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Descendants of The Guardians - Season 4 - Ep. 4

Sep 29, 2016 by Aydanmac01
==Current Cast==
Hints - (Tisha Mai - Water Female)
(Ivy Lange - Poison Female)
tkoj555 - (Wendy Mayweather - Shadow Female)
(Trinity Holy - Holy Female)
Dogon/ Macda27 - (Mac Anderson - Nature Male)
(Kate Anderson - Nature Female)
Fell6 (Jenni Valentine - Energy Female)
(Violet Summer - Magic Female)
ForYouSelena - (Sabrina Del Rosa - Holy Female)
(Daniela Porter - Human)
Coolkat - (Chandler Park - Poison Female)
IceIceBaby - (Crimson Wilson - Fire Female)
RyanAndrews - (Samuel Weeks - Air Male)
(Cali Parker - Poison Female)
_Ivyyy_445 - (Bailey Jaxxon - Human)
(Henry Jaxxon - Human)
Topazisqueen - (Brittany Rose - Poison Female)
(Briana Rose - Poison Female)
JourdanBabyXoXo - (Adore Laison - Fire Female) (DECEASED)
KaseyHope101 - ("Ruthie" Margaritiana - Human)
Icarus_Mark - (Arlene Giles - Shadow Female)
(Carlisle Giles - Energy Male)
Rawr121 - (Anthony Kuryente - Magic Male)
(Michael Kuryente - Fire Male)
KatarinaDuCouteau - (Esdeath R.L. Quinn - Water Female)
QueenMichelle - (Alexis Ahore - Shadow Female)
Katherinee_ - (Katherine Montgomery - Shadow Female)
(Alison Maddox - Human)
Turkeylover - (Angel Devon - Holy Female)
Aerodynamics - (Evan Decker - Human)
(Peyton Smith - Human)
Kelly2722 - (Tori Michaels - Shadow Female)
Osiris - (Skai Lehman - Magic Female)
Blujay112 (Cas Westlock - Human)
imprincearthur (Paulie Fraser - Holy Male)
Kaylee21 (Kodi Spencer - Poison Female)
Episode Four: "Reality"

Tisha sits in her living room, a small tv flashing on as she watches a tv reporter. Tisha’s frizzled hair gives her a messy appearance as if she just woke up. Tisha sips on a cup of tea, feeling the warmth of the cup as she stares at the screen. “The investigation into the murder of Adore Laison is still underway. Authorities have been unable to find any suspect or witness in the case so far” blares the reporter on the tv, behind him a small marked off area where Adore’s body was found. A week had passed, but it felt like only yesterday that Adore was in Tisha’s house. Tisha remembers the phone call to her house, the moment an anonymous person had reported in Adore’s dead body. Wendy had secluded herself for the past few days, isolating herself from the pain and regret she felt. “She’s been through worse…” thinks Tisha, knowing that Wendy will be able to overcome the loss of her friend. The front door to Tisha house opens, Kodi comes walking in while brushing her hair to the side. “So do we like have a lesson today or is it cancelled?” asks Kodi, placing a hand on her hip. “Lessons will resume next week after everyone can mourn Adore” answers Tisha, placing her tea on a small table. “Thank god…” whispers Kodi, not wanting to work today. Trinity pokes her head inside the house, “So can we go or are there lessons?” Kodi motions Trinity to leave, Kodi about to exit the house as well before a thud is heard from behind her. Tisha lays on the floor, having another seizure as Kodi and Trinity rush their way in. “Do something!” panics Kodi, never seeing someone in danger of dying. “I don’t know how to use my powers yet…” mumbles Trinity, her face turning red. Inside Tisha’s head, Adore appears out of the tv screen, rushing towards Tisha as she plunges a knife into her body. Adore repeatedly continue to stab Tisha who suffers from the pain as blood pours out around her. “Why couldn’t you save me!” yells Adore, violently hurting Tisha in anger. Tisha’s eyes open once more as she screams, causing Kodi and Trinity to run out of her house.

Elsewhere, the day passes by as Crimson descends down the staircase into her living room. Various Descendants sit around as she enters the middle of the area, looking around her at the sullen and quiet faces around her, all of them saddened by Adore’s death. “Most of you have seen the news I assume” begins Crimson, no one answering her. “We must remain vigilant, the killer is still at large and the cops have almost no evidence.” Kodi and Skai look at each other, Skai’s face appearing pale as she glances back and forth to listen to Crimson. “What do we do now?” asks Kodi, looking at the others around her. “I don’t want to be the next one to die” she adds, biting her lip and crossing her arms in frustration. Crimson holds out her hand, trying to calm Kodi down and keeping the others at bay, “There is no need to panic, we will figure out who killed her.” Mac and Alexis hold each other's hands, gripping tightly as Sabrina stands in the corner, rolling her eyes. “This world is still controlled by humans, we mustn’t be arrogant to think that nothing can touch us” explains Crimson, staring at Kodi. Trinity looks down at her phone, reading a report of Adore’s murder and glimpsing at a picture of her dead body. As people begin to leave, Kodi approaches Crimson. “Do you know what’s going on with Tisha?” Crimson tilts her head at Kodi, “What do you mean?” Kodi shakes her head, “Nevermind…” As Kodi exits the house, Skai stands beside Crimson. “People are scared now,” says Skai, tucking her hands in her pockets. Crimson takes a deep breath, “I know.”

Two figures walk down a narrow hallway as they flash their cards towards a guard. Entering a small concrete room, Cas puts on her glasses as Daniela follows her. “What are we doing down here?” mumbles Daniela, not expecting to be down here on the first day of her new job. Cas slides off a plastic sheet, revealing Adore’s dead body on a metal table. “What do you think that we’re doing in a morgue?” mocks Cas, turning towards Adore’s body. Cas brings her head towards the skin of Adore, looking at the fatal bullet wound in the back of her head. “Poor girl” whispers Daniela, covering her mouth from the sight. Cas inspects Adore’s body, noticing a small marking on her chest. Cas snaps a picture on her camera as Daniela takes a peek. “What is it…?” Cas’ eyes narrow as she stares at the marking, “Whoever killed her left a marking on her body.” Daniela bites her nail as she continues, “So she was shot and then someone carved a marking with a knife into her body?” Cas stares at the symbol, not recognising it. “Perhaps she had a knife enter her body” concludes Cas, looking into her purse as pulling out the picture of Samuel and the tornado.

Brittany hides under her blankets, her eyes red and sore from all the crying. She had just seen Adore and the last conversation she had with her was one of anger. A knock at the bedroom door is heard before Briana enters the room. Briana yanks to curtains open, letting the light into the bedroom and throwing the blankets off Brittany’s bed. “Let’s go, I'm bored of staying in all day!” moans Briana, grabbing Brittany’s arms and trying to get her on her feet. “I don’t want to go out today” murmurs Brittany, rolling onto her side. “Ugh! I wanted to go shopping today and you know I can never go alone…” explains Briana, placing her hands on her hips. “I really just want to be left alone for now Briana…” Sighing, Briana looks at Brittany with pity. “She had it coming to Britt, besides, she was so rude to us yesterday. I’m almost glad that someone got to her before she got to us.” Briana begins to leave the room, “I’ll buy you something to cheer you up.” As the door slams shut, Brittany lays on her bed. A vibration comes from her phone as she gets a text from Wendy. Brittany shuts her phone off, not being able to look at Wendy. “What is happening to me…” cries Brittany, feeling lost and alone. “Adore wanted me to be someone new and Briana wants the old me…” Brittany pushes her face into her pillow, trying to fall back asleep so she doesn't have to think any more of her problems.

Bailey exits out of her bedroom, walking towards her kitchen to make food as she smells the delightfulness of a home cooked meal. Henry appears, pushing the buttons on Bailey’s stove as she discovers an assortment of food on her dinner table. “What’s all this?” asks Bailey, shocked to see homemade food. “It’s my welcome back into the household” replies Henry, pouring some noodles into a strainer. Bailey sits down at the table, beginning to eat as her smile slowly fades. “Why are you back, Henry?” Henry stops, coming over to sit beside her. “I missed you, sis…” Bailey faintly smiles again, “Why are you really back?” Henry looks at the ground, “I lost my house.” Bailey closes her eyes, “Again?” Henry nods his head, standing up and heading over to his backpack. Henry takes out a small piece of paper, holding it in his hands. “The house is technically under my name” addresses Henry, looking at Bailey. “Then I guess I don’t have a choice if you can stay or not.” Henry walks towards Bailey, giving her the piece of paper. “I got transferred here” announces Henry, taking back the piece of paper from Bailey. “So you work here now?” mumbles Bailey, standing to go back to her room. “They put me on the Adore homicide case” confesses Henry, watching Bailey retreat back into her room. “I hope you know what you’re doing... ” says Bailey, closing the door to her room and leaving her brother to himself.

Chandler lets out a sigh of relief as a gasp comes from her bed. Alison’s head stands up as she wakes from her sleep. Chandler covers Alison’s mouth to prevent anybody from hearing them. Chandler slowly takes her hand off Alison’s mouth as the girl frighteningly vibrates. “Where am I?” squeals Alison, looking around the room. “My house” replies Chandler, standing up to get her a glass of water. “What happened to you that night..?” Alison takes a sip of her water, gulping it down as she calms herself. “Sometimes my powers can be unpredictable in ways which I cannot control them” explains Alison, rubbing the wrists. “So you’re a Descendant?” asks Chandler. Alison looks at her in confusion, “What’s a Descendant?” Chandler looks at Alison nervously, “Wait, what are you…?” Alison sighs, “You already know that I am an oracle or a fortune teller as your generation refers to.” Chandler sits beside Alison, “So you aren’t crazy, everything you told us about our destinies will come true?” Alison doesn’t answer for a moment, thinking for a moment before saying, “Your courses a planned, but different paths can be made.”

Sabrina opens the front door, surprised to see Arlene standing before her. The two stand in silence, both of them having been dealt a bad hand in life up to this point. Sabrina looks into Arlene’s eyes, seeing the pity within her. “I’m done with everyone feeling sorry for me!” thinks Sabrina, tired of people dwelling of Mac and her relationship. Although, it did come to her attention from Tisha that since her breakup with Mac, she hadn’t done much with her life and mostly kept to herself. “Do you need something?” snaps Sabrina, giving a small glare at Arlene. Arlene gives an odd look to Sabrina, the girl obviously not wanting to see anyone right now. “Nothing” whispers Arlene, turning to leave as Sabrina begins to shut the door. Arlene takes a step down the first stair, clenching her fists as she turns back towards Sabrina. “Actually, no I do have something to say.” Arlene marches her way back towards Sabrina, aggressively distancing herself at the girl. “I just came to check up on you like a good person would do, and I don’t need your unnecessary sass coming at me for just checking if you haven’t shot a bullet into your head yet!” Arlene shrugs her shoulders at the bad example but continues on, “When I was alone in Tisha’s basement, she was there for me when I didn’t want anyone. Carlisle was here for me when I didn’t want anyone. I’m not going to let you be by yourself any longer and waste your time feeling sad over something in the past.” Arlene bites her lip, “Believe me, I’ve been where you are… and” Arlene struggles to finish her phrase. Arlene takes a deep breath before she finally says, “It sucks to be alone.” Arlene feels something strange inside of her, unable to describe it. Arlene once again turns to go, hurrying away. Sabrina looks down at the floor, blankly thinking about Arlene’s words. “Hey Arlene!” starts Sabrina, seeing her turn to face her from a distance. “Thank you…” smiles Sabrina, shutting her door as she watches Arlene walk off into the distance.

As night comes to the town of New Haven, Violet and Angel sit upstairs beside a sleeping Tisha. “We can’t let the others know about her” begins Violet, looking over at Tisha. “But her condition is getting worse…” pleads Angel, hearing Tisha’s faint breathing. “I think Kelly may have seen her collapse” confesses Violet, looking out the window of the room. “What can we do?” asks Angel, looking over at the ill Tisha. “She’ll get better, I know it.” Angel bites her cheek in worry, “We should tell Crimson about Tisha’s condition-” Angel is cut off by Violet who answers, “No, she has enough to worry about with Adore’s killer on the loose.” “But can’t we-” begins Angel before a smash is heard from the front entrance. Both girls hurry their way downstairs, seeing the door open and muddy footsteps leading into the basement. Violet and Angel turn towards each other, “Samuel…” Both of them rush downstairs as they see a hooded figure hold a knife to Samuel’s throat. “Let him go!” demands Violet, sending a purple bolt of magic towards the assailant. The figure dodges Violet’s attack, dropping Samuel onto the floor as he screams and dashes towards Angel. Angel holds her hands out in front of her, seemingly helpless as the figure lunges onto her. Violet sends another bolt of magic towards the figure, colliding into the body of the figure and preventing it from hurting Angel. The figure punches Violet knocking her onto the ground as Angel edges towards Samuel who is moaning and crying on the floor. The figure looks down at Violet before running back up the stairs, exiting the house as Angel tries to calm Samuel down. Samuel hits Angel, his current state of mind too fragile to see that it is Angel. Violet’s body aches as she stands back up, looking around the room. “Who was that…?” mumbles Angel.

“You can leave now,” says Evan, laying naked in his bed as Cali sits beside him. “I thought I could stay over for the night?” asks Cali, looking at him. Evan nods his head, “No thanks, but the sex was decent.” Cali slaps Evan, standing up and putting her clothes back on. “You asshole!” Cali stomps her way out of the house, turning back to Evan and yelling, “It’s too bad you have a baby penis!” Evan waves at Cali, “You can go to your next client now, can’t wait to see you at the bar again!” Cali moans and begins to walks out Evan’s front door, stopping as she notices a bush rustling near her. She moves slowly towards the plant, holding out her hand. From inside the house, Evan hears a horrific scream as he runs outside into his yard. Laying on the ground is Cali’s purse, a small amount of blood dripping onto the side of the pavement as Cali is nowhere to be seen.

Esdeath appears out of the shadows of her lair, Ivy, Katherine and Ruthie standing around her as she addresses him. “The time has come for the Ultimate Descendant to arrive.” Esdeath holds out a small spell book and nods at her three servants. “You all know your parts to play, so don’t let me down.” Ruthie, Katherine and Ivy all bow and leave Esdeath to herself, turning towards a darkened wall. Wind and a gust fill the room as Esdeath slams a knife into the wall, the spell book glowing pink as Esdeath grins and cackles.
Next Episode: "The Fall Festival"

Thoughts on The Episode?:
Can Crimson keep the Descendants United?:
Will Brittany be able to move on without Adore?:
Thoughts on the Bailey/Henry scene?:
Thoughts on the Arlene/Sabrina scene?:
What happened to Cali?:
Who killed Adore?:
Fav/Least Favourite Characters?:

Note: Hope you guys enjoy my return :) Sorry if this isn't super long, I just wanted something for you guys to read :)



Me when both my characters are attacked. Will answer later
Sent by RyanAndrews,Sep 29, 2016
Thoughts on The Episode?: I loved it very intense, not as great as other episodes but its a good come back
Can Crimson keep the Descendants United?: Probably not, she hasn't had the best of luck in the past, and there is a lot of rifts between everyone.
Will Brittany be able to move on without Adore?: Probably not this season but maybe next season probably. Shes got a lot going on.
Thoughts on the Bailey/Henry scene?: Eh, was it a particular favourite scene. But it was good to fill in some questions.
Thoughts on the Arlene/Sabrina scene?: It was very touching, maybe Arlene can help Sabrina turn into a better person.
What happened to Cali?: OMG NO, It must be the same person who tried to kill Samuel. I feel bad that he hit Angel LOL. But I am so worried for Cali rn. She is a big part but ugghh I need to knoww.
Who killed Adore?: I feel like it could of been Esdeath, Ivy, or Ruthie. But that would be too obvious so maybe Briana?
Fav/Least Favourite Characters?: Fav - Cali, Samuel, Arlene, Sabrina, and Ruthie Least - Evan (tiny dick LOL) Esdeath
Sent by RyanAndrews,Sep 29, 2016
Thanks RyanAndrews! I know it isn't the best quality, but I just wanted to put something out for people to read as it's been a while :)
Sent by Aydanmac01,Sep 29, 2016
Thoughts on The Episode?: I am glad this is back.  This has been a long time coming.
Can Crimson keep the Descendants United?: I think Crimson will need some serious help if she is to keep them united, but I know she'll do what she can.
Will Brittany be able to move on without Adore?: No.  I think she is going to have a difficult decision to make, and I think it could be one that tears her apart.
Thoughts on the Bailey/Henry scene?: I think there is more going on with Henry than he's letting on.  Wasn't Bailey's supposed to just be beginning?  He's going to be a bigger problem going forward.
Thoughts on the Arlene/Sabrina scene?: Sabrina needed to be confronted, so I'm glad Arlene did it.  She does not take people's shit, and she knows how to relate it seems.
What happened to Cali?: I think she is Esdeath's captive
Who killed Adore?: Honestl, it could be Esdeath.  She did have a knife at the end of the episode and wanted to creat the Ultimate Descendant.
Fav/Least Favourite Characters?: I'm not saying  :P
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Sep 29, 2016
Tori getting no airtime

She's the Lucy of the season
Sent by Kelly2722,Sep 30, 2016
lol  I just remembered we STILL haven't met Paulie yet!  I would be a fucking idiot to blindly rule him out of killing Adore since a guy attacked Samuel.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Sep 30, 2016
Suspenseful, i'm so glad to see this back.
Not by herself. Tisha Brittany or even Arlene someone needs to help her out.
Bailey isn't going to tell him anything to help him with the case if she finds something out
It's good to see Arlene trying to help Sabrina out, it shows how close they have become
i don't think she is dead, i think she is being held captive
My suspects are Paulie Daniela Ivy and Michael
Favs: Tisha Chandler Sabrina Samuel Ruthie Baiely and Katherine  Least: Evan

Predictions: Michael is helping the killer and they are holding Anthony and Cali Hostage
Sent by tkoj555,Sep 30, 2016
Thoughts on The Episode?: Great comeback episode and it's getting me hyped up again for the rest of the season!
Can Crimson keep the Descendants United?: I think she'll do much better than before as I believe she's learned from her previous go-around... but I think Skai is bound to betray her.
Will Brittany be able to move on without Adore?: I think this will cause a huge wedge in between the relationship with her sister, Briana. I'm not sure how Brittany is going to go about this.
Thoughts on the Bailey/Henry scene?: It was pretty good, obviously like the others have said Henry's got more going on. I just wonder how Bailey is going to handle this situation. She may have to decide between loyalty to her family and loyalty to the Descendants/Chandler
Thoughts on the Arlene/Sabrina scene?: Arlene's reality check on her will hopefully make Sabrina a better person! Sabrina's been slowly but surely improving and that's good. I think Arlene was the star here though because I fall in love with her more and more as her personality is really differentiated from the rest.
What happened to Cali?: The same person who killed Adore is the same person who took her
Who killed Adore?: I think it's too obvious for it to be Esdeath! What if it's the fortune teller? LOL clearly not but i want to put it out there in case
Fav/Least Favourite Characters?: too many to count! Cas is being built up to be a great antagonist to the Descendants and I'm very excited for her. Mainly because Cas is an enemy to them but not in the same way that Esdeath and the girls are, Cas has a much more materialistic fame-seeking feel and that's why she's so intent on finding out the truth.

aydanmac01 glad you're back!
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Oct 1, 2016
Me saying the fortune teller makes no sense because a man attacked Samuel...

What if it's Mac? He's not seen as much as before
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Oct 1, 2016

Usually someone you cannot see or describe as what Violet and Angel saw is usually said as man in the written context. So chances are it is Alison.
Sent by RyanAndrews,Oct 1, 2016
I am so happy that you are back!! < 3
Sent by Katherinee_,Oct 1, 2016
Sent by RyanAndrews,Oct 1, 2016
RyanAndrews this is true but I'm going to continue betting it's a male character because the last villainous character that we had that was male was Edward!

Although there are obviously more female characters than male ones. So the likelihood of the villain being a female is probably correct
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Oct 2, 2016

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