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Descendants of The Guardians - Season 4 - Ep. 3

Aug 27, 2016 by Aydanmac01
==Current Cast==
Hints - (Tisha Mai - Water Female)
(Ivy Lange - Poison Female)
tkoj555 - (Wendy Mayweather - Shadow Female)
(Trinity Holy - Holy Female)
Dogon/ Macda27 - (Mac Anderson - Nature Male)
(Kate Anderson - Nature Female)
Fell6 (Jenni Valentine - Energy Female)
(Violet Summer - Magic Female)
ForYouSelena - (Sabrina Del Rosa - Holy Female)
(Daniela Porter - Human)
Coolkat - (Chandler Park - Poison Female)
IceIceBaby - (Crimson Wilson - Fire Female)
RyanAndrews - (Samuel Weeks - Air Male)
(Cali Parker - Poison Female)
_Ivyyy_445 - (Bailey Jaxxon - Human)
(Henry Jaxxon - Human)
Topazisqueen - (Brittany Rose - Poison Female)
(Briana Rose - Poison Female)
JourdanBabyXoXo - (Adore Laison - Fire Female)
KaseyHope101 - ("Ruthie" Margaritiana - Human)
Icarus_Mark - (Arlene Giles - Shadow Female)
(Carlisle Giles - Energy Male)
Rawr121 - (Anthony Kuryente - Magic Male)
(Michael Kuryente - Fire Male)
KatarinaDuCouteau - (Esdeath R.L. Quinn - Water Female)
QueenMichelle - (Alexis Ahore - Shadow Female)
Katherinee_ - (Katherine Montgomery - Shadow Female)
(Alison Maddox - Human)
Turkeylover - (Angel Devon - Holy Female)
Aerodynamics - (Evan Decker - Human)
(Peyton Smith - Human)
Kelly2722 - (Tori Michaels - Shadow Female)
Osiris - (Skai Lehman - Magic Female)
Blujay112 (Cas Westlock - Human)
imprincearthur (Paulie Fraser - Holy Male)
Kaylee21 (Kodi Spencer - Poison Female)
Episode Three: "Too Late"

== Flash Back ==

Death was busy this time of year. Of course, it was always busy, but the summer was the perfect time for Death to flourish. Death touched the hearts of many people, but for others, it held only the solemn reminder on the past mistakes. The town of Death was nestled between the mountains, only a few hours away from Moscow. A young girl is seen running through the forest near the town, the sound of growling noises are heard behind her. “Ruthie!” screams a voice as the young girl continues on, a lone wolf tracking her scent in hopes of devouring her. Her parents were foolish to leave Ruthie unattended, but they did. Ruthie’s parents rush into the forest, both gripping onto their knives as they scavenge the land, looking for their daughter. A whimpering sound is heard in the air before cackling ensues, the parents following the sound as they soon arrive at the scene of the crime. Ruthie’s mother screams and closes her eyes in fear, the father holding out his knife and looking down. Ruthie lays on the floor, rolling around in the blood of a dead wolf, her clothes now painted with the red tinge. Ruthie bites into a piece of animals head, her mother now crying in horror. “She needs help” whispers the mother, looking away from her daughter in disgust.

Years later, a white van pulls up to a medical institution located in Seattle. Two men open the back of the van as it comes to a screeching halt. Ruthie lays on a small stretcher as the two men carry her in and her parents follow. Ruthie coughs up blood as she continues to cackle and sing, “I fucked my way up to the top, this is my show…” A doctor rushes into the room as Ruthie is moved onto a patient bed. “The medication seems to have stopped” notes the doctor, taking a look at Ruthie’s vitals as a nurse inserts tubes into her body. “She’s a disgrace” mumbles Ruthie’s mother, clutching onto her husband's arm. The doctor invites Ruthie’s parents into the hallway as he talks to them. Ruthie lays sedated on the bed, turning away from her parents in shame. Ruthie thinks back to the day that a random doctor came into their lives, the day he told her and her family that she wasn’t normal. The doctors never left after that point, more medication was inserted inside her, but she still felt the same to herself. The taste of the wolves blood lingered in her mouth ever since that eventful day. In the hallway, the doctor begins to recommend other treatments to start, only to be stopped by Ruthie’s parents. “Is there any way to stop the pain she’s feeling? Put her out of her misery? She isn’t my daughter anymore. Satan has taken control of her” pleads Ruthie’s mother, her words echoing in the room where Ruthie listens. “No..” mumbles Ruthie as the tries to break free, a nurse holding her in place. “Let me go…” mumbles Ruthie, squabbling around to be free, only to have more nurses rush in to restrain her.

== Present Day ==

“What are you doing here…” murmurs Anthony, surprised to his brother. Michael smirks, walking towards him. Anthony closes his eyes, ready to be hit like his brother did when they were kids, only to feel the warm embrace of Michael’s hug as his warm skin touches his body. “You were almost killed I hear?” confronts Michael, observing his brother’s scar on his face. Anthony looks at him curiously, “How did you know that?” Michael turns to leave, “I just know.” Walking away, Michael almost gets out of sight before he says, “Are you coming?” Anthony looks around, just noticing his forgetfulness to put on pants and a shirt. Anthony bites his lip, he was always one to follow the status quo and do good by others. Anthony knew that wherever Michael went, trouble would soon follow. For a second, Anthony looks at his brother, thinking that maybe he’d changed. People could change, right? It had to be true, Samuel had changed, Arlene was evil, and now she’s good. Anthony breathes, running after his brother and joining him as the two return to Anthony’s house. Michael looks back at Tisha’s house, inspecting it before looking back at Anthony’s scar. “So, you’re gonna tell me who did this” begins Michael, glancing over at Anthony. “Samuel…” ponders Anthony, his friend who had betrayed him for love. “I don’t know…” answers Anthony, lying in order to protect his friend. “The person is dead now” adds Anthony, looking away from Michael. “Then how would you not know if you know that they died?” asks Michael, his eyes widening. Anthony begins to tap his leg in nervousness, “It was-... Bobby…” Michael stops for a moment, looking in Anthony’s eyes and responding, “Then that fucker deserved to die.”

“He still isn’t saying a word” reports Angel, looking down the stairs into the basement. “Have you tried talking to him?” answers Violet, looking down to see Samuel lying on the stone cold floor. Violet sighs in disappointment, Crimson had given her a role in the Descendants after Jenni’s departure, giving her a purpose. “We’re failing him,” says Violet, looking down at Samuel. “I’m failing Crimson” she also thinks. “Jenni never left me when I lost my way at the Ferris Institution, so I'm not going to leave Samuel.” Violet walks down the stairs, leaving Angel at the top as she makes her way towards Samuel. “Do you need anything?” asks Violet, looking at Samuel’s pale face as he stares at the wall. “Like I know we can’t do much for you since you did something bad, but are you hungry?” questions Violet, her skin growing cold from the temperature of the basement. “I didn’t mean to hurt him…” replies Samuel, his body shaking as sweat appears on his forehead. “I love him” confesses Samuel, tears forming in his eyes. “We know that you like Samuel” replies Violet, sitting next to him. Samuel shifts his head looking at Violet, “I love someone else now…” Samuel closes his eyes, pondering about the time when John was alive. The time they went to Bailey’s party, the time they were outcasted by her, the time they discovered the Descendants and so much more. Life seemed so much simpler back then, there was no death, no drama, and it was normal. “Why can’t things be like before…” mumbles Samuel, wanting to go back and change. Violet stands and begins to exit, walking back up the stairs. At the top, she turns, “There was never a before Samuel, the world was always like this, it just isn’t a secret anymore.” Violet closes the door, letting Samuel collapse back into his thoughts.

Later that night, Tori rushes down the stairs into the kitchen, frantically searching around the house. A noise is heard in the living room as Tori grabs a knife, holding it out to defend herself as she enters the room. Tisha reveals herself in a nightgown, sitting down on one of the chairs. Her legs are crossed as she reclines back, rubbing her head from a throbbing headache which pains her. “Are you okay?” asks Tori, putting the knife on the table before sitting beside Tisha. “I’m just a little sick…” moans Tisha, craning her back. “Anthony is gone” announces Tori, scared to see Tisha’s reaction. Tisha sighs, closing her eyes, “He probably just went to his house. He’s been locked up here forever.” Tori stands and heads to the door, “Do you want me to go get him?” Tisha shakes her head, sweat dripping down her face. “If he doesn’t want to be here, then I won’t force him to.” In that moment, Tisha drops to the floor, her face turning pale as Tori rushes over. Tori shakes Tisha’s body, trying to get her to wake up. The room goes silent as Tisha opens her eyes. Tori is gone. Tisha stands, trying to walk up the stairs to her bed. A mysterious man reveals himself at the top of the stairs, pushing Tisha back down as she slams her head into the wooden plank floor. Dazed, Tisha feels her head as blood drips down. The man slowly walks down the stairs, Tisha trying to get away from him as he steps on her leg. The man looks into Tisha’s eyes, observing the young creature before him. “See you soon my dear,” says the man, kicking Tisha in the face. Tisha opens her eyes once more, Tori beside her. “What the fuck was that?!” screams Tori, having watched Tisha have a seizure on the floor. Tisha body begins to vibrate, “It was nothing…” mumbles Tisha, standing up and running upstairs to her bed.

On the outskirts of New Haven, cackling is heard from Esdeath’s hideout as Ivy is seen rolling around on the floor. Ruthie sits on a rugged sofa, observing Ivy’s behavior. “That’s my skit…” thinks Ruthie, jealous of Ivy pretending to be jealous. “You should have seen her! She dropped to the floor like a baby after I hit her! It was priceless” jokes Ivy, proud of her accomplishment. “I still don’t understand what you did,” says Katherine, looking down at Ivy’s pathetic soul, craving attention from being the second woman to Esdeath. “It wasn’t just an ordinary bullet that I shot her with, it had a special potent amount of Kharine in it which will slowly kill her” explains Ivy, reveling in joy. “Can’t she just find the cure?” asks Ruthie, looking puzzled at Ivy. “I doubt it, she’d have to either come here and get it or battle her deepest fears to get it” explains Ivy, now walking over to the door. “The point is, Tisha will die and then the biggest threat to Esdeath will be out of the way! Then the plan will be one step closer to success.” A raised voice is heard from the other room, “I request Ivy’s presence immediately.” Ivy quickly departs the room, leaving Ruthie and Katherine alone as she meets with Esdeath elsewhere. “I am here now” speaks Ivy, looking at Esdeath who sits down around countless maps and papers. “You killed Tisha?” asks Esdeath. Ivy sneers, “Not yet, but within a few days she will be.” Esdeath smiles, turning her chair to face Ivy. Esdeath closes the door to the room and says, “You are the only one I fully trust, the others have proven to be soft. Ruthie lets jealousy get in the way, and Katherine has ulterior motives which I have sensed.” Ivy faintly smiles, “Would you have me kill them?” Esdeath laughs, “Of course not, the are still vital to the plan.” Esdeath leans over to whisper into Ivy’s ear, “Keep an eye on Katherine, she reminds me of someone I used to know long ago. If she ever becomes a straining problem, end her.”

Adore, Brittany, and Wendy all walk down the street towards Wendy’s house, all ready for their girls night after tension between them and Briana. “If we’re being honest Britt, we’re just mad that Briana is trying to steal you from us” confesses Adore, looking over at her friend. “It just seems like she has no intentions to want to hang with us” adds Wendy, looking over at Brittany as well. Brittany bites her lip, “You guys, I don’t think Briana is trying to be like that, she’s just all alone in a new town. When she was young, Briana got bullied a lot. So she like’s to be tough and rude all the time to not let people in. I’m one of the few people who actually know that deep down inside her, she’s actually a really nice person.” A voice is heard from behind the three girls, “Britt you bitch! Get back here!” Adore’s eyes widen from knowing that annoying voice anywhere. Briana comes skipping along, standing beside her sister. “Were you following us?” asks Wendy, looking at Briana weirdly. “Well Brittany ditched me when we had plans for supper tonight, I had to find her” explains Briana, hitting her sister on the shoulder. Briana begins to drag her sister away, “You can’t break a promise…” Adore groans, “Well she obviously forgot and we’re almost at Wendy’s house so you can just leave.” Briana shakes her head, “Ain’t gonna work like that sister, Britt’s coming with me.” A large thump is heard as Adore smacks Briana on the face, “Don’t call me you sister, because I’m the farthest thing from that.” Briana grips onto Adore’s hair, “Do you want to go?” Adore lights her hand on fire, “I can incinerate you if you want.” Briana closes her eyes, poisoning Adore’s mind with her powers. Adore drops to the ground in pain, blood running out of her ears. “Do something Britt!” yells Wendy, trying to get her to control Briana. Wendy summons a demon which launches itself towards Briana, knocking her onto the ground. “You two need to stop, we’re in the open where humans can see us!” Briana lets go of her powers as Adore returns to normal. Adore stands up crying, the blood from her ears seizing to come out. “What happened to you, Brittany!? You just sit there while I die? Briana is changing you into the monster you were! I hope you die with your psycho twin bitch in a hole!” screams Adore as she runs away. “Adore!” screams Wendy, no use as Adore disappears. Brittany stands still, shocked by what just happened. Briana smiles, “That bitch deserves to die more than us…”

Kate exits out of Peyton’s house after a dinner date, her face radiating with joy. “Thanks for being interested in me and being there for me, it means a lot to me,” says Kate, looking into Peyton’s eyes. “It’s no problem, I mean you made me go out to buy food for once instead of ordering pizza” jokes Peyton. Kate gives Peyton a passionate kiss before she exits off his lawn, returning to her car. Kate smiles as she drives away, her life returning back to normal. Evan was out and it was perfect, Peyton was there to fill her life instead and she felt complete. As Kate reaches her home, she runs up to Mac’s room to inform him about the wonderful date she had with Peyton. Kate screams as she opens the door, seeing Alexis on top of Mac as the two perform sexual intercourse. “Sorry for interrupting you guys!” mumbles Kate as she closes the door. Mac and Alexis laugh on the other side, “Do you think she’ll tell Sabrina?” asks Alexis, embarrassed about being walked in on. “It doesn’t matter” moans Mac, moving in to kiss Alexis. “I mean, I hope Sabrina isn’t mad about how fast we’ve been moving…” adds Alexis, worrying about her dignity. “She probably thinks we started dating before you two broke up…” mumbles Alexis, scared about the wrath of Sabrina. Mac takes Alexis’ face, “Shut up and kiss me.” The two hop back under the bed sheets and continue to make love.

Back at one of the countless New Haven bars, Evan drinks his sorrows away with numerous beers as he watches the game. It was rough since Kate, her constant phone calls to talk, her whining voice and the fear of her “powers”. “Her eyes did the same thing like the other one did to my parents,” thinks Evan, thinking back to the eventful night when he was younger, returning home to see his parents died from a cloaked figure, its eyes glowing the same as Kate. A young girl makes her way over to Evan, “Hey mister, you look like you got something down there that I need.” The woman places her hand on Evan’s crotch, grinning at him. Evan looks over at her, “Cali Parker I assume?” Cali smiles, “So you know about me?” Evan eyebrows widen, “Every guy in here knows about you.” Cali continues to grin, “I’m flattered, and you must know then that I'm the rebound woman.” Cali begins to rub Evan’s crotch, “It wouldn’t mean anything to me…” Evan stands up, exiting the bar with Cali as they make their way to his car, ready to have sex once they reach Evan’s home. Evan knew he needed this, something to take his mind off Kate, something to take his mind off her powers, or whatever they were.

Chandler rises from her bed, hearing a voice outside her house. Chandler runs into her kitchen, grabbing a frying pan and she runs onto her lawn nude, ready to knock out the burglar. “Show yourself!” yells Chandler, looking around her lawn. Alison reveals herself from a bush, rising in a straight line towards Chandler. Alison’s eyes are closed, appearing to be sleepwalking towards Chandler. Alison mumbles faintly as she walks towards Chandler. “Alison…” whispers Chandler, confused to see her here. Alison collapses onto the grass, her body vibrating as she repeats, “Control...Control...Control…” Chandler desperately shakes Alison’s body, trying to get her to wake up. Alison’s eyes open, seeing Chandler nude and screaming in surprise. Chandler also screams as Alison screams, dragging her into her house as Alison falls asleep on her couch. Chandler glimpses at Alison while she sleeps, appearing to be normal. Chandler notices a small symbol on Alison’s body, remembering it from somewhere else. “Where have I seen that…” mumbles Chandler, looking down at the ominous symbol.

== Flash Back==

Ruthie is seen inside a bar, dancing around a pole elegantly as men throw cash around her. The faint sound of a Lana Del Rey tune enters into Ruthie’s mind as she smiles. Ruthie’s boss flags her over, indicating to her that she’s been requested for a private dance. As Ruthie makes her way into the room, she thinks back to how she got here. Her mind flashes back to the hospital she laid in, the seconds before the nurses were about to sedate her with a lethal dose of medicine to kill her on her mother’s wishes. The moment she discovered, she couldn’t trust anyone in her life, no one could ever understand her. Ruthie ran, she got up from the hospital bed, stabbed the nurse, and ran. Ruthie looks back on her traveling from Seattle to New Haven, her success at finding a small job here. “No one will understand me,” thinks Ruthie, “But at least I’m free.” Ruthie sits on the lap of the man, giving him a dance and moving her body around him. Ruthie nibbles on his ear, whispering into it, “My name is Ruthie, what’s yours?” The man smiles, leaning back onto the leather couch. “My name is Bobby,” says the man, his eyes turning a faint black as Ruthie continues to dance on him.

== Present ==

Adore walks down the street alone, trying to reach Wendy’s house. “I should have yelled,” says Adore, trying to find Briana and Brittany to apologize for her behavior. “Briana, you are such a bitch and I know the game you are trying to play” thinks Adore, seeing Briana’s motives. “These people need to see the real Briana, and I need to protect Britt before Briana gets her!” Adore runs towards Wendy’s house before stopping, a gunshot pierces the air as Adore’s body drops to the floor. The bullet appearing to enter her head as a small patch of blood drips down onto the ground. A cloaked figure approaches Adore’s dead body, grabbing out a knife as the pale moonlight shines down over Adore’s dead body.
Next Episode: "Reality"

Thoughts on The Episode?:
Thoughts on Ruthie's Backstory?:
Should Anthony trust Michael?:
Thoughts on Tisha's seizure?
Will Mac and Alexis Last?:
Thoughts on the Ending Scene?:

Note: Sorry for this late episode! School is starting up for me again and it's increasingly hard for me to write these in short periods of time.




The town of Death is such an inspiring tragic backstory, finally... Ruthie's true person has been shown < 3 #TragicHero
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 27, 2016
This episode was very good! Left me with a lot of questions about the remains of the season which is good.
Well now we get to see more of Ruthie and how she came to be who she is now and I really love it. It made me like her character more.
I think Anthony should put a little bit of trust in Michael but not so much. I want to know more about their relationship and about Michael's backstory
Something is bound to happen and connect with the dreams she has been having while sick. Hope she gets better though! :(
Thank God Adore is dead tbh! All hail the Dead Queen!
Sent by ForYouSelena,Aug 27, 2016
Thoughts on The Episode?: Very very good
Thoughts on Ruthie's Backstory?: Ahhh yes, just what we need, a brilliant physco girl. #1 villain tbh.
Should Anthony trust Michael?: No, no no no, just no.
Will Mac and Alexis Last?: No, I see Mac and Sabrina getting back together, hopefully.
Thoughts on the Ending Scene?: Adore! Well. I don't care if she died, she had nothing towards me. But she didn't really deserve to die.
Sent by RyanAndrews,Aug 27, 2016
Sent by topazisqueen,Aug 27, 2016
it was probs briana who killed adora oh well
Sent by topazisqueen,Aug 27, 2016
Sent by Katherinee_,Aug 27, 2016
Sent by Kelly2722,Aug 27, 2016
Sent by Aerodynamics,Aug 27, 2016
I was just pondering Adore dying before this episode came out!  lmao  It seemed too fishy for her to suddenly start getting flashbacks this season.  Unfortunately for Ruthie, I think now the same will happen to her.

Assessment will come Monday, I'm planning.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Aug 28, 2016
As for who the cloaked figure was at the ending, it's too convenient for Adore's assailant to be Briana.  They did have a knife, but I don't think that would belong to Carlisle simply because Carlisle is too morally conscientious to kill like that.

I think the possibilities are Katherine, Skai (I don't put it above her to betray Crimson), or Paulie.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Aug 28, 2016
Excited for the Assessment! I felt like there needed to be at least some background to Adore before she was killed, I mean she has been with us for a while. Even if people aren't sad to see her die, I feel some sadness towards losing her. Icarus_Mark
Sent by Aydanmac01,Aug 28, 2016
Yeah.  It'll be the first one I do as a TV Star since I'm also buying that on Monday. Aydanmac01  ^_^
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Aug 28, 2016
Sent by Aydanmac01,Aug 28, 2016
Thoughts on The Episode?: Brilliant as always, but some bad shit happened!! Esdeath somehow understood about Katherine's plans and that feeling that she met her before. I bet It's more than a feeling, something much more! Also I predicted that Ivy shot Tisha with Ruthie's gun > : )
Thoughts on Ruthie's Backstory?: I really like it, but I support Icarus_Mark idea and I think she is going to die soon and these will be her last words “I fucked my way up to the top, this is my show…” and it will be super emotional and I will cry.
Should Anthony trust Michael?: He can give him a chance.
Thoughts on Tisha's seizure? I dont think that her friends will succeed at finding the cure so Tisha will have to face her greatest fear. But she is a badass and she will survive.
Will Mac and Alexis Last? They will get back together or one of them will die.
Thoughts on the Ending Scene? I can't handle it. Why Adore?? Whyy ;( she was legit my favourite from the good guys. I cant believe she died like that. I think that Ruthie killed her.
Sent by Katherinee_,Aug 28, 2016
To answer 2 more questions here, I think similarly to Katherinee_  O_O

First, the Malexis question.  I actually think Sabrina will accept the 2 have become a couple and give them her blessing, which will in turn satisfy Sabrina's fortune.  But once that happens, I think Mac will get cheapshotted by Esdeath and die.

The other one is about Tisha's seizure.  I think she will have to face her biggest fear.  That being said, I'm beginning to think maybe the Queen of Hearts given to Chandler was about Tisha rather than Crimson, resulting in Tisha dying.  However, this will be short-lived and she will be resurrected, and I think Sabrina will be the one to do it.  Remember, when Mia died back in Season 2, she told Sabrina that she was still needed.  This could be what Sabrina will be needed for.

So basically, first Mac will die just after Sabrina gives Malexis her blessing, then the bullet will kill Tisha, but then Tisha will be resurrected, ending Sabrina for good.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Aug 28, 2016
So sad. I feel so bad for her. I hope she can learn to trust people a little more.
I don't think so. Michael is gonna get Anthony hurt.
Scary,  i wonder what her biggest fear is and if it has something to do with Quinton or Evelyn
Sadly, i think they will last for this whole season.
NO!!! Brittany Adore and Wendy were the best of friends. Now Briana is ruining there friendship. Wendy is gonna be all alone again now that Adore is dead.
Sent by tkoj555,Aug 28, 2016
Oh, did anyone else notice that this is the first episode since the series premiere that did not feature Crimson at all?  I think that's a really interesting tidbit we have here.

Also, I think there will be more people who turn evil this season.  Not including the obvious choice, I could see Michael, Briana, Cali, Paulie, possibly Kodi defecting this time around.

For deaths, other Mac, Ruthie, and Sabrina, I still think Angel and Evan are in danger.  Crimson too, as well as Samuel, Ivy, and Esdeath.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Aug 28, 2016
Crimson was actually supposed to be in this Episode but I cut her from it because it would have contradicted something that happened XD Icarus_Mark
Sent by Aydanmac01,Aug 28, 2016
Just got back from vacation to have a pleasant surprise with this!! Cant wait to read!
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Aug 28, 2016
Thoughts on The Episode?: I am very excited for the season going forward after this episode, especially since Adore's death may be linked to why Tisha was shot?
Thoughts on Ruthie's Backstory?: I think her fear may be a reason for concern especially if it provokes her to do anything in the future concerning her choices.
Should Anthony trust Michael?: No as I believe Michael will be a Natalya type character over the course of the series which may leave Anthony in jeopardy.
Thoughts on Tisha's seizure?: As mentioned many times before, I feel this will be the beginning of a downfall for Tisha especially considering I doubt a cure can be found. Towards the end of the season we may find that a 'Hope' can be found in the form of a Holy descendant (Sabrina) who will sacrifice themselves as Mia did previously.
Will Mac and Alexis Last?: No, I feel this will implement itself into one of Sabrina's final storylines in the series and seeing these two together will drive her to sacrifice herself seeing as she has nobody to rely on and that may have an affect on Mac after her eventual demise.
Thoughts on the Ending Scene?: I loved it, especially since it adds to the mystery this season.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Aug 29, 2016
Also I'm happy Crimson was absent, lately I feel character have been added (obviously for background material like celebrations/funerals) but overuse can give them little affect which I'm glad we're seeing as many character don't have a purpose in every episode as we have seen with this.

By the seasons closure I feel the deaths will tally up as Adore/Ruthie/Either Mac or Sabrina and I want to say Arlene for some reason?
Sent by IceIceBaby,Aug 29, 2016
Me when literally everyone thinks I die
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 30, 2016

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