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Pandemic - Chapter 1 - (S1)

Dec 6, 2017 by Aydanmac01
==Current Cast==
TheStan as Johnny Shamrock (45)
IceIceBaby as Ofelia Sanchez (30)
Katherinee_ as Victoria Chase (20)
tkoj555 as Kimmie King (20)
Macda27 as Mac Anderson (24)
Coolkat as Lucille Li (19)
DJ2722 as Alexa Winters (18)
Ekatherinna as Elspeth Kane (25)
CarlyJordan14 as Leah Jimenez (27)
bklimas as Brian Hastel (26)
Logie56 as Ashton Everton (33)
Intro Music:

Episode One: “Welcome to Sandeyrne Island”

Fog fills the air around the island, practically slicing off the mainland from any possible sight. It was nearing the end of summer, August was slowly coming to an end but for the members of the town, it did not matter to them. Perhaps it was that they knew one day the sun would gloss over their silky pale skin, but at the current time, all that for certain was an air of isolation. Only a single ferry made its way to the island in the distance. Johnny stands atop a pillar, looking off into the horizon as the mist floats around him. There was a certain elegance about it that he welcomed, like not much else into his life. The serenity and singularity of it all calmed him. Town life was boring from time to time and it was hard to escape when he found himself stuck on an island. Maine didn’t sound any better to Johnny as he stretches his arms towards the sky.

Johnny: About fucking time that for once, I don’t need to listen to an old hag drag on about retiring and how her grandson started to talk. Hurry up and die already!

Johnny looks around, there was no one to laugh at his joke but it didn’t seem to mind him. Perching his head down to gaze at the gleaming water, it almost seemed too tempting not to jump. Anyways, not jumping was for pussies or women. The water was the one place where everything could be tuned out. And with that, Johnny takes a deep inhale before leaping off the cliff.

Johnny: WOOOOO!

There was a brief pause before his body collided with the water, submerging flesh with liquid as it became one. The sheer cold had little effect on him, tingling into his skin as he closes his eyes. His long hair danced around in the water, becoming a uniform synchronized motion as he sinks further and further towards the sea floor. Johnny began to kick his legs, swimming towards the top to breathe. As his head emerged from the water, the tiny waves around him splash around.

It was not long before Johnny began to cover his mouth in horror, letting out a sound of disgust as the smell of rotten flesh circles around him. Johnny’s head begins to pound, the smell slamming against his brain as he looks around to see what is causing the smell. Quickly, Johnny feels something graze against the skin on his back, flipping around to see a dead bird carcass floating around in the water. Johnny thrashes away from it, desperately trying to get back to land. The tide begins to grow stronger as it pulls Johnny more and more away from the rocky shore. Johnny looks around, having lost sight of the bird corpse, he now swiftly throws his arms into the water, slowly making it back to land. As he begins to drag his body out of the water, he lays down on the shore, the rocks lightly stabbing against his body and he looks up at the sky.
Johnny: How the fuck did that thing get there…

Johnny raises his head to scan the sea, seeing the bird corpse once more along with several other bird bodies floating around with it.

Johnny: Where the fuck is P.E.T.A. when you need them.

Inch by inch, Johnny now looks towards the mainland. The fog seems to be gone.


Kimmie: I have a list of the witnesses you need to tomorrow's case?
Ofelia: Thank you very much, have they all been prepped?
Kimmie: The second one shouldn’t be put on the stand unless we have no other option but to place doubt in the judge’s mind.
Ofelia: What about Number 4? He seems to have a drinking problem, why would you let him go up there?
Kimmie: He is a credible alibi for her case…
Ofelia: The prosecution will argue that the man’s words cannot be trusted. He may have been drunk at the time of the incident. Will he be able to clearly state that he saw our client?
Kimmie: Well…
Ofelia: It’s too big of a risk. I’d like you to edit this again and redraft a new paper on my desk by closing time.
Kimmie: Did I do something wrong? How can I learn better for next time...
Ofelia: Try not to be so perfect

Kimmie pauses in her questioning. The law firm that day had barely any people working in it, and yet she found herself making every stupid mistake she could. She leans on the desk to her right, clenching her fist in frustration.

Kimmie: I’m not trying to be-
Ofelia: You’re twenty. The Lawyer Internship program you’re in was meant to test every part of what you already know.
Kimmie: You make me feel like I know nothing…
Ofelia: Lawyers are never meant to be perfect, but we get the job done.
Kimmie: Maybe I shouldn’t go to law school!
Ofelia: You did do one thing right today!
Kimmie: What was it?!
Ofelia: You brought be decaf instead of black which was why I wasn’t in a terrible mood yesterday!

Kimmie sighs, feeling worthless in this moment.

Kimmie: Why are we even defending her? Do you know what it takes for someone to be a drug dealer?

Ofelia halts her action, looking Kimmie right in the eye as she crosses her arms. She raises an eyebrow as she examines Kimmie’s face.

Ofelia: With respect, not everyone had such a privileged upbringing like yourself Miss King. Lucille Li is a bright, respectable young woman who didn’t have the same opportunities as you in life. We all come from different circumstances, myself included. If you already feel such way about our client, I might have to ask yourself to leave this case.
Kimmie: No! I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just not used to getting all this feedback. I always got perfect grades in school…
Ofelia: I’m glad you know a textbook inside and out Kimmie, but grades are just rewards for filling in multiple choice questions about theoreticals. This is the reality. Nothing is black and white, but you must always see the good in people.

Kimmie nods her head in agreeance, somewhat understanding Ofelia in what she was trying to say. Kimmie picks up the report and proceeds to file off towards her desk.

Ofelia: Learning is all about facing new challenges that you don’t expect to see coming!


A busy cross-section in the middle of the town holds people traveling in all directions. Two girls and a man pass by as they look around at the surrounding buildings, marveling at the old architecture of the island.
Brian: The buildings are so unique…
Victoria: Can we hurry up and go to the courthouse?
Brian: That isn’t for another two days Victoria, just enjoy the free time that we have to explore the island.
Alexa: Everything is so magical here!
Victoria: I didn’t come here to play ISpy. I came here to watch an actual court case.
Alexa: Just relax! There are not many places like this in the world.
Victoria: And I’ll eventually explore an island like this in 80 years when I’m about to retire because this is the place where you send old people to die! I want to watch REAL lawyers to portray an actual person for my final exam.
Brian: You need to calm down, we’re here to have fun for now.
Alexa: We can worry about acting later!

Victoria stops in her tracks, taking in the scenery around her with a look of disgust.

Victoria: I’m not trying to be that bitch, but I came to be a better actor, and quite frankly Alexa, I don’t even think you should be an actor at all.
Alexa: Victoria…
Brian: Can we just get along for a few hours?
Victoria: Perhaps it’s time to do something else with your life Alexa. By the time I was 18, I was the head of my school’s photography club, lead actress in the school play and musical, and accepted to one of the best Art Colleges in the country.
Alexa: I literally just graduated, I just didn’t want my adolescence to be consumed with work. You need to enjoy things with your life!
Victoria: I know how to enjoy the simple things, but I know you have to work hard to get them!
Alexa: Not everyone has to as successful as you! Everyone has some value for what they’ve already accomplished!
Brian: Exactly Alexa! There’s no need to be in competition with each other.

Victoria flips her hair, beginning to feel frustrated.

Victoria: Not everyone can live such a cookie cutter life where everything is good for them. Sometimes you have to make something for yourself if you want people to respect you.
Brian: You should already have respect for yourself regardless of what you’ve achieved.
Victoria: Well Brian, I hope to have achieved more by the time I’m 26 than you have.
Alexa: Victoria! Can you show any kind of kindness to anyone?
Victoria laughs as Alexa and Brian stare at her in amazement. Alexa takes out an Advil as she pops it into her mouth, trying to get rid of her headache which Victoria seems to be the root of.

Victoria: My kindness needs to be earned.
Alexa: My kindness is given unconditionally.
Victoria: Well thank you, Saint Teresa!
Brian: OKAY! And with that, we’re going to continue walking and perhaps the two of you will just shut up for a few minutes? Thank you for both showing kindness to me!
Victoria: Fine by me.

Victoria looks over at Alexa, raising an eyebrow as she continues to walk. Alexa lets out a deep exhale as the three of them proceed down the sidewalk, further into the crowd of people.


A woman passes through a busy corridor as people scream and run around her. Carrying several books in her hands, she holds them closely as she continues to step cautiously down the hall.

???: Why are there so many people here?

Arriving at the front desk, she sets the books down on the counter as she rings the bell for some assistance. One of the books briefly reads, “Witchcraft Grimoire”. The girl notices a very small drop of blood on the ground next to her as she begins to look around.

Speaker System: All beds in section three are now filled. Please bring all critical status patients towards section four. WEAR A FACE MASK AT ALL TIMES WHEN DEALING WITH THEM.

The girl adjusts her glasses, the side of her lens having an engraving revealing her name.

Elspeth: Critical patients? W-

Out of nowhere, a man slams into her, knocking Elspeth and himself onto the ground. He quickly gets back up as begins to walk again.
???: Please watch yourself! The hospital is quite crowded today.
Elspeth: What is going on?
???: We’re not quite sure. Nurses are always the last to know about anything here.

Elspeth briefly catches his name tag, reading “Ashton Everton.”

Elspeth: I brought some books to donate to the charity event next week.
Ashton: I don’t really have time to take care of them right now, but you can just leave. We’ll eventually get to it.

Ashton hears the sound of his pager as he rushes off into another direction, hearing the screaming of a woman’s voice.

Elspeth quickly retraces her steps to the exit doors of the hospital. Laying on the ground is an unconscious man. She slowly approached him and lets out her hand to see if he is alive.

Suddenly, Elspeth feels an arm on her shoulder swing her body around.

Ashton: Don’t touch anyone!
Elspeth: I’m sorry!

Elspeth rushes out of the hospital, tearing up at the thought of doing something wrong. Now she was alone and started to become calm again.

Elspeth: Ugh! I hate people in small spaces!

-End Scene-

Waves smash against the old wooden planks which hold the ferry together, trying to evade the machine from reaching the island. Looking out at the horizon, a woman watches the sun begin to set. From far away, the island looks gloomy and full of despair, there were no welcoming signs indicating any good nature of the sorts.

???: You know what you’re here to do.

She looks down at a piece of paper, showing the image of another woman’s face. She folds it delicately before placing it in her pocket. The gusts of wind throw her hair to one side of her face, revealing the chestnut brown locks and freckles which cover her face. Beside her, an old man coughs and spits out mucus. She slowly heads to the rear of the boat.

Taking out her name tag, Leah places it on her shirt and ties her hair into a ponytail.



Leah begins to step off the ferry and onto a gravel path. Around her, people begin to embark on their own journey’s as she sees a man selling newspapers in the distance. Leah picks up her bag and begins to walk towards the man.

Leah: Excuse me, do you know where I can find Ofelia Sanchez?



A man is seen walking through a prison hallway, leading into a sprawled open visiting area. Mac quickly looks around the room, identifying all the other female prisoners before making his way towards one of the chairs connected to a glass wall.

Slowly, Mac picks up a small landline attached to the glass wall. He looks through the dirty glass to the other side. His eyes remaining fixated on someone.

Mac: It’s been a while.

Mac leans back in his chair, tilting his head with curiosity and examining the other person. On the other side of the glass wall, a young woman sits in her chair, looking unhappy as ever. She picks up the phone with a disgusted look on her face.

Lucille: What do you want?

Next Episode: "48 Hours"

Thoughts on the premiere?:
Thoughts on Johnny's scene?:
Did Ofelia give the right advice to Kimmie?:
Thoughts on Victoria and Alexa's fight?:
Thoughts on the Hospital Scene?:
Why is Leah coming to the island?:
Thoughts on the ending?:
Any faves/least faves yet?:



Thoughts on the premiere?: Superb! I loved the introduction of the many characters, I'm excited to see where the Pandemic goes and who'll be affected/survives it.
Thoughts on Johnny's scene?: Johnny will probably be the focus during the initial Pandemic and bring wisdom to it all. This probably indicating that he's our protagonist.
Did Ofelia give the right advice to Kimmie?: Yes, Kimmie feels stuck-up and self-indulged in her own retrospect. Ofelia highlighting her features will help her grow.
Thoughts on Victoria and Alexa's fight?: I don't really care for either of them. It was a petty fight and argument, neither of them gained any ground.
Thoughts on the Hospital Scene?: The beginning of this Pandemic is being revealed, I feel those at the hospital especially Elspeth will be affected first.
Why is Leah coming to the island?: She best not bring harm to poor Ofelia.
Thoughts on the ending?: Mac has some kind of connection to Lucille?
Any faves/least faves yet?: Ofelia & Lucille intrigue me the most. Leah too. I am currently turned off by Kimmie unfortunately.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 6, 2017
I enjoyed Ofelia a lot And she seems like the protagonist Johnny seems arrogant and Victoria is full of herself major turn off
Sent by coolKat,Dec 6, 2017
Thoughts on the premiere?: I liked it, it reminds me quite a bit of Abnormal, I just hope this series lasts longer. :)
Thoughts on Johnny's scene?: He kinda seems like a jerk, tbh.
Did Ofelia give the right advice to Kimmie?: Yeah, you can't judge someone based on one thing they did.
Thoughts on Victoria and Alexa's fight?: Victoria seems really arrogant, like the token evil cheerleader of the group.
Thoughts on the Hospital Scene?: I hope Elspeth's witchcraft is explored more, now that we saw her carrying a Grimoire.
Why is Leah coming to the island?: She needs some information from Ofelia most likely.
Thoughts on the ending?: I liked it - it established a connection for the two characters and made us want more. ;)
Any faves/least faves yet?: Elspeth, but only because she's mine. Otherwise, I feel it's too early. I don't like Victoria, obviously, but she's been written to be unlikable. I'll have to wait a bit more and see.
Sent by Ekatherinna,Dec 6, 2017
Thoughts on the premiere?: Glad to see you’re back to writing!  ^_^  I’ve actually spent the previous month writing a novel (also a horror story and also a “pandemic causes an apocalypse” kinda story), so to see you writing something in the same alley as I’m writing is pretty interesting indeed.
Thoughts on Johnny's scene?: Okay, so for some reason, this scene gives me vibes from “The Fog”.  For all intents and purposes, I didn’t care for that John Carpenter movie, but I remember enough of the movie to know that fog in a horror story is most defs not a good thing.
Did Ofelia give the right advice to Kimmie?: First of all, one of the characters in MY story is “Ophelia”, so what a strange coincidence!  :O  Anywho, I see what Ofelia is trying to do here.  When you have someone who needs to learn what reality is like, yeah, I get being harsh, but this girl takes this job WAY too seriously!  I will say the advice could have been worse.
Thoughts on Victoria and Alexa's fight?: I haven’t even finished the episode as of answering this yet and ALREADY I don’t like Victoria.  She seems to be an arrogant smugleaf!  Seriously, if hard work turns out to be this sort of behavior, then I’m glad I take my life on the slow side!
Thoughts on the Hospital Scene?: Yeah, Elspeth probably should have thought her shit out more clearly.  It was a good thing Ashton seemed to know what he was doing and yanked her from the “unconscious man”!  That could have ended sourly for Elspeth indeed.
Why is Leah coming to the island?: Well, she did just ask for Ofelia, so maybe it should be considered that Ofelia might either be an old friend of Leah OR Ofelia did something behind the scenes that Leah might want to investigate.
Thoughts on the ending?: Apparently something went down between Mac and Lucille.  Or is Lucille Mac’s prisoner?  I can’t decide which it is.
Any faves/least faves yet?: No favs, but like I said, I already don’t like Victoria.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 6, 2017

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