.  Maybe the deaths that have happened this season will lead to the episode, and since it is only 2 episodes away, maybe killing Adore, Angel, and now Daniela might mean that the killer could be using them to get to a certain "target", so to say.

Another thing that never leaves my mind is, how come we still haven't seen Paulie?  The only possible explanation I can give for this is that HE'S the one who's been killing everybody this season.  While he might not know these people, one of Holy's powers was telepathy, which fits Paulie's bill.  That means he could have telepathically known what each of these Descendants were.

The other suspect for who has been killing is Carlisle.  I mean, why did the kidnapper attack Sabrina WHILE it was lightning outside?  Why did the lights go out when Daniela was killed?  Carlisle CAN control electricity, so it would make sense in THAT sense.  Plus, he was the one trying to persuade his sisters to leave with him.  Disadvantages to that theory though is that the knives Carlisle had have not been known to have any blood on them, and they were used to carve a pumpkin the same episode Angel was killed.  Also, he didn't seem to have Cas in tow.

But yeah, there's my philosophical approach to this episode and who might be attacking the Descendants.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Mar 4, 2017
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Mar 4, 2017

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